Captain Hawke

Name: Alistair Joseph Hawke

Species: Human

Position: Captain of the Razorwing I

Experience Pool: 0


  • Agility: 2
  • Foreign Languages: 3 (Chir'Tul Common, Straos Common, Irish, English)
  • Perception: 3
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Piloting: 2
  • Sense Motive: 3
  • Defense: 6
  • Melee Combat: 5 +3
  • Light Weapons: 4
  • Medium Weapons: 4

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Golden family pocketwatch
  • Chir'Tul Straos War Veteran's watch
  • Straos War Holographic Tag

Inventory of Equipment:


  • Dragon .30-06 Sniper Rifle Straos War Edition (Combat Scenarios ONLY) (+3 to Medium Weapons)
  • M2011
  • AEC Lawbringer Senior Officer's Revolver (7 Blessed .45 Shots - "Care of Alistair Hawke")
  • Icarus-Tech Fusion Balisong
  • Customized Sabre (from Loki)


  • AEC Lawbringer 43rd Regiment "Birds of Prey" Belt and Holster
  • AEC Senior Officer's Uniform - Black
  • Captain Hawke's Hat
  • Captain Hawke's Coat
  • PDA
  • Under-Armor Jumpsuit (+2 to defense against melee)

Notable Character Traits:

  • Welcome Aboard - Captain Hawke is a generally friendly man, willing to make friends with just about anyone if they let him. He doesn't take kindly to freeloaders, though.
  • We have a "Special" relationship - Captain Hawke loves his ship, and the ship loves him back. +2d6 to Piloting once at any time during a scenario if Captain Hawke takes control of the Razorwing I.
  • A way with words - Captain Hawke is a damn good talker, he could talk a corrupt businessman into eating his own gun, as such, he's got a bit of luck on his side when talking his way out of bad situations. +1d6 to Persuasion once at any time during a scenario.
  • Personal Shadow - At any given time and place, Hawke may never be aloneā€¦

Notable Character Flaws:

  • I didn't pay Forty million credits for nothin'! - Hawke is very passionate about his ship, and will not take kindly to any vandalism of the vessel. Perpetrators who decide it's funny to spray a sign on the side of the ship are to be met with Hawke's Rage.
  • Ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain't one - Hawke is oblivious to romantic advances. He just doesn't really "get" them. 'Nuff said.
  • Don't worry, I'm a Captain - Hawke occasionally forgets that his title does not quite make him superman, and might attempt stupid things to get himself out of bad situationsā€¦ which usually end up worse because of it.

History (Optional):

Alistair Joseph Hawke was raised on Earth-III in Terrasit City, where he was a passionate enthusiast of the military. When he turned 17, he was permitted to join the Terrasit City Police Department with the help of a family friend who assigned him to desk work. When he turned 18, he became a constable and started working his way up the ranks, eventually joining the Terrasit Emergency Response Force and becoming a Lieutenant. When the Straos Civil War broke out, he volunteered in the AEC Lawbringers, a specialized force that was the equivalent of Old Earth NATO. He completed several successful tours during the war and earned himself a reputation for being an absolutely dedicated soldier. After the war had ended, he didn't have much to go back to and ended up purchasing the Razorwing I. Since then, he's been travelling, trying to find something to help him relive the glory days, and not caring how he does it.


Captain Hawke in casual dress for an AEC Lawbringer party
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