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Aspects are personality traits or skills of your character. For an Action Point, a situationally-relevant Aspect may be tagged for a +3 bonus. Aspects may also be compelled by a GM to impose some form of penalty, influence behavior, etc. If the player accepts the compulsion, they gain an Action Point. If the player wishes to resist the compulsion, they must spend an Action Point to do so.

Example Aspects:

Kosher Boy: Saul is an Orthodox Jew, and very religious in his beliefs and values. He always eats kosher and prays every morning in full T'filin. He is quite patronizing towards anyone who criticizes his practices.

Next Time on Hoarders: James loves collecting things, so much so that when he sees anything collectible he will lunge for it. He is especially keen on antiques, and can identify any model or type.

Eagle Eyes: Betty is in the ninety-ninth percentile for vision, and she can spot a needle in a haystack. unfortunately her eyes are very sensitive to light, and she wears polarized sun glasses often.

Book Worm: Gretchen is well informed on all forms of literature and then some. She loves reading and even plays "The Encyclopedia Game" which involves picking a random letter and then reading article from that letter.

Action Points

Action Points are the currency with which a character will pay for the use of his Aspects. Characters start off with three Action Points - they will refresh at the beginning and end of a run. Tagging an Aspect will consume an Action Point (except in the special case of a Maneuver, covered below). Having an Aspect compelled will allow a character to gain an Action Point. Action Points will reset at the end of a scene.


Maneuvers are how you use your skills to gain an advantage. Maneuvers are either made against a DC of 3, or against an opposed skill, depending on the maneuver being rolled. For example, you could roll Perception against 3 to spot a weakness to give a repeatable +3 bonus to attack. Setting up a maneuver takes up your turn, meaning you will have to wait until your next turn to perform the boosted roll yourself. Others, if applicable, can use the Maneuver immediately, however.

Mechanically, what a Maneuver really is is a temporary Aspect placed on a character or scene. As such, certain maneuvers can be tagged multiple times. The first time it is tagged, it does not incur the usual Action Point cost. Subsequent uses, should it be applicable, will.

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Give It Your All!

When you feel like something requires your absolute attention and effort, you can Give It Your All! to add +3 to a single skill roll out of combat. This can only be done once a day.

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