Dr Murdock Stunner


Dr. Murdock Stunner






  • Electronics: 5
  • Physics: 5
  • * Stealth: 5
  • Combat:
  • Heavy Weapons: 3
  • Defense: 4

Inventory of Possessions:

*Laser Triangulation equipment

Inventory of Equipment:

Notable Character Traits:1.

*"Hello from the world of Tommorow" - Dr Stunner's claims his grasp of technology is 500 years ahead of his time. (at the very least he is on the cutting edge of physics tech)
*"I'm sure the fabric of space time can handle this anyway" - No compunctions about doing dangerous and new things.
*"IGNORE ME" - Murdock doesn't appreciate being observed without permission, and tends to be secretive.

Notable Character Flaws:

*"Keep your enemies close, and your friends in the dark" - Very paranoid of any and all social interaction, he has trouble trusting anyone with even the smallest amount of knowledge.
*"In some universe you probably deserve this" - Has no regrets about being a bit of (total at times) troll, and/or premptive offensives.
*"YOUR PUNY MIND CANNOT COMPREHEND-…" - Murdock is rather condescending to pretty much everyone…


Megalomaniacal since the day he was born, Dr. Stunner planned a hostile takeover of his daycare at the age of  He lead his class to take their teacher hostage and negotiated an exchange in return for longer nap times and chocolate milk.
Doc is responsible for many pivotal breakthroughs in particle physics, partly in thanks to his "i'm sure the fabric of space time can handle this anyway" approach.  Extremley Avant Garde, Doc defies normal principals and refuses to accept the world that everyone else sees on a day-to-day basis.


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