Dr. Epiphany Trebuchet


Dr. Epiphany "Piff" "Epi" Trebuchet




Biological Researcher


Lawful Petty Undead Child with ambition of being an Omnidisciplinary Scientist one day


  • Has No Life: Science is Epiphany's world. She has very few hobbies outside of it, and is very dedicated to her work. This, combined with the fact that she never sleeps (giving her on average 8 more hours in a day than most people), means that she's capable of larger amounts of productivity in a shorter span of time than would be normal.
  • Was That Supposed to Hurt?: Epiphany is incapable of losing consciousness under any circumstances she's subjected her body to so far (up to and including being ground into a fine paste, vaporised, digested, or any combination of the three), and has an incredibly high pain tolerance, both from experiencing regeneration every twelve hours for the past 26 years, and from the above-mentioned self-experimentation on the limits of her condition. As an unintended side-effect of this, she cannot be incapacitated by injury unless severs her spinal cord or otherwise makes it mechanically impossible for her to move. She does, however, have a low pain threshold, for what it's worth.
  • Curiosity Killed the Kid: She loves figuring out what things are and how things work, and the fact that obeying the draw of her own curiosity has literally killed her before has only taught her to observe proper laboratory procedure and not necessarily touch the potentially-dangerous things with her bare hands. Additionally, the fact that she always returns to her state at point of death has led her to conclude that Immortal Life is Cheap, and this, combined with an extremely high pain tolerance from experiencing regeneration every twelve hours for the past twenty-six years, means that she frequently displays a suicidal-seeming lack of self-preservation in dangerous situations.


  • Agility/Athletics: -3
  • Culture: 2
    • French (Fluent, Standard Metropolitan)
    • Japanese (Fluent, Tokyo dialect)
    • English (Fluent, Standard)
  • Engineering:
    • Mechanics: 2
    • Electronics: 1
  • Medicine: 2
  • Perception: 3 (0 if she doesn't have her glasses on)
  • Persuasion: 1
  • Reputation:
    • Science: 2
  • Scholarship:
    • Hard Sciences: 4
    • Life Sciences: 4
  • Science:
    • Biology: 4
    • Chemistry: 4
    • Physics: 4
  • Stealth: 0 (-1 if her scissorlift's motor is running)
  • Physical Defense: 1
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Body: 1
  • Mind: 4
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 0
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


Custom Labcoat: Tailor-fit for her size, and covered in pockets, filled with as much portable lab equipment as she can carry (e.g. Vials, swabs, petri dishes, rubber bands, paper bags, XXS-size latex gloves), just in case she finds something interesting she might want to bring back to the lab with her. Never know when you're going to find a cool bug or bit of mold.

Custom Miniature Electric Scissor Lift: This is basically a glorified mobility device; it's a little platform with handrails appropriate for her height around three sides, a fold-up ramp at the back, on a scissor lift with an electric motor and wheels. It has controls at the front with dials, clicking sliders, and large, spaced-out buttons designed to make it easier for her to use with her stiff fingers. This allows her to get around at a decent pace, as well as reach things she'd normally have to climb onto something to get at. The height of the machine's base itself is sufficient for her to be able to see over and effectively work at a standard-height counter, which she would normally be eye-level with the lower edge of. It also has a swivelling dock for her tablet, a hook for hanging up her labcoat, and a side compartment for storage of things that too big and/or heavy to put in her pockets. She saved up for quite a while to get this, even with the wonders of socialised health care.

Touchscreen Tablet: Basically, think an iPad, but with a slide-out physical keyboard, cellphone functions, and an attached stylus. This replaces both the smartphone and the clipboard w/mechanical pencil from previous iterations of her character.


Eye Clarifying Drops: She keeps these in her left breast pocket, and uses them immediately after "regenerating" to prevent the clouding-over that usually happens to a corpse's irises shortly after death.

Personal History (under construction)

Epiphany was born on January 6, 3XXX-32 in Bordeaux, France, to Professor Darell Trebuchet and Dr. Akahana Trebuchet-Sakamoto. Both were respected neurosurgeons who had met each other at a conference overseas back when they were still finishing med school, and Darell had become a professor at Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2 before they finally decided to start a family. To say that Epiphany was introduced to the wonders of science at an early age would be an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that her world was permeated with science from day one. Her first mobile was hung with the shapes of electron shells, and her first blanket had a map of the Moon printed on it. Alongside – and more beloved than – her normal children's picture e-books and dolls, she had picture e-books full of dinosaurs, planets, and false-colour photographs taken with electron microscopes, and slept with plushies of things like Penicillin and T4-Bacteriophages. Her favourite bedtime story was that of Little Red Riding Blood Cell, and her mission to get a basket of O2 molecules to her Grandmother Marrow while avoiding the Big Bad Malaria.

One of the things that Epiphany and her family did a lot was travel on their vacations. Sometimes they stayed within Europe, or went to visit her mother's family in Tokyo, but they also went to places like the United States, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, and Australia.

Out of all of the places she's been, the only place Epiphany never wants to go back to is Australia.

She was six years old (almost seven), and they were at an Australian beach resort for their Christmas vacation. While there are a lot of things that could potentially kill a six-year-old on a beach in Australia, Epiphany's parents had already gone over with her what to do if she ran into any of them… except for the one thing she did run into: an unstable temporal anomaly that was distorting the air and light around it just a yard or so from the tide line.

In her own words: "It was shiny; I was six", and so she touched it. The resulting explosion (for lack of a better word for the rapid expansion and subsequent collapse of the anomaly) killed everyone and everything in roughly a kilometer radius, but she, being at ground zero and exposed to both the deadly temporal shockwave and the core of the phenomenon at the same time, was the only one who "got stuck" in the sense that she did. Although the corpses of some of the people very nearby it were also stuck in quadratically longer reset loops, none of them showed any signs of still being conscious. The subsequent investigation, which brought in some of the time's leaders in the field of temporal theory to weigh in with their expertise, eventually concluded that any anomaly explosively unstable enough to do what it did wasn't going to resolve itself safely even if she hadn't touched it, and the incident was ruled a tragic accident. That knowledge was a cold comfort to Epiphany, who still feels guilt over it and can't stand beaches or the smell of salt water to this day.

After her parents' funeral back in France, Epiphany went to live (for a sufficiently-inclusive definition of "live") with her mother's family, since her father was an only child and his parents weren't up to the task of raising her due to their own mobility problems. At first, they tried enrolling her in a local primary school, but she had a hard time getting around and was picked on for her clumsiness and speech impediment, so she ended up staying home and doing her schoolwork via correspondence from home. The older of her two cousins, Kazuhito, was away at college to work on his education degree, but called via video chat whenever he could to tutor her (the fact that he was getting extra credit for it with one of his professors certainly helped him make time for it). When he couldn't, her aunt and uncle — a dentist and robotics engineer respectively — would help her if she needed it, but strongly encouraged her to build up her skill at independent study.

Since playing outside wasn't much of an option to her anymore, and she liked learning things anyway, she took to studying like a fish to water, and ended up skipping both second and fourth grades. It was in this incredibly studious manner that she eventually made her way up through high school, ending up the subject of her cousin's thesis along the way (there weren't very many other case studies on teaching children with complete mental abstraction at the time), and got accepted to the University of Tokyo at 17. Due to using her inability to sleep to take more classes than normal, she got her Bachelor of Science degree in three years, and her Master of Science degree in 1.5 years. She worked on her Biology PhD first, completing it in two years and eight months, then worked on her Physics and Chemistry PhDs simultaneously, taking her just over five years. At 29, she took an internship at an orbital medical station where they were doing genetics research to study for her dissertation on it, and, at 30, she accepted a job on the Razorwing as a researcher.

She still keeps in close contact with her family, writing them long emails whenever she gets the chance.

Miscellaneous (under construction)

General description

Epiphany is the 32-year-old animated corpse of a 6-year-old girl (she would get very angry if one called her a "zombie" to her face, but that's what she is), and a triple-PhD in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. She's a classic case of a "high INT, low WIS" character; even though she's very intelligent, she's still restricted by the fact that her mind, while abstracted from her physical brain that's frozen as it was when she died, will still never experience the changes associated with a child's brain maturing rather than just gaining new skills and knowledge, leaving her physically incapable of advancing past the cusp between Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development, or to grasp the concept of empathy past its dictionary definition. She is unable to comprehend why her acting a certain way might hurt someone's feelings, or why that's a bad thing if she doesn't get in trouble for it, but she very keenly understands transgressions against herself, and the concept of payback. This results overall in a person who is at once brilliant but completely childish and petty.

Every 12 hours (at 03:08 and 15:08 precisely), Epiphany's body reverts back to its state at the moment of her death, like a broken temporal record. This process literally yanks particles across time, annihilating any foreign matter in its way, and is indescribably painful. She only retains her memories because her mind has been meta-electrically abstracted from her body, reconnecting to it at the lowest point of the brain stem. Her body does go through the stages of decomposition naturally up until that 12-hour mark (pallor, lividity, then resetting roughly at the peak of rigour mortis), and she has severe mobility issues that get progressively worse over the 12-hour period as a result.

The connection between her mind and her physical body isn't perfect. In particular, there's a bit of a glitch in transferring to the neural pathways controlling speech, leading to her speaking almost entirely in Spoonerisms unless she… speaks. Very. Slowly… like… this. She greatly favours writing down what she has to say rather than speaking.

Her ultimate goal in unlife is to "learn everything", and, in the process, become a doctor of everything, working up from broader subjects to narrower ones. She's currently working on her dissertsions in applied mathematics, astrophysics, and genetics. A normal person would certainly not have time to juggle working on that many degrees simultaneously, but she manages due to the fact that she's conscious 24/7 (giving her on average 8 more hours in every day to do things) and doesn't really have non-science-related hobbies.


  • Professor Darell Trebuchet (father) (deceased)
    • Neurosurgeon and Professor at Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2
    • Loved to travel
    • Died of acute temporal trauma when Epiphany was 6
  • Dr. Akahana Trebuchet-Sakamoto (mother) (deceased)
    • Neurosurgeon
    • Loved trying new foods
    • Died of acute temporal trauma when Epiphany was 6
  • Dr. Sakamoto Hideharu (uncle)
    • Doctor of robotic engineering, and famous in his field
    • 12 years older than his sister, Akahana
    • Was the one who encouraged Epiphany to take the Razorwing's job offer
    • The developer of the latest generation of self-actuating neural relays
    • His neuron-induced microservo design laid the groundwork for half the modern field.
    • Half of Haken's brain uses his patents.
    • Wrote a book.
    • Is good at cooking, although not as good as Nene.
  • Dr. Sakamoto Chouko (aunt)
    • Dentist
    • Loves cute things
    • Makes amazing obento [boxed lunches]
  • Dr. Sakamoto Kazuhito (cousin)
    • Doctor of education
    • Author of children's literature
    • 14 years older than Epiphany
  • Sakamoto Jirou (cousin)
    • Pursuing a doctorate in computer science, but at his own pace
    • Major otaku
      • Room is full of PVC statuettes of his favourite characters
      • Plays a lot of sister-con H-games, but would never hurt or molest "[his] cute Epi-chan". The fact that he's only into 2D is entirely secondary to the fact that it'd be morally wrong.
    • Bad with money and frequently asks Epiphany and his other family members for loans
    • 8 years older than Epiphany
  • Dr. Sakamoto Kazumasa (maternal grandfather) (deceased)
    • Microbiologist
    • Died of cancer when Epiphany was 14
  • Fredericka "Nene" Sakamoto (maternal grandmother)
    • Retired baker
    • Is a brown-haired, blue-eyed German.
    • Makes the most fantastic cakes


Epiphany is roughly eye-level with the lower edge of a standard countertop, and very noticeably pale in a sickly-seeming way once pallor mortis has set in. She has very dark blue eyes that look almost black on a cursory inspection, and very large, round prescription glasses for farsightedness. Her face is childishly round with high cheekbones, and straight black hair goes down to roughly the bottom edge of her shoulder blades if she doesn't have it in a ponytail. To hide her lividity, which usually ends up in her legs, she always wears a combination of socks and shorts or pants that entirely covers her legs with a fair margin of overlap. She only wears shoes that can be easily slipped into, due to the difficulty she has with laces, buckles, and velcro.

Languages and Ethnicity

Epiphany's paternal grandparents are both French, her maternal grandmother is German, and her maternal grandfather was Japanese. She was raised trilingual, speaking primarily French and Japanese at home when her parents were alive (and then primarily Japanese when she went to live with her aunt and uncle), but also English secondarily at home and at school, due to it being such an important language to know, and from the amount of English-language media that abounded on the TV, radio, and internet.


This section is mostly so I can keep straight details that've been elaborated on in-game

  • Re: "Scientific" explanation of how her time loop works: "Temporal Adherence Principle. When timespace gets folded up the wrong way, and then snaps back into place suddenly, it creates a large shockwave as well as smaller temporal fallout. The latter fixes onto matter and tries to make it stay as it is. Normally, the matter's own temporal inertia will be enough to break loose from it, but when it doesn't…" "Then, you start bouncing between time's normal flow and the point in time at which the event happened." Epiphany's basically at the end of a rubber band that's 12 hours long.
  • One time, she applied to be a medical cadaver to pay for her student loans. She didn't get the job.
  • Her lab/office is Bio-Chem 1 on Deck C, Hallway 3B
  • She writes her given name in katakana as エピフャニ (Epifani) and her surname as ツレバシェ (Tsurebashe)
  • Her biology dissertation was on the effects of a sexually-transmitted virus epidemic on the gene expression of geckos in South America. (It gave them curly toes with bright pink speckling)
  • Her uncle's famous and does things with neural interfaces
  • She's a Beatles fan.
  • The beach where the accident happened has since been turned into a tourist attraction and been renamed Timeless Beach. The area's still extremely dangerous to be in because of the sand reverting, but the resulting ripples and flashes of light are gorgeous to watch from a distance. Due to her status as a minor, Epiphany's name was never released to the media in regards to the incident, but her age was.
  • Expressions-wise, her mouth doesn't usually move much; it's mostly in her eyes.
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