Call To Arms

So as you may have noticed, Razorwing isn't really entirely flushed out or "finished" yet. This is why I'm calling out to everyone here who wants to make it a better place. Essentially, Gwen and I are looking for creativity to add to the universe. I'll list what we need the most, but if you want to do /anything/ then please, feel free to write something up and send it to me (please be sure not to drop paragraphs via IRC or it's ends up being really spammy). You can pastebin it or something and link it to Lurker in PMs, or I can open up an e-mail account for it soonish. I can't offer any reward or anything aside from credit where it's due, or maybe throwing some LP or XP your way once we've really got the ball rolling.

What we're really looking for, right now, is:
Equipment - weapons, armor, basic tech (see Lurk)
Worlds - Systems inside of galaxies, planets, space stations, notable moons, etc. (see Gwen)
Rewards - for LP and XP usage (see either)
Factions - Anything, they can be under the AEGIS umbrella or simply on their own (see Gwen)
Species - We're a cultural melting pot with not enough ingredients (see Kondraki)

Thanks for hearing me out, and hopefully a combined effort will make Razorwing a lot more awesome. :>

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