Atuk, the Atuk

Player: Kondraki

Name: Lewis

Species: Atuk

Concept: Stranded Ancient


  • Atuk, The Survivor: Atuks are survivalists rivaling even the most hardy of races, capable of fending for themselves on even the harshest and most uncivilized of planets for hundreds of years at a time. Fully capable of taking care of one's self is possibly the cornerstone of life for any Atuk. However, when among more civilized company, the Atuk tends to stand out, his ways seeming selfish, rude, or even crazy in comparison.
  • Atuk, The Inquisitive: Nothing stands out more to an Atuk than the unique or the one-of-a-kind, the very term of the latter implying that they may be the sole member of their race to ever contribute to its memory in the hereafter. When it comes to treasure hunting, few do it better or more efficiently than an Atuk. They're quite persistent when it comes to finding a means to acquire and study such objects…a bit too insistent for some people, especially those with less liberal concepts of ownership.
  • Atuk, The Hurricane: An Atuk is typically a very slow moving, slow metabolizing creature, taking things as leisurely as possible while they go about their days. However, when it comes time for action, an Atuk will accelerate their own processes and metabolism, and become a much more capable force defensively and offensively. This isn't as much a choice as a reaction to external stimuli, however, and just about any excessively sudden movements will cause an acceleration, which can lead to potentially explosive situations.


  • Melee Weapons: 4
  • Agility/Athletics: 4
  • Culture: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Scholarship(Music): 4
  • Survival: 5
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Body: 4
  • Mind: 2
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 0
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


  • Iron Staff | Melee


  • Trabaxian Ghost Flute - This instrument, appearing as a simple metallic woodwind instrument of unremarkable make and some wear, is a unique technology from the pre-space Civilization of Trabaxia, which has been long wiped out by nuclear war, making it one of the only ones left in existence. Operating by condensing the moisture in the nearby air around the player, the vibrations from the flute are inaudible until they make contact with ambient moisture, upon which the haunting melody of the Ghost Flute can be heard in their entirety and depth. The fog that forms due to the instrument will change colors during the performance, an effect of the unique vibration produced by the extremely high tech device.
  • Faer'mon Harp - Originally made for use by the Faer, a race of graceful arachnids from the planet UUT-789, an undiscovered world on the edge of Andromeda, the Faer'mon Harp resembles a spiraled spider web made of delicate-looking, translucent strands which are in fact quite resilient. Usually hooked between the 16 hind legs of the Faer, the harp is then simply played by plucking the sections of the web, letting out a crisp, light, and ephemeral tune. When used by the Atuk, he simply pulls the instrument between one hand and one foot, playing with the other two. It's not quite as elaborate, but his own style has been developed over hundreds of years.
  • Exglazique Ribbon Drum - An extremely unique instrument, and possibly the most treasured in his collection, the Ribbon Drum is a one of a kind instrument crafted and given to the Atuk as a parting gift from the Exglazique Weavescribes of the Xzzaal Collective. Having lived among the Exglazique(a small species of nomads who traveled between the moons of their now barren world, escaping the solar radiation by keeping ahead of the rotation.) for thirty years, he had aided them by using his Taka to guide their gravity boats to the next moon safely, and so when the time came for him to depart, they decided to make him a parting gift. Their science had turned inward towards culture, and it was there that the Ribbon Drum came into creation. Consisting of an ebony wood baton crafted from the last tree of Glaz, a long ribbon of cybernetic, anti-gravity silk is connected to it by a pair of gold rings. When flung through the air, the ribbon will stay in place in the shape it takes as the anti-gravity fabric kicks in, allowing the player to tap or slide their fingers against the fabric to make various percussive sounds. When the shape of the silk is changed, so does the sound, and thus the tune can be manipulated on the fly by pulling or moving the baton. Of all the gifts given by his various adoptive families, this is one the Atuk could never part with.
  • Various unique cultural trinkets

Personal History

To be discovered!


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