Doc Burns

Name: Doctor Timothy "Doc" Burns.

Saved EXP:

Species: Augmented Human.

Position: Head of Medical Staff


  • Medicine: 8
  • Mechanics: 2
  • Medium Weapons: 2 (+2)
  • Sense Motive: 3
  • Defence: 4
  • Light Weapons: 4
  • Perception: 4

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Augmetic Eye (Left.)
  • Agumetic Fingers (All the fingers on his right hand except for index and thumb.)
  • Monocle

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Medical Bag
  • Ballister-I5 Laser Pistol ("Brigette")
  • Communion Z1 Pulse Rifle (TEMP)

Notable Character Traits:

  • I See What You Did There - Doc Burns has a augmetic eye, which allows him to see on the microscopic level, as well as containing a degree of augmented reality vision.
  • Don't Worry About My Grip -Doc Burns is missing some fingers, and has augmetic replacements. These give him quite a grip, but are mainly used to test the chemical composition of things, in conjunction with his eye.
  • I've Been In Wars Y'Know -Doc Burns has been in several colony wars. He has a habit of ignoring the hippocratic oath in times of stress.
  • Kind Hearted Monster - When the Doctor is faced with a patient who is near death, he gains a 1d6 bonus to his roll.
  • Hammertime - When wielding a hammer, Tim gets an extra +1d6.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Monster Of Vega -Doc Burns is somewhat infamous. He regrets his work during wartime, but he did what he had to. This reputation leads him to be loathed to the point of murder on certain colonies.

History (Optional):

Doctor Timothy Burns graduated Valedictorian of his class, a rising star in the medical field. Many felt it was a waste of his talents to join the military, but he wished to serve the AEC as best he could. 10 years and many, many, battlefields disabused him of that urge. The fact that he received no pension, and was dishonorably discharged for ignoring orders to save soldiers lives was just icing on a very bitter cake. At 38, and with most of his life in the toilet, he started hiring out to whoever would take him away from the core colonies. His job on the Razorwing is just one more ship to help him run from his memories.


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