Emerald Isobel Gabrielle Bartholomews

Name: Emerald Isobel Gabrielle Bartholomews

Species: Hybrid Human- Ocelot

Position: Nurse


Medical: 3
Agility: 4+1
Urban Exploration: 4
Melee Combat: 3
Defense: 4
Wilderness Survival: 4

Inventory of Possessions:

Emerald is constantly wearing white shirts with cartoons characters on them. even on duty.

Inventory of Equipment:

Medical Bag

Notable Character Traits:

Emerald is constantly cleaning herself, just as any cat does. she is in pristine condition almost all of the time.
Emerald is incredibly friendly to any and all creatures/objects/whatever that she interacts with, often saying please and thank you to inanimate object such as doors, tables, boxes etc.

Notable Character Flaws:

Emerald will believe anything at all that's told to her.
Emerald obsessively touches things, often picking things up around her and rubbing them against her face, this also extends to people and as such she is seen to be a bit 'too friendly' by most.

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