Rocky Mechanic

Brief Physical Description:

Ayndr is a Knuiht caste Hydina. He stands at three feet tall, not including his horns (which add another six inches). His eyes are bright orange. His tough hide is a dark mud-brown with a lighter tan shade on the back of his arms and legs. His tail ends in what could only be called a rock mace. He wears black overalls when working.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 4 Intelligence 3 Presence 2
Dexterity 2 Wits 1 Manipulation 1
Stamina 3 Resolve 3 Composure 3


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 3 Academics 2 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 4 + 1 Astronavigation 0 Empathy 2
Firearm 1 Computers 2 Expression 0
Larceny 0 Crafts 1 Intimidation 2
Pilot 0 Engineering 3 Leadership 1
Stealth 0 Investigation 2 Persuasion 2
Survival 2 Medicine 0 Streetwise 0
Weaponry 1 Science 2 Subterfuge 1


  • Worker Ant: Short stature, built like a tank. Ayndr might look like a small adorable creature but he can lift heavy things most other couldn't.
  • Blueprint Nut: Ayndr has to stop and figure out how something works, either by taking it apart or by using it a lot. This can be very handy if he comes across something he's worked with before…
  • Knight in Rocky Armor: Ayndr is a bit of a hopeless romantic and likes to try put himself across as a dashing hero. This means he's very likely to rush out and help someone if they're in trouble.


  • Common Sense: 1
  • Fleet of Foot: 2
  • Resources: 2


  • None


  1. Homesick: Ayndr desperately misses his home planet. When he comes across something that reminds him of home, he will either be happily distracted by it, or go silent and try busy himself with something else.
  2. Aquaphobia: Aydnr cannot stand pools of water, terrified of falling in and drowning. When faced with dealing with anything underwater or near bodies of water, he is likely to freak out.


  • Mechanic tools
  • Datapad
  • Black overalls
  • AEC Advanced Hazard and Environmental Protective Armor: A unique, small suit of armor that features an automated system that allows for on-battlefield injury assessment and treatment, as well as enhanced environmental protection. It seems to be made for smaller people - perhaps children - but it fits a Hydina just fine. (+2 Defense, UNIQUE ABILITY When health is below 50%, each turn roll 1d10 - if 7-8-9, 2 points of HP are restored until end of battle. If a critical is rolled, all HP is restored)

Personal History

From a very young age, Ayndr showed an interest and excellent natural understanding and skill with mechanics and electronics. It aided in the young Hydina's grieving of the loss of his mother and the confusion of his father taking another mate some years after, something that rarely occured in Hydina society.
After the birth of his new little sister, Digit, he threw himself gladly into work and began to travel to smaller stations not too far away from his home planet. Years later, while working his way up the ranks in a good job, he got word that his sister had gotten herself into some serious trouble and vanished. Finding her working off a debt from loansharks, he joined her to help free her from her debt.


  • "I'm not going to let you handle this alone. I'll do what I can to help."

XP Earned

Date Amount Source
09/03/13 30 Creation
09/12/13 10 Bonus XP - Approved by Lurker

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
09/03/13 2 Merit: Common Sense 1
09/03/13 4 Merit: Fleet of Foot 2
09/03/13 3 Skill: Subterfuge 1
09/03/13 3 Skill: Crafts 1
09/03/13 6 Skill: Computers 2
09/03/13 4 Merit: Danger Sense 2
09/03/13 6 Skill: Investigation 2
09/12/13 3 Skill: Leadership 1
09/12/13 3 Skill: Persuasion 1
09/12/13 6 Skill: Persuasion 2
10/12/13 28 Attribute: Strength 4
10/12/13 3 Skill: Science 1
10/12/13 6 Skill: Science 2

Current XP:


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