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It's the 26th century (2561) and the Milky Way is fractured and bitter as a result of the war, and in that cynical chaos, mercenaries thrive and freelancing vessels are a surefire way to make money in this day and age. Enter the SSV Razorwing, a small freighter that played a big role in the downfall of the AEC. However since the war ended, it was thought to have been lost somewhere in the void. But was that really the truth?

Your character, likely a criminal, gets an invitation to a meeting about "the best job they'll ever get" on a space station in the middle of nowhere…something about stealing a ship.

If that introductory paragraph wasn't enough of a hint, the Razorwing RP is a semi-comedic, space opera IRC adventure set in the Milky Way galaxy just after the grim and bloody fall of the one 'Verse government known as the AEC, just 20 years ago. Razorwing RP is focused on mystery, intrigue, and social interaction rather than combat. This means that combat characters shouldbe more than big dumb brutes. If you're interested hop on over to #razorwingooc, our out of character lounge on synIRC (irc.synirc.net) and talk with our friendly player-base and GMs. Also, while you're at it, have a look at some, if not all of the pages listed below to get a sense of what the RW'Verse is all about and who we are. Thanks in advance for looking around and showing interest in the Razorwing RP!

Razorwing: The Theme Song

Page Title Brief Description
Roleplaying Guidelines The Rules and Regs of our RP. This is considered mandatory reading for RW players and applicants
Character Listing A list of active and inactive characters and links to their pages
Politics Information on the political landscape in the Razorwing setting
Ships and Space General information on space travel and spaceships in this Universe
SSV Razorwing A page about the ship this RP takes place on
Species The Razorwing species omnibus. This is also an expanding list, so be prepared for changes
Worlds and Places An in depth look at the galaxy and the planets and places contained therein.

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