Ares Faar

Name: ███████ “Ares” Faar, Age 37


Species: Human

Position: Mercenary


  • Defense: 5
  • Melee Combat: 5
  • Medium Weapons: 4
  • Light weapons: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Perception: 1

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Steel-Knuckled gloves
  • Various clothing and personal items.

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Combat Knife
  • Mankov 10mm Pistol
  • Enigma RM-M Assault Rifle (5.56mm)

Notable Character Traits:

  • ”I respect a man who can kick my ass…” To earn Ares' respect, you have to beat her in a fight. It's simple enough…
  • To the point of Perfection…: Ares is out to perfect her abilities. This is her number-one goal in life, and she'll do pretty much anything to attain it.
  • Damn kids…: Ares has a weakness to children. It's harder for her to be mean to them.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Superbitch: Ares is unsavory, to say the least. Her company is probably not the preferred of most people, and she's all-in-all unpleasant to be around. She's more than rude— she's a total bitch.
  • …and nobody better get in my way: Area does not seem interested in relationships or sharing anything personal with others. All others are obstacles to her goal of perfection of skills.

History (Optional):

Coming soon…


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