Allondra Sky

Name: Captain Allondra Sky

Species: Human

Position: Executive Officer of the Razorwing-II/Resident Hardass

Experience Points: 0


  • Defense: 4
  • Medium Weapons: 5
  • Light Weapons: 5 + 2
  • Agility: 3
  • Perception: 3 + 1
  • Persuasion: 2

Inventory of Possessions:

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Synth-S-25 Laser Assault Rifle (gift upon completing 15 years service in the AEC Naval Forces)
  • 2 x M2011 .45 Pistols

Notable Character Traits:

  • Hardass Commander: In her days a ship's captain, Sky was known fleet wide as a total hardass. Redshirts cower in her presence
  • Inspiring Aura: Allondra is capable of boosting morale in near-hopeless situations.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Striking a Superior Asshole: In her younger years as a fighter pilot, she had and issue with authority and often found herself in a detention cell after punching the wrong people. This trait is still a major part of who she is today
  • Are you sure soldier?: Captain Sky often employs rather harsh scare tactics when dealing with Redshirts. Her treats are cruel, usually involving mothers, families, dying or animals (usually kittens)

History (Optional):

Captain Allondra Sky is the youngest child of the late Admiral Aleksander Sky and Chief Medical Officer of the AEC Sonja Lidda-Sky. She had two older brothers, the current Admiral Jason Sky, and the now deceased terrorist, Soren Sky. She first enlisted in the AEC at age 14 as a rook fighter pilot. She quickly advanced through the ranks aboard the Lion's Head the naval flagship, until she received the title of C.A.G. (Command of the Air Group), which she held until she slugged her aging father (Admiral of the Navy) for his criticism of her flying.

Two years later, her father died from a supposed 'broken heart' following the death of Allondra's mother, and his eldest son Soren (a Freedom Fighter with a Martian terror group). Jason Sky was sworn in as Admiral of the AEC's navy, and it was later that year that Allondra was given command of the Harbringer, making her the youngest ship's captain in the history of the AEC Navy.

The Harbringer was a prototype battleship, equipped with full stealth capabilities including a Ghost X-22 cloaking module. The ship was completely top secret, however it never left the dry-dock. The ship was rendered unusable after three terrorist bombs went off next to it while it was docked in the atmosphere of Earth-I at the Oceanic Starport. 967 lives as the starboard side of the ship was shredded to bits and the docking clamps gave out, causing the flaming wreck to plummet into the Pacific. She suffered a severe spinal injury and spent almost a year in seclusion and rehabilitation. Then, as the Staros Civil war was brewing, Admiral Jason Sky, have her command of the Revenant-class battle station Circumference.

While not the flagship of the navy, the Circumference was the crowning glory of naval ships. About the size of 10 Hyperion-class vessels, armed with more guns than any other ship in the Navy, the Circumference was key in ending of the Straos Civil War (not as a battleship, but as a neutral meeting grounds for the opposing sides) under Captain Sky. After the war ended, the current Admiral Sky brought Allondra's diplomatic achievements to the public eye and secured her a place as Upper Rear Admiral directly under him.

However, this fame was short lived. While the Circumfrence was on a routine patrol of a major trade route, the sociopath, terrorist, gangster and billionaire Fredryk Gelvin kidnapped Allondra Sky, blaming her for the death of his daughter (a newly enlisted officer who died aboard the Harbringer in the attack). How Gelvin's goons managed to capture Allondra aboard the pride of the AEC navy still remians a mystery, and is considered one of the greatest and most well thought out crimes of the last half-century. Gelvin held and tortured Sky for the better part of a year, until she was rescued from Gelvin's private moon by the crew of the Razorwing-I.

Currently, she is the resident hardass aboard the Razorwing, working with the junior officers to shape them into ideal crew members as well, Allondra is often present on off ship missions because of command abilities and fantastic aim.

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