Electronics and Cybernetic Diva

Brief Physical Description:

Digit is a Hybrid-Caste Hydina, specifically of the Sumdah(Fire) and Knuiht(Earth) castes. This makes her an anomaly within her own people. Her soft hide is a deep red with a light red-brown underbelly, her eyes a pale yellow. She stands at 3 feet exactly (including horns), glossy black stone spikes extending from her skin at her shoulder, forearms with a large scythe-like extrusion from the tip of her tail. While working, she will wear grey fireproof overalls. Her right arm is a cybernetic prosthetic.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 1 Intelligence 3 Presence 3
Dexterity 3 Wits 2 Manipulation 3
Stamina 2 Resolve 2 Composure 2


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 2 Academics 2 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 1 Astronavigation 0 Empathy 2
Firearm 2 Computers 2 Expression 4 + 1
Larceny 0 Crafts 0 Intimidation 2
Pilot 0 Engineering 2 Leadership 2
Stealth 0 Investigation 2 Persuasion 2
Survival 0 Medicine 1 Streetwise 0
Weaponry 2 Science 1 Subterfuge 3


  • Acting Talent Digit has studied and performed as an actress before her current 'occupation'. She is very good at acting particular ways to get what she wants.
  • Double Element: Being a Hybrid, Digit has traits of both castes in her. She can't fly like the Sumdah but she can exude enough heat on a focus point to be her own welding flame. Nasty to be on the wrong side of of you try to grab her or anger her.
  • Delicate Touch: When it comes to finicky electronics, Digit has a knack for getting precisely to the problem. Provided she's got the time to focus.


  • Common Sense: 1
  • Fleet of Foot: 2
  • Resources: 2


  • Cybernetic Replacement Arm (Right): There's nothing particularly exceptional about her replacement arm, although it does allow her to be very precise when working with electronics and circuitry


  1. Bitter Diva: Digit's dreams were destroyed after an unfortunate accident. She laments where she is in her life right now and, unfortunately, can sometimes take it out on everyone else.
  2. Explosive Temper: Digit doesn't have an exceptionally short fuse but she does hold grudges and mostly reacts with passive aggressive remarks or actions. When it gets too much, she will turn violent.


  • Tools for Electronics
  • Datapad
  • Grey fireproof overalls

Personal History

Digit always wanted to be a famous actress from the time she could talk. Hybrid Hydinas always got interesting attention from the media but her father couldn't see her making it in such a large arena so began teaching her the more substantial trade of electronics works as something to fall back on, while her mother encouraged her dream and got her performance art classes.
While having a great knack for electronics, Digit convinced herself it was her destiny to become the next big movie star. While she began climbing the ladder by working in stage productions, her dream was suddenly cut short by a tragic set accident that left her without her right arm.

Auditions from then on turned her away and she couldn't work on electronics with only one arm. Unable to afford a prosthetic replacement by herself or with her family's aid, Digit turned to some shady characters for monetary aid.
With a new cybernetic arm, Digit began working in electronics again, adding in cybernetics to her skills to be able to upgrade and tune up her own arm. Though it's not always perfect, it was what she needed. The electronics jobs gave her the money to start saving to travel for auditions again and to pay back the people she'd borrowed it from. But she was earning too little too slowly and soon was hauled off to work off her debt instead.

A few weeks later, her half-brother Ayndr came looking for her and stayed to help her with her debt.


(Please note this is an example of the Hybrid, her right arm is an obvious cybernetic piece)
  • "Honey, I would quit now if I were you. You're going to get burned."

XP Earned

Date Amount Source
09/03/13 30 Creation
09/12/13 10 Bonus XP - Approved by Lurker

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
09/03/13 6 Skill: Subterfuge 2
09/03/13 6 Skill: Persuasion 2
09/03/13 2 Merit: Fleet of Foot 1
09/03/13 4 Danger Sense 2
09/03/13 4 Merit: Striking Looks 2
09/03/13 6 Skill: Investigation 2
09/12/13 9 Skill: Firearm 2
09/12/13 3 Skill: Medicine 1
10/12/13 9 Skill: Subterfuge 3
10/12/13 12 Skill: Expression 4
10/12/13 3 Skill: Science 1
10/12/13 6 Skill: Weaponry 2

Current XP:


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