Artifisky Galactic

"Building the Best Planets for Citizens of the Milky Way"

ArtifiSKY Galactic is the largest and only terraforming conglomerate in the Milky Way, after it slow absorbed all the others with the help of governmental sanctions and simply massive amounts of money behind the company. Based off of Kriya, the mega-corporation is reported to be one of the best employers in the galaxy and one of the most productive and beneficial organizations of all time. .

Owner Biography

ArtifiSKY is owned by a gentleman named Gregory Sky (the brother of war hero Allondra Sky), a scientist at New Cambridge University. He has managed to buy out each and every other Terraforming company, giving ArtifiSKY the ultimate, pangalactic monopoly.

On a more personal level, Gregory has a fondness for scientific advancement and is a fairly fanatical about puzzles.

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