Daedalus "Daed" Iver

Name: Daedalus (Daed) Bartholemeu Iver

Species: Off-Planet Human (augmented)

Position: Biomechanics Engineer


  • Agility: 3
  • Electronics: 3
  • Mechanics (Biomachinery, Combat Armor): 4
  • Science (Chemistry): 2
  • Defense: 3
  • Melee Combat: 4
  • Light Weapons: 1
  • Medium Weapons: 2

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Large-pocket Sized Specialty Wrench
  • Vial of Nanomachines Worn on Taut Hand-Spun String
  • Various Stained, Holed up parasuits
  • Skin-tone covers for augmented limbs

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Unknown

Notable Character Traits:

Touch it, or I will.- Curiosity are his first and second natures, experimenting and exploring are without a doubt what has kept Daed alive and moving. If an issue is left unresolved, he will 'take the bull by its horns' and find closure.

Me, Displeased? No! Don't I look happy?!- The young man aims to spread joy and comfort where-or-however possible. If you don a frown in his presence, beware; A very jumpy human with a wrench making silly faces will plague you until your growing laughter or strenuous grinning begins to cause discomfort, possibly fixed facial muscles- Can never grimace if your face is stuck in a silly smile, now, can you?

Notable Character Flaws:

I'm a man-… At least, That's what they tell me- Daedalus often finds himself confusing his actual limbs with their augmented counterparts, poking and prodding, adding wiring and circuitry where he shouldn't be. Even moreso, his personality can grow quite cold due to the ghost pains still present due to his surgeries

History (Optional):

[Developing] Currently, all that is known of Daedalus are his planet origin and field specialization. His birthplace is the terraformed planet Echo, where he was augmented and educated about the field of biomechanics, so that he could better care for his "additions" and possibly pursue a career in development and maintenance of exoskeletal armor, as well as synthetic replacement for missing limbs.

Due to acquiring an illness, classified as a planet-born parasite, when he was a youth, the "young man" has gone under many surgeries to contain and effectively kill said illness. After the disease was eliminated, Daedalus had been left without both legs (from mid thigh downward), a fragmented right arm (from upper forearm to the tips of his fingers, much of the original skin and muscle are removed), multiple eroded ribs, and a fraction of his left cheek bone removed. Regimented injections of nanomachines have been required to manage the inescapable aftershock and pain of the operations. Each piece of missing anatomy has been replaced with a synthetic copy, with the exception of his legs and arm, being almost completely rebuilt with custom fabricated parts to enhance his already present physical abilities. The biomechanic limbs, look as authentic as humanly possible, except for engravings that appear to be external electrical traces, similar to that of a computer's insides.


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