Alec Johnson





Negotiator and dealmaker.

Brief Physical Description:

Average height male, shorter brown hair and eyes, friendly face, but somewhat average looking. Normally wearing a long brown coat over fashionable clothing, waistcoat and other business-like clothing.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 1 Intelligence 3 Presence 2
Dexterity 3 Wits 3 Manipulation 5
Stamina 2 Resolve 1 Composure 2


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 2 Academics 2 Animal Ken 1
Brawl 0 Astronavigation 0 Empathy 2
Firearm 3 Computers 2 Expression 0
Larceny 0 Crafts 0 Intimidation 2
Pilot 0 Engineering 1 Leadership 0
Stealth 3 Investigation 3 Persuasion 4
Survival 1 Medicine 0 Streetwise 3
Weaponry 0 Science 0 Subterfuge 4


  • Disarming Smile: Alec is easy to get along with, and tends to put people at their ease when talking to them.
  • Smooth Talker: Alec is very good at negotiation, and prides himself on being able to talk his way out of just about any situation.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: When this fails, however, people rarely expect it when he does act with violence.


Hidden Life 1


Eye of truth - Alec has augmented his left eye with sensors and feedback that reads a person's tone, mood and other tells that will reveal lies, nervousness and other things. +1 to Subterfuge.


Hunted - Alec's past is unknown to most everyone he meets, and there's a reason for this. Whatever it was that he did or was part of, there are others who want to get him. Alec needs to keep a somewhat low profile, or bad things could find him.

Sensitivity to Electro-Magnet Attacks: The function of augmentations are disrupted when exposed to a sudden burst of electro-magnetic energy. Augments shut down for 1d4-1 (with the lowest result being 1) minutes as a result of EM interference.


  • Long brown coat
  • Armtech M19
  • Encrypted datapad with various contacts, Intel and whatnot

Personal History

Alec Johnson's early life is a mystery, and this is by design. He never talks about his past, but his accent tells his orgin was on Orion-B. However, a clever person may wonder if that isn't just another layer of disguise. In any case, his recent history is more known. He has been working as a freelance negotiator and go-between and has picked up a reputation for playing things fair and level, even if the business is much less than that. He knows that a good negotiator needs to be trusted by both sides, even if they want to kill each other.


Anything else goes here.


Two Steps From Hell - Zen Killer
Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer
Journey - Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning
Doctor Who Series 5 OST - Words Win Wars

XP Earned

XP earned from character creation and RPing.

Date Amount Source
MM/DD/YY 30 Creation
MM/DD/YY 5 Background
MM/DD/YY 3 Soundtrack
MM/DD/YY 2 Picture

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
9/20/13 3 Subterfuge
9/20/13 3 Firearms
9/20/13 3 Survival
9/20/13 7 Composure
9/20/13 6 Empathy
9/20/13 3 Stealth
9/20/13 6 Athletics
9/20/13 3 Engineering
9/20/13 6 Intimidation

Current XP:


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