Tailless Lurk Pirate Queen

Brief Physical Description:

An infamous figure of the pirates who roam the universe, Belladonna is a tall female lurk of a russet-red shade and an athletic build made for speed. One of the most notable features on first glance would be that she has no tail. While this can make a slight imbalance given the physiology of the Lurk, she walks taller than many of her own kind. Often clad in a form-fitting black suit with a short leather jacket over it, she never seems to carry any weapons visibly on her form.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 3 Intelligence 4 Presence 5
Dexterity 3 Wits 5 Manipulation 5
Stamina 2 Resolve 3 Composure 3


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 4 Academics 1 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 4 Astronavigation 2 Empathy 0
Firearm 2 Computers 1 Expression 2
Larceny 5 Crafts 2 Intimidation 4
Pilot 2 Engineering 0 Leadership 5
Stealth 2 Investigation 3 Persuasion 3
Survival 0 Medicine 3 Streetwise 5
Weaponry 3 Science 2 Subterfuge 4


  • What's Your Poison: Belladonna is infamously known for exactly what poisons affect each species and how. She often combines her knowledge into combat by tipping her claws with one or two types. Rumour has it she's immune to the poisons she works with.
  • Aye, Captain!: Decades as a Captain of one of the most successful pirate crews, each person of which is very loyal to her, Belladonna knows how to run a ship and handle a rag-tag bunch of misfits to make them into a working crew.


Fleet of Foot: 2
Fame: 2
Barfly: 1
Striking Looks: 2
Resources: 2


  • None


  • Sea-Legs: A Lurk without a tail is missing an important limb that balances their body on two and four legs. Bella has trained and learned to live and fight coping without it. However, this can make her easier to knock over or send her sprawling if there's a bad jolt to the surface she's balanced on.


Personal History

Nobody's entirely sure when Belladonna and her ship The Xanthium came into the piracy scene. There's a great deal of speculation about her past and her affinity with poisons. However, she has one hell of a reputation from those who have worked with and against her in the past. Stories have speculated that she lost her tail in a cruiser crash, others say the poisons she drank to make herself immune to them rotted it off, some even say another pirate captain cut it off and she's out seeking revenge, that he still keeps her tail as a trophy…

All the same, her manner of attack is quick and clean, striking with an element of surprise, disabling her target and removing everything of value before leaving an empty shell behind. In her dealings face to face, she is intimidating, fearless but honest to her word when she gives it. The crew of the Xanthium are extremely loyal to Belladonna, though no-ones entirely sure why. Either by fear or respect, she keeps them together as one of the more threatening free forces in the universe.


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