Derrick Shaw




Accomplished Hacker

Brief Physical Description:

5'9, short brown hair, flat expression. Dresses in modified combat gear for its aesthetics.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 2 Intelligence 4 Presence 2
Dexterity 3 Wits 3 Manipulation 1
Stamina 3 Resolve 2 Composure 4


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 2 Academics 1 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 1 Astronavigation 0 Empathy 1
Firearm 1 Computers 4 Expression 0
Larceny 1 Crafts 0 Intimidation 2
Pilot 1 Engineering 3 Leadership 2
Stealth 0 Investigation 3 Persuasion 1
Survival 0 Medicine 0 Streetwise 0
Weaponry [Daggers] 2 Science 1 Subterfuge 0


Anima ex Machina: Override speaks to machines, and while they don't speak back in a literal sense, he can interface with machines better than most people with his training.
Life of Crime: Growing up among the petty-criminal elements of Grand Central means that Override has a reputation at times.
Wallflower: Raised in the shadows of Grand Central, Derrick has learned to step lightly, both physically and socially.


Fame 1: Override is well-known on Grand Central; and, consequently, anywhere criminal activity has an organized foothold.


CHI-61: By way of payment for a particularly tough job, neurobiologist-in-exilium Dr. Rivers performed a highly uncommon, highly unorthodox operation, installing a standardized computer access cable jack and wireless transceiver package in the base of Derrick's skull, integrating it with his brain in such a way that he is now able to interface with computers using his mind. Rank 2 — +2 to Computers


J&Q Discount Combat Armor (Customized): The J&Q Discount Combat armor is cheap-but-quality armor that one would come to expect from the black-marketeers. While it's not the best thing money can buy, it's frequently found on many pirates, paranoid civilians, and up-and-coming militias. This particular suit of armor has been modified per Derrick's individual taste.


Computers Can Do That: Override likes computers, and thinks they're underused. If there is a situation with a solution of arbitrary Complexity 1 that doesn't involve computers, and a solution of Complexity 2 that does, Override is likely to go for Option 2.

Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Attacks:: Augmentations are, by their very nature, susceptible to EMP attack. While the sophisticated redundancies and advanced flash-memory programming prevent them from being fried completely, or relaying a dangerous power spike to the host, they will be shut down for 1d4-1 (min 1) minutes while their systems reboot.


  • Top of the line computer access equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Holo of his parents

Personal History

Born on Earth-III to Rebekah and Bradford Shaw, workers in Earth-III's largest spaceyard, Derrick Shaw never wanted for material possessions, and only slightly for parental attention. He was enrolled in the most prestigious academies, and quickly excelled in technical matters, which brought him no small amount of prestige. As celebration for his graduation from secondary school at age 13, his parents scheduled a trip to Orion-B, the vacation world. Jumping back to their own system after the vacation, his parents parked the ship in geostationary orbit above a gas giant to discharge their ship's Slipstream drive. In order to do this, however, a smaller ship must retract and disable its sensors, weapons and shields, leaving them blind and defenseless. A power fluctuation during the cycle led his parents to shut down the ship and attempt to make repairs. The laws of nature chose this time to be a complete and utter dick, and an asteroid from the planet's ring system broke the ship's spine. The bow's magnetic containment systems kicked in, protecting the crew fortunate enough to be forward at the time of the event. Sadly, Derrick's parents were EV for repairs, and were lost to space. Fortunately for him, the ship's distress beacon automatically triggered. He was in no shape to do so.

Unfortunately, the only gas giant capable of suitably discharging a Slipstream drive core was far enough away from 'civilized' space in the Gamma Rho system that the beacon went unanswered until a pirate ship arrived to discharge its drive. That ship acquired the beacon before switching off its sensors, and moved in to investigate. Finding the derelict ship with a crying child inside, and knowing that the child was more than likely to die out here before rescue came, the pilot brought him on board and returned to Grand Central, raising him as her own.

He fell back onto his hobby as computer whiz, reclaiming his schoolboy moniker and training his skills under his benefactor's tutelage. By the time he was 20, he was near expert in all major computer systems in use on Grand Central, and the name "Override" inspired awe among the criminal underworld.

One day, she said to him, "It's time. I have a major job that needs your…particular talents."


These themes apply to Override's general activites.
Slipping Into The Waves
He Watches From The Shadows
Nobuo Uematsu — Shadow's Theme
Alexander Brandon — All Hallows' Sunset

These, by contrast, apply whenever he is in his element: computers and computer crime.
Immersed In The Machine
Atsushi Kitajoh — Battle Theme
Atsushi Kitajoh — Naomi's Battle Theme
Yasunori Mitsuda — Bike Chase
Stratovarius - Stratofortress


"Nice smartgun you have there. Pity it doesn't work."


One of Derrick's unique paired daggers.

XP Earned

XP earned from character creation and RPing.

Date Amount Source
9/6/2013 40 Creation
10/1/2013? 1 Soft RP
10/2/2013 1 Lurkplot
10/4/2013 1 Gwen
10/5?/2013 1 Soft RP
10/7/2013 2 Plot conclusion and soft??
10/11/2013 2 so soft and fluffy
10/14/2013 1 AAAAAAAAA
10/16/2013 1 plot that we messed up :>
10/19/2013 4 Plot + Soft
10/22/2013 5 Soft RP
10/24/2013 2 Soft RP
10/26/2013 1 Aborted Plot

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
9/6/2013 10 Augment
9/6/2013 10 +1 PRS, +1 INT
9/12/2013 20 +1 INV, FIR, CMP, STA

Current XP:


Current Project:

Augment Upgrade: 44/40 Computer Successes, 0/5 Medical Successes

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