Victor Retson



Concept: Off-white collar criminal and 'Fixer'

Brief Physical Description:

Five foot Eleven, fit, look at the bloody picture. He's just got normal hands. Ignore the gun too.


Physical 3 Mental 5 Social 4
Strength 2 Intelligence 2 Presence 4
Dexterity 2 Wits 3 Manipulation 2
Stamina 2 Resolve 3 Composure 2

Check: Your primary attributes should add up to eight, secondary attributes to seven, and tertiary attributes to six.


Physical Skills 4 Mental Skills 7 Social Skills 11
Athletics 2 Academics 1 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 1 Astronavigation 0 Empathy 0
Firearm 1 Computers 3 Expression 2
Larceny 0 Crafts 0 Intimidation 2
Pilot 0 Engineering 0 Leadership 2
Stealth Investigation 3 Persuasion 2
Survival 0 Medicine 0 Streetwise 2
Weaponry 0 Science 0 Subterfuge 2

Check: Your primary attributes should add to eleven, secondary attributes to seven, and tertiary attributes to four.


  • Methodical: Victor patiently and systematically approaches problems. Difficult to rush or harry in most any task, he handles hurdles as best he can.
  • The spoils: They go to Victor. Quite adept at negotiation, renegotiation, and bargaining when it comes to payment. No slouch at making off with the occasional very valuable bit of loot on the side either.
  • Mostly clean hands: Reluctant to resort to violence. Prefers to keep his crime white collar whenever possible.


Fame 3

Resources 4


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  • 'Friends' high and low: Not everyone Victor has dealt with in the past has come away with a positive impression, or a favorable opinion. Whether it's someone who got the worse end of a deal he brokered, or an unsatisfied employer, there's a fair few people who aren't fond of him.


  • Clothes
  • Tools. Gear. Lots of kinds of gear.
  • Literature of various types
  • Stuff

Personal History

Born into a wealthy family with a slightly seedy, not so distant past of smuggling and other white collar crime. Victor spent much of his life being groomed and prepared to continue the fine traditions of his family. Deciding that he'd rather not quarrel with his siblings for the majority of his family's holdings, at least not immediately, Victor chose to make use of what resources his parents deemed to give him, a not modest initial cash flow, and his last name, to begins enacting some less then legal transactions of his own, on the side. Laundering. Information selling. Fraud. Smuggling. Victor has done some of everything, and for the jobs he can't handle alone he hired the best, and gave fair cuts to all involved. Or at least convinced them they were getting fair cuts. Steadily building a cache of loot, while distancing himself just enough from his family to avoid bringing them trouble, while staying close enough to be afforded some level of protection. It's a carefully balanced arrangement, and has thus far rewarded Victor with rather a lot of wealth, independent of his family. Most notably, however, Victor is known as a man with a sizable holding in Corona Rapida. Completely unproven rumors that he's been, or is the organizer of many not entirely aboveboard transportation dealings tend to pop up. The rumours also tend to be publicly dismissed by authorities from time to time.


Sound track!

Glitch mob-Fortune days

Glitch Mob - Drive it like you stole it

Glitch mob -Bad points

XP Earned

XP earned from character creation and RPing.

Date Amount Source
MM/DD/YY 30 Creation
MM/DD/YY 10 Soundtrack, backstory, picture,

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
9/13/2013 30 Fame 3, Resources 4
9/13/2013 10 Presence>4,Streetwise 2

Current XP:

How much XP you have right now.

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