Enter Hope Division (The Nine, Part 2)

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Pig_catapult: Harry is in the mess hall, eating some banana pudding. It is jiggling on his spoon like an oscillating saw.

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%Sequence: Marla bounces in, humming something so perky it's probably illegal. She spots Harry. Suddenly, she hunches forward, taking slow (for her) steps, and exaggeratedly tiptoes her way behind him.
Pig_catapult: Harry tries to humour her, but can't help but cast a paranoid glance back at Marla.
It's never good sign when the cheery ones go quiet.
%Sequence: She freezes when he does so, wobbling slightly as her foot dangles in the air.
Pig_catapult: "H-h-hello."
%Sequence: "Awwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaaan!" Marla sets her foot down and crosses her arms, pouting. "I was gonna surprise you and everything! With hugs!"
"So anyway what are you eating is that pudding it looks yellow is it banana pudding or like mango pudding or just yellow pudding is yellow a flavor I think yellow counts as a flavor because some things are supposed to be banana flavored but they just taste yellow instead of like bananas it's silly."
Pig_catapult: "I… uh… ."
Marla seems to have temporarily broken Harry's speech center.
"It's… uh… b-b-banana fl-flavour."
%Sequence: She flops down next to him, peering close at his spoon. "Really it really looks yellow does it taste like bananas or does it just have banana flavor in it is that a thing does that happen I think it does but I"ve been wrong before so I dunno what do you think and do you think yellow is a flavor?"
Pig_catapult: "Uh… i-i-it tastes l-like b-banana t-to-to me. Th-th-there's more o-over at th-the b-bu-buffet." He shakily gestures toward the buffet, where there is a glorious stack of pudding cups.
%Sequence: "Oooooh!" Marla bounces a little before somehow executing a /bigger/ bounce that bounces her out of her seat and towards the buffet, where she gathers up a metric fuck-ton of banana pudding.
Tom90deg: Neal then walks into the mess, and sees Marla hogging all the pudding.
%Sequence: Not /all/ of it.
Just like. Half, or three quarters.
Pig_catapult: A shaky smile quirks the corners of Harry's mouth upwards, and he continues eating his own pudding.
There is at least one pudding cup left.
Tom90deg: Neal gives Marla a wave, wondering if she'll drop anythting.
%Sequence: Marla transfers her pudding onto a plate and quickly walks back over to Harry, a large, wobbling mound obscuring her face.
Tox: It is at this point that the dragon captain-to-be walks in. And stops dead, watching the crazed little monkey gather all the pudding.
Pig_catapult: Harry waits for her to set the plate down on the table before shakily patting her shoulder. "G-g-good l-luck e-eating al-all that," he says with a grin.
Tom90deg: Neal glances over at Ran. "You know if we hooked her up to some kind of treadmill…"

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Tox: "If we could harness her manic energy, we'd have power forever." He shakes his head, stepping into the caf. "Hello, you three."
Tom90deg: Neal heads in as well, taking a seat.
%Sequence: Marla giggles and waves at Ran, running back over to the counter to grab a spoon. "Hi Ran there's banana pudding and oh hey pudding man what's your name I didn't get your name I'm Marla who are you what do you do here are you a doctor or something do you know Shar hi Neal!"
Tox: sits down. "So, besides figuring out what's been happening to all the pudding lately, what's going on?"
Tox: *Ran does, rather.
Pig_catapult: "M-my name is H-Harry."
Tom90deg: "Hi Marla!"
Pig_catapult: "I'm th-the-the sh-ship's ps-psychologist."
%Sequence: Marla slices off a large spoonful of pudding from the top of the mound, wobbling it at Ran. "Hi Harry! Ran this is my first time with the pudding I didn't know we had pudding or that it was banana-flavored oh you're the ship's psychologist what does that mean you do?"
Pig_catapult: Harry somehow manages to set his spoon down WITHOUT knocking over his pudding cup. "W-w-well, when p-people h-ha-have s-something th-that c-c-concerns them, th-they come s-see me, an-and we t-t-talk about it and t-tr-try to find a s-solution. I'm s-sort of l-like a th-therapist.
%Sequence: "Oooooooh that's cool I'm sure you help a lot of people!"

Pig_catapult: "I t-tr-try."
%Sequence: Marla opens her mouth wide, revealing a set of teeth that are slightly larger than normal human teeth, and engulfs the pudding on her spoon.
Tox: Ran looks over at her. "What do you think of it?"
Tom90deg: "Marla, if you eat all of that pudding we're going to be rolling you out of here."
Tox: "I somehow think she'd turn into a bouncy ball."
Tom90deg: "Of course, knowing you, you'll burn it off in about 3 seconds."
Tox: "Then we'd /never/ catch her. She'd just bounce all over the ship.'
%Sequence: Marla tries to swallow the pudding, but is foiled by a sudden attack of the giggles, cheeks bulging as she tries to laugh with pudding in her mouth.
Pig_catapult: Harry holds up a napkin as a shield, just in case.

@Gwen: h the good of the Federation in mind." "Madam President, will you reveal where the 100 billion credits went?" "That will be revealed to the public at a later time, as I have said." "But what about the wiping of a dozen or so planets from the official Federation databanks?" "The planets wiped we either a computational error, or no longer considered habitable. If you're going to continue asking me the same questions over and ove
This morning, there was a breaking news annoucement regarding a controversial order issued by the President of the Galaxies, Sonja Mimas ((http://bit.ly/KJsaXQ)). The President defended her actions today in front of a swarm of reports. The screen shifts to a picture of the UFG Headquarters. President Mimas is standing at a podium, on a raised platform above a sea of journalists of all species. "All of my decisions were made wit
r, then I'm finished with this." The video fades away after the crowd of reports bursts into uproar. The news anchor begins talking about the 9th Phalanx, a ruthless criminal group and there most recent crimes. Around eight hours after this broadcast, the Razorwing recieves a confidential communication from AEGIS HQ. One of the Nine has surfaced on a backwater mining colony. Orders are to intercept the escaped humanoid-android
, now referred to as Nine-One.
Tox: Ran's datapad flashes with a priority level one alert. He stops what he's doing and looks down. "Oh, hell." «Pilot, plot a course for the mining colony, maximum speed.»
Pig_catapult: "S-s-something wr-wr-wrong?"
@Gwen: There is a whine and then the ship is in slipsteam, a white glow all around the vessel.
Tox: "We've just located a high priority target on a backwater mining colony. One of the Nine."
Are Ran's orders to capture or kill?
%Sequence: "Wh-" Marla swallows her pudding and stands up. "Oh no! Really? Oh jeez I have to get my things and check on the ship and the Bees and-" Marla scampers out of hte room, pudding abandoned on her plate.
@Gwen: It just reads 'intercept'.
Tom90deg: Neal heads out as well, getting his gear, and heading out to his ship.
@Kondraki: Shar looks up from his work in medical as he feels the ship going into slipstream. He awaited a shipwide announcement as he pre-emptively began to pack a medkit.
Tox: Ran makes his way to the bridge double quick. «All hands, all hands. We have located one of the Nine and are moving to intercept it. Be prepared to deploy.»
%Sequence: Marla skitters hither and tither in Engineering, packing her usual medley of tools.
Tom90deg: Neal runs a check over his ship, making sure it's all up and ready to go.
Pig_catapult: Harry checks his pockets, then gets up. "Wh-wh-where d-do we r-re-report?
@Kondraki: Heading down to the docking bay, Shar had his medkit packed and was waiting for the others to arrive. This was definitely more his kind of thing, dealing with a single high-priority target.
Tom90deg: Neal waves to Shar.
@Gwen: The ship slows out of slipstream, appearing in front of a small moon in orbit around a bright purple gas giant. The mining colony is knowing for it's production of fuel for sublight engines.
@Kondraki: Looking over to Neal, he returned the wave. "I don't think I've seen you since your innoculations."
%Sequence: Marla races into the docking bay, having abandoned Harry in the cafeteria.
Pig_catapult: Meanwhile, Epiphany drops what she's doing and goes to report to the docking bay.
Harry follows her, moving surprisingly quickly for someone so shaky.
*follows Marla
Tom90deg: "Yah, it's been a bit busy. Heh, Suppose I've been lucky."
"You've probaly seen the Bees flying about though."
@Kondraki: He gave a small grin. "I have. Quite the ingenious little devices."
Tom90deg: "Yup! Me and Marla've worked really hard on them."
Tox: Ran hails the mining colony. «This is acting Captain Ranaghan Sarnorbarra of the SSV Razorwing.»
%Sequence: Marla enters the docking bay as Neal mentions her name. "Working on what?"
@Gwen: «Unidentified vessel, this is Kithar Mining Authority, do you wish to land»
Tom90deg: "The Bees."
Tox: «That's affirmative, Kithar. Requesting permission to land.»
%Sequence: "Oh! They're coming along great have you seen them Shar they're lovely and Neal and I just finished making the first Hive for them, too!"
@Gwen: « Permission granted. Your vessel is a little large…it's going to be a tight squeeze…but swing around to Docking Bay 7»
Tom90deg: "Yup, soon you'll be seeing a whole lot more of em!"
@Kondraki: "They've made security a lot more comprehensive, that's for sure."
Tom90deg: "Oh yes, they watch everything."
Tox: «Understood, Kithar. Razorwing out.» "Pilot, take us in. Docking Bay 7, nice and slow."
«All hands, all hands, we are preparing to dock with the Kithar Mining station. Please gather yourselves in Shuttle Bay 1. This is not a drill.»
@Gwen: The man was not lying when he said it was a tight squeeze. Razorwing is clearly larger than most vessels scene here, and her bulk barely fits inside the mining station. THe ship groans as it lands.
Tom90deg: Neal looks up at the speaker, and checks his sidearm, and more importantly, his PDA and hacking software.
Pig_catapult: Epiphany has her messenger bag with her, along with her regular stuff
Tox: Ran winces. "Well, that was close. Okay, pilot, you have the bridge." Ran heads off to meet his men, as the shuttle bay doors open onto the station's landing area.
%Sequence: "Oh wait Neal did we remember to have them turn off the recording function when they enter personal rooms for maintenance?"
Pig_catapult: Epiphany and Harry both go to the shuttle bay, assuming that's not the same as the docking bay they were going to earlier
Tom90deg: "Oh they don't enter personal rooms, don't worry!"
"They have some areas they won't enter unless it's a emergency."
"I think anywho…."
@Kondraki: Shar follows along, if the assumption is somehow that the shuttle bay and docking bay are seperate entities.
@Gwen: The station is actually relatively nice for a mining unit. The sound of music can already be heard in the landing bay. One thing that's very clearly obvious is a LARGE no weapons sign in MULTIPLE languages.
%Sequence: Marla trots along and if they exit, she peers at the sign.
Tom90deg: Neal follows along after Marla.
Tox: "….Hello, deathtrap." Ran sighs, making sure his PDW and pistol are both firmly attached. "Move out." Ran leads them into the bay, stopping and looking around for possibly a greeting party from the mining authority.
@Gwen: No greeting party, rather worn customs droid at the door, though.
Pig_catapult: Harry checks his pockets again before stepping off.
%Sequence: "Oooh that's an old model you don't see those around these days!" Marla scampers up to it and examines it closely. If it had personal space, she'd be invading it.
With tanks.
Tox: "Alright. Stay together - it's going to be difficult to find our target, but I assume if it's started killing people already, we can just follow the carnage."
Ran moves to walk past the droids.
Tom90deg: Neal follows after MArla. "Hello bot."
"Wait a second Ran…"
"The droids may have seen something, can you give us a moment?"
Pig_catapult: Epiphany also trundles up to the bot to get a closer look. "Cool…"
Tox: Ran stops. "Of course."
@Kondraki: Following along, Shar had his coral blade still carefully concealed. He didn't plan on giving that up under the orders of a placard.
@Gwen: The droid looks down and tilts its head. "Welcome to Kithar Mining Station. Please be advised, that weapons will be confiscated and vaporized upon discovery. Enjoy your stay. Please stay away from green zones, as they are harmful to visitors.
Tom90deg: "Have you seen anything recently?"
%Sequence: Marla giggles at the droid.
Tom90deg: Neal raises an eyebrow and pulls out his PDA. "Lets see if we can get some more information out of him…"
4df+7 (Hacking, Robosexual)
Glacon: Tom90deg: (Hacking, Robosexual): 8 (4df+7=+, 0, +, -)
Tom90deg: "If i was him, I'd rig up these droids to send info back…Lets see how paranoid he was…"
@Gwen: That should do it. The robot looks down at Neal. 'I have seen a great MANY things, young master…what type of thing are you looking for!?" The hack seems to have activated a strange Victorian personality.
Tom90deg: Neal nods at Ran. "Answer any and all questions he asks, with complete honestly."
"Over to you Ran."
%Sequence: Marla blinks at the robot and laughs again. "This robot is /silly/."
Tom90deg: "Heh, just a bit."
Pig_catapult: Epiphany giggles.
Tox: Ran turns and faces the droid. "Have there been any reports of violent attacks, or murder, in the past forty-eight hours, that are atypically high?"
@Kondraki: "I wouldn't get too friendly with strange security systems, we don't know if our friend might be monitoring for just that sort of thing."
Tox: Ran turns to cast one eye at Kondraki. "You're all weapons-free, by the way."
@Gwen: "No. This station is proud to have a murder and torture rate of only 3%, lowest in the sector."
Tom90deg: "I should've been able to make this more one way, but still…be careful, I'm not the best there ever was."
%Sequence: "Hey hey hey can I try can I try?"
Pig_catapult: /… 3 out of every hundred people on this rock has been murdered or tortured?/
Tox: "Have there been any unauthorized life signatures coming aboard in the same time frame?"
@Gwen: "I am just one customs terminal, the centre hub will have more accurate infomration…but as far as I know, no."
%Sequence: "Eeeew, Piffy that's scaryyyyyyy!"
Tox: ~Interesting, it refers to itself in the first person.~ "Have there been any unusual activities of late? Anything that's abnormal."
Pig_catapult: Epiphany blinks. /You didn't say that when the robot said it./
Tom90deg: "If we can get to the central hub, we can get more things done…"
"But I'll bet it's going to be guarded, if at all possible."
%Sequence: "Well I was thinking it but then you /said it/."
"That's /scary/."
@Gwen: "There was crash three days ago. Two frieghters collided in space."
Pig_catapult: /If you think that's scary, think about the fact that that figure is higher everywhere else in this sector./
/Statistically speaking, this is not a good place to be./
%Sequence: Marla shivers hard. "Pifffyyyyyyyy!"
Tom90deg: "Don't worry MArla, we'll get in and out."
Pig_catapult: /Hey, Ran, are you sure no-one's gonna steal our hubcaps or something if we leave the ship here?/
%Sequence: That makes Marla laugh.
Tox: "Yeah…I don't think we'll get much more from this customs terminal. Are we ready to head to the security hub? A— that's a good point, Piffy." He turns back to the bot. "Will our vessel be secure if we leave it here, or should we have it attempt to pull out, or lock itself down?"
Pig_catapult: Harry pats Marla's shoulder again. "D-d-don't w-worry. We-we'll be f-f-fine."
%Sequence: She turns big puppy-eyes on Harry. "Are you /sure/ ?"
@Kondraki: Keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, Shar kept out of the way for now.
@Gwen: "Of course the vessel will be safe."
Tom90deg: "Robot, how far away is the Central Hub?"
Pig_catapult: "Qu-quite. W-we have a v-very c-c-combat-c-c-capable t-team here."
%Sequence: "…I don't trust that robot let's lock the ship down."
Tom90deg: "I agree Marla."
Pig_catapult: Epiphany takes a pic of the robot with her tablet, to file transfer to her uncle later.
@Gwen: "The central hub is located on the thired level, the lifts are located in the cantina."
Tom90deg: "Oh…and if anyone asks? We were never here. Understand?"
Tox: "Alright." «Pilot, lock the ship. Nobody gets on or off without my permission.>
@Gwen: The droid nods and the ship is locked down with a hiss.
Tox: "Let's move out. You are weapons free." Ran takes out his PDW, making sure it's loaded as he leads the pack.
@Kondraki: "You think we should walk around the security heavy mining base with weapons out?" He gave Ran an incredulous look.
Tom90deg: Neal follows, staying by Marla, in the non-combatant section.
%Sequence: Marla bounces as she walks after Ran and Shar, humming happily as she examines the walls, previous disgust forgotten.
@Kondraki: "We're looking for a single combatant among a civilian population, not raiding the station."
Tox: "Shar, do you think it'd be prudent to walk around an unknown station, with an unknown assailant /somewhere/ on board without them? The fact that nobody's here and we know that the androids are over-violent doesn't say much good."
@Kondraki: "I think you should put your gun in your holster until we have any idea who we're looking for."
Tox: "Alright." Ran relents, holstering his weapon as he follows the signs to the cantina.
%Sequence: Marla just bounces along.
Pig_catapult: Epiphany and Harry both follow silently. Harry's jittery as hell.
Tom90deg: Neal follows after Marla.

@Gwen: The first little while of walk is through a few boring halls. The open into a MASSIVE dome structure, clearl the main 'city' of the colony. At the centre there is what looks to be a cantina, and the source of the music
Pig_catapult: 4df+2 Harry's Perception
Glacon: Pig_catapult: Harry's Perception: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, +, -)
Tom90deg: "Oooh….impressive…."
Tox: Is there anyone around? Any sign of activity?]
Pig_catapult: ^What Tox said
@Gwen: IN the halls or the main area?
Pig_catapult: Both?
Tox: Both, but the main area primarily.
@Gwen: The hallways are empy, save for a janitor with a floor waxing droid. THe main room is the main city up, there is a LOT of activity. Looking for anything in particular
Glacon: Pig_catapult: Perception (Harry) for anyone acting suspicious.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Pig_catapult: 4df+4 Perception (Harry) for anyone acting suspicious.
Tom90deg: "Ah good…I was a bit worried for a moment, that there'd be just a horror show."
Tox: "Yeah…"
Tom90deg: 4df+4 (Perception)
Pig_catapult: ((Harry gets a +2 perception bonus if he's reading body language))
Glacon: Tom90deg: (Perception): 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Tox: 4df_7 Zealous: Based on what he knows in advance about the Nine, and what he knows about how people act in large groups, Ran looks around the room, noting anything suspicious, out of the ordinary, or just plain /weird./
Glacon: Tox: Zealous: Based on what he knows in advance about the Nine, and what he knows about how people act in large groups, Ran looks around the room, noting anything suspicious, out of the ordinary, or just plain /weird./: 6 (4df+7=-, -, +, 0)
Tox: 4df+7 Zealous: Based on what he knows in advance about the Nine, and what he knows about how people act in large groups, Ran looks around the room, noting anything suspicious, out of the ordinary, or just plain /weird./

Glacon: Sequence: Marla looks around for things to fix or hack!: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
%Sequence: 4df+3 Marla looks around for things to fix or hack!

Glacon: Pig_catapult: Epiphany looks around for anything weird or cool. This includes irrelevant but still cool stuff like mold or spiders: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
Pig_catapult: 4df+3 Epiphany looks around for anything weird or cool. This includes irrelevant but still cool stuff like mold or spiders
@Gwen: Alright. There is indeed a little bit of mold near the floor. As for suspcious activity, you see a kid steal a some guys credits and a few others roughing up a shop keeper. That's about it
Tox: Ran returns to the group. "There's nothing here, guys."
%Sequence: Marla slumps a bit. Nothing /interesting/ at all…
Tox: "Onto the security hub."
Pig_catapult: Epiphany manually bends her knees to get at that mold. They make cracking noises.
Tom90deg: "Lead onwards."
Tox: "We're waiting for Piffy," he amends, turning to face her.
Pig_catapult: Epiphany uses a scalpel to scrape some of the mold onto a petri dish.
@Kondraki: "Maybe we should start canvasing, asking people if they've seen an unfamiliar face recently…besides ours, that is."
Tox: "Good idea." Ran nods. "Split up, but stay within sight."
%Sequence: "Neal come on let's go find things!"
Pig_catapult: Once she labels it and puts it and the scalpel away, she uses the bars on the scissor lift to get herself back into a standing position. Her knees make more noises knees really shouldn't make.
Tom90deg: Neal grins. "After you!" And follows Marla.
%Sequence: Marla bounces off towards that kid!
@Kondraki: Shar would head over to the bar at the cantina itself, gesturing to whoever was serving for attention.
Tom90deg: Neal folows closeby, making sure MArla dosn't get in over her head.
@Gwen: The kid is currently making his way through the crowd quickly. And a Lurk bartender slides over to Shar. "Can I help you, sir?"
Pig_catapult: Epi and Harry both stay close to the group.
Tox: Ran heads over to the would-be thief.

@Kondraki: Giving a light smile, he nodded slightly. "That depends on how observant you are." He reached into his pocket, removing a halfer and sliding it across the bar.

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@Kondraki: Giving a light smile, he nodded slightly. "That depends on how observant you are." He reached into his pocket, removing a halfer and sliding it across the bar. "Have a good memory for faces?" (repostin)
Tom90deg: Neal follows after MArla, "Hold up, I don't think he's a good choice…maybe we could talk to some shops, see if anyone's been buying anything odd…"
%Sequence: Marla stops and frowns, looking around for anything else.
"Oh okay…"
Tom90deg: "Don't worry, I'm sure if we wait for a sec, we'll spot someone else."

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@Gwen: The Lurk looks to Shar and tils his head, reaching for the coin. "I'm uhh…pretty good with faces…whatcha need?"

@Kondraki: "Have there been any new faces aboard the station lately? Specifically someone who might be trying to blend in, stay under the radar."

@Gwen: He closes his eyes and 'hmms.' "Not really, friend…though there was this one gentleman…seemed mighty odd."

@Kondraki: He leaned in a bit at that. "Mighty odd is just what I'm in the market for." His other hand slipped back to his pocket, the silvery glint of a thou visible in it as he pulled his hand back.
%Sequence: Marla derps with Neal!
@Gwen: "Well now. He's about 6'1…seemed well built, definately augmented. He came in on a new worker run earlier this week." He crosses his arms. "He almost seemed to be reacted to everything as if it was…new to him."
Tom90deg: Neal looks for any shops, perhaps mechanics or tech shops that an andorid may want to visit.
%Sequence: She just kind of tags along with him, looking around and oohing and aaahing appropriately.
Tom90deg: 4df+4 Lookin for shops
@Kondraki: As he was given the information, he streamed it directly to Ran's PDA via his data thief. "What else?"
Glacon: Tom90deg: Lookin for shops: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Tox: Ran stops walking after the kid, glancing at his PDA. His eyes widen. <Jackpot,> he shoots back.
@Gwen: There are a loads of shops, fruit merchants, clothes, and the like.
Tom90deg: "Seen anything intresting Marla?"

%Sequence: 4df+3 "Uhhhhhhhh…."
Glacon: Sequence: "Uhhhhhhhh….": 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
@Gwen: There's a shop selling tools of various kinds. Mainly mining stuff, but it seems neat
Tom90deg: Neal sends off a message to everyone else. <anyone spotted anything?>
%Sequence: "Ooh! Tools!" Marla bounces in that direction.
Tom90deg: Neal runs off after Marla."
Tox: Ran contents himself by looking around, surveying the room.
@Gwen: There is a teenaged boy behind the counter. He glanced up. "Ma! More off-worlders!"
"He demanded a computer shop and then just vanished." The Lurk shrugs
%Sequence: "Oh who have you seen what off-worlder did you meet before huh can you tell me?"
Marla's tail is twitching with excitement!
@Gwen: The teenager seems…confused by Marla. "I…no…it was earlier this week. He came in with the f-fish…seemed odd. Wanted a strange thing too."
%Sequence: "Fish? What fish what did he want and what do you mean fish?"
Tom90deg: Neal puts a hand on Marla's sholder. "One sec."
"What did he want?"
%Sequence: Marla pouts a little.
Tom90deg: "Heh, justone sec Marla, then ask away, I promise."
@Gwen: "He was looking for an older model foreman's datapad. They used to have subnet capabilities but those units were phased out about two cycles ago."
%Sequence: "Is there anything he could do with that why would he want that and what do you mean fish?"
Tom90deg: Neal nods, "Thank you." And then nods at Marla.
Tox: Ran sidles into the tech shop with Marla and Neal. "How's it going?"
@Kondraki: "Nothing else? Anyone you know keep track of offworlders around here?"
Tom90deg: Neal nods at Ran. "Got something. Apparently some offworlder came in with a fish, and was looking for a old forman's datapad."
Tox: "An older datapad? Specifically? Why?"
@Gwen: "Nope, but there's all of 1500 people on board. Offworlds stick out." "Not /a/, the /fish/…new miners? You know?"
Tom90deg: "Don't know, we can ask him once MArla's done."
%Sequence: "Nooooo! Explain! Now!" Marla hoists herself up, leaning over the counter.
@Kondraki: Getting up from the bar, he slid the thou across. "Thanks for the help, keep the drink and the tip." Heading out of the bar, he'd send Ran the information about the computer shop, and to keep an eye out for it.
Tox: <Shar, we're at the computer shop now. Seems our mark had something specific he wanted.>
Ran sighs. "'Scuse me," to the shopkeep. "Did he say why he wanted that particular model?"
@Gwen: "Nope, just sort of demanded it and then scurried out. He paid WAY too much for it."
Tox: Ran considers. "Obviously he needed that /specific/ pad. And was willing to get it at any cost."
@Gwen: "Are my ma and me in trouble for this or something, mister?"
%Sequence: "No but tell me more about the fish! Was it salmon?"
Tox: "What was special about it?" He looks at the kid, smiling. "Oh, no, not at all. Don't worry about that."
@Gwen: The boy looks to Marla. "Fish is an expression…not a really fish." He looks back up to Ran. "The only thing special about it was it's subnet capabilities."
@Kondraki: Looking for a directory on the local 'net, Shar would head off to the security office of the facility.
%Sequence: "Well then what was the fish!?"
Tox: "It could access the subnet?" Ran blinks. "The newer ones can't?"
@Gwen: "It wasn't a t
"It wasn't fish! FIsh means new miners!" He looks to Ran and nods.
Tom90deg: Neal grins at this.
Tox: Ran sends out a message to Shar. <Can you access the subnet from your datathief?>
@Kondraki: <Of course, why do you ask?>
Tox: <Our mark bought a very specific datapad - he demanded one that could access the subnet. If he's using it, we can track him and figure out where he is, what he's saying, and maybe even jam him.>
@Kondraki: <I'm not much of a hacker, but I'll see what I can pick up. If he's new to the station, he'll have a relatively new IP address.> This was something he could better access at the security office though, which he had just arrived at.
Tox: "Neal." Ran looks up from his datapad. "Can you access the subnet from your pad?"
%Sequence: "Oh okay." Marla settles back down, looking a little bummed.
Tom90deg: "Sure."
Tox: "How long ago was this again, ma'am?"
Directed towards the shopkeep.
@Gwen: Shopkeeper is a sir
Tox: Oh I thought there was a mother there as well
Substitute sir, then.
@Gwen: "Earlier this week. Day or two ago."

Glacon: Tom90deg: Neal tries to access the subnet on his pad.: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
Tom90deg: 4df+4 Neal tries to access the subnet on his pad.
@Gwen: Neal has subnet access.
Tox: "Thank you. Neal, any activity from new subnet accounts, starting a day or two ago."
Tom90deg: "Can do…"
Neal does so!
%Sequence: Marla peers over his shoulder!
@Gwen: There is indeed a single new subnet account…but it's strange. Marla, perception
Tom90deg: NEal moves his pad so that MArla can see it.
Glacon: Sequence: tagging Hey, What's That: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
%Sequence: 4df+6 tagging Hey, What's That
Marla gasps. "Ran! Ranranranranranran! Ran! It's like that code on that pad we found on that ship! The virus!"
Tom90deg: "What?"
Tox: Ran is about to turn away, then — "That makes sense. If the Nine are infected with the virus, then it would stand to reason that the virus is here, where the Nine is. Can you track where the access is coming from?"
Tom90deg: "I can try.
%Sequence: "Um Neal go for it!"
@Gwen: Neal is probably going to need the security terminal for that sort of thing.
%Sequence: "It's like- part of the OS for the pad is running with that virus it is the virus!"
Tom90deg: "But I don't think I can do it from here. We should go to the Central termainl."
%Sequence: "Well the OS has some of the code it's like part of it is virus-y!"
Tox: "What, Marla?"
Tom90deg: "Marla, you mean the virus has intrigrated itself with the OS?"
%Sequence: She takes a deep breath and exclaims her next words in a hushed voice. "Whoever designed the virus designed the OS!"
Tom90deg: "Oooh dear. That's bad, isn't it?"
Tox: "The OS….of the pad…?"
%Sequence: "Yes!"
Tox: That doesn't make any sense. Not…on its face, at least. Ran is incredibly confused.
Tom90deg: "What? My pad has a virus OS on it?"
Tox: "That's not possible…is it?"
%Sequence: "Not you silly the pad that you're looking at!"
Tom90deg: 4df+5 Hacking to understnad what Marla is talking about
Glacon: Tom90deg: Hacking to understnad what Marla is talking about: 7 (4df+5=+, -, +, +)
Tox: Well….unless…
Ran considers.
@Gwen: Marla is trying to communicate that the pad the Nine is using has an OS with similarities to the virus that broke the Nine free.
Tom90deg: Neal explains this to Ran.
Tox: "Yes, but that's not possible. Unless it's not that the OS and the virus are convergent, but more that the virus /rewrote/ the OS on the pad." Ran's basically throwing ideas at a wall.
Tom90deg: "Or this is a long con."
"The virus and the OS were both written together and they've been planning this for a long time."
Tox: Ran shakes his head. "Doubtful. I know the virus's author, and this wasn't something they'd been planning for years and years."
Tom90deg: "Not sure then."
Janus_: speaks up from behind them. "Or the virus is changing. Adapting itself to different tech."
Tox: "Anyway…we should get to Central Security. We'll know more later." He steps outside the shop and pings Janus' PDA.
Tom90deg: "Could be."
Janus_: is dressed shockingly casually. Jeans, T-shirt, and a jacket. His hair is under a baseball cap. He pulls out and silences his PDA.
Tox: Ran whirls around. "Are you psychic or something? Christ."
Tom90deg: "Hey Janus."
Tox: "And that's my theory, Janus. The virus subverted the OS."
@Kondraki: Shar sends another message to Ran as he leaves the security office. <Sending a picture of Nine-One. Where are you guys at the moment?> The picture would load immediately, showing a short haired blonde male human, nondescript but hardly plain. In fact, he looked like an ideal specimen of humanity.
Janus_: "Nah. Observative. And sneaky. I'm just going off what I know."
Tom90deg: "In any case, we should get to the secrity office, I want to try to get more access."
Tox: <Still at the tech shop. Just about to call Janus when he showed up. We're all headed your way.>
Janus_: investigates the picture. "Huh. We killing it?"
Tox: Ran leaves the shop. "Our orders are just to 'intercept.' I guess we're free to decide what that means."
Janus_: "Intercept it with bullets."
Tom90deg: Neal follows Ran with Marla in tow.
Tox: "We're headed to the Security depot to track it down."
Janus_: follows, stooping to pick up what looks like a baseball bag as he goes.
Tox: "What's that?" he asks.
Janus_: "A baseball bag."
Tox: "Obviously. What's /inside/ it?"
Tom90deg: Neal heads on down the halls towards security.
Janus_: "Baseball stuff."
@Kondraki: Waiting outside the security depot, Shar leaned on the wall waiting for the others as he pieced through the clues.
Janus_: follows behind Neal.
Tom90deg: "Hey Shar, how's it going?"
Janus_: nods as well. "Shar."
@Kondraki: "Better than expected. We've got a clear face and several witnesses…he hasn't been as subtle as I would have predicted."
Tox: "Good. We got a location on it yet?"
Tom90deg: "Right, SEcurity console through there? Imma get some work done."
@Kondraki: Stepping away from the wall, he opened the door to the depot. "Ask the guys inside, I've already asked them to work on it. 'Matter of grave concern' and all, just flash your AEGIS credentials."
Janus_: frowns. "Hold on…. He's been seen out and about easily? Not really hiding?"
Tom90deg: "Gotya. Marla, shall we have some fun with computers?"
@Kondraki: He nodded, looking to Janus. "He's making too many mistakes for him to be simply running away."
Tox: "Well, if he's not running…and not hiding…."
Janus_: "Right. He's up to something. Might be playing us."
@Kondraki: "…he has some kind of motive, yeah."
Tox: "Could be," Ran nods. "Or, he could be legit. We won't know until we find him."
Janus_: frowns. "How well do you know this things capabilities or Intel?"
Tox: "Unfortunately, not anywhere near what I'd like to. S'why I said we won't know. Obviously we won't approach him being all sunshine and bunnies."

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Tom90deg: Neal heads into the security room, and begins to work. Time to track this guy down.
Janus_: "Or, you could assume they're very high, on both accounts. Assume the worst. He probably knows someone is looking for him and he's trying to get us to show ourselves."
%Sequence: Marla scampers along with Neal!
Tom90deg: "Ok Marla, lets get some work done!"
%Sequence: "Alright Neal!" Marla is so happy.
Glacon: Tom90deg: (Robosexual) Neal begins to hack, typing sweet nothings to the computer.: 8 (4df+7=+, 0, +, -)
Tom90deg: 4df+7 (Robosexual) Neal begins to hack, typing sweet nothings to the computer.
Tox: "Obviously, Janus. Like I said."
Glacon: Sequence: wheeeee: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
%Sequence: 4df+4 wheeeee
Marla examines the computer!
@Gwen: Alright, between the two of you, you discover that the datapad signal is coming from an exhaust tunnel in the lower levels of the spacestation.
Janus_: "Find the location, then give me and Shar a bit of time to check the area and set ourselves up there."
Tom90deg: "Oh Raaaaan! JAaaaanus! Guess who weeee found!"
%Sequence: "It's fun fun fun~!"
Tox: "You found him?" Ran leans over excitedly.
@Kondraki: "I agree, it's likely he knows we're looking for him at this point."
Tom90deg: "Of course!"
"He's not even bothring to mask his location. Noob."
%Sequence: "We did indeedy!"
Tox: "Alright. You two, get down there. Don't show yourselves, but just recon the area. Do what you do best, and get back to me."
Tom90deg: "I'll try to get some cameras online around that area."
Tox: "Every bit helps."
Janus_: "Know where we're going, Shar?"
@Kondraki: Nodding, Shar used his datathief to bring up a floor plan of the space station. "I do now."
Tom90deg: Neal works to see if there's any camera access or anything leading up to or in the area.
@Kondraki: "I can take the ventilation system down, and there's an emergency stairway from the maintenance sector on this floor that goes straight down."
Janus_: "I'll make myself a bit of a target. Get him watching me."
Tox: "Alright. Should I stack up there in case he tries to run?"
Janus_: frowns as he dips out of the room. "This is too easy. He's setting something up."
%Sequence: Marla helps Neal out!
Janus_: ."
Janus_: stops and turns. "Fuck no. Stay here
Tom90deg: 4df+5 trying to get some cameras workin
Glacon: Tom90deg: trying to get some cameras workin: 5 (4df+5=+, -, +, -)
@Kondraki: Shar was thinking just that as he left the room, entering one of the adjoining storefronts on the floor as he slipped into his cloaking, making his way to one of the ventilation ducts with little regard for the store's owners as he passed them.
Glacon: Kondraki: Stealth: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
@Kondraki: 4df+5 Stealth
Glacon: Kondraki: Stealth AP reroll: 7 (4df+5=+, +, +, -)
@Kondraki: 4df+5 Stealth AP reroll
@Gwen: Shar is like ninja.
Janus_: kneels over the bag, pulls a pistol out, holsters it, and sticks it in his rear waistband. He stands, shouldering the bag, and walks through the station, looking around for the target.
@Gwen: The vents are disgustingly warm, and utterly massive. You could probably hide just about anything in the vents.
@Kondraki: Slipping into the ventilation system, he began to make his way down to the exaust tunnels, an easy task given the airflow routes marked on the floorplans. The heat was bothering him though.
Janus_: 4df+6 Perception(Mercenary)
Glacon: Janus_: Perception(Mercenary): 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
Janus_: Perception(Mercenary) AP reroll: 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
Janus_: 4df+6 Perception(Mercenary) AP reroll
Glacon: Janus_: Perception(Mercenary) Gwen reroll: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
Janus_: 4df+6 Perception(Mercenary) Gwen reroll
@Gwen: Janus discovers a clear section of vent. While the Nine isn't there, there is evidence of foot travel in the condensation (sp?) build up on the walls and floor.
@Kondraki: Arriving at the exaust tunnels, Shar kept his cloak up as he began to search the area.
Janus_: frowns and keeps going a few dozen feet, before ducking into another shop. He starts poking around, then Comms Shar. "See the vent opening?%
Glacon: Kondraki: Perception: 0 (4df+2=-, -, -, +)
@Kondraki: 4df+2 Perception
Tom90deg: 4df+5 Neal tries to keep an eye on the signal from the PDA
Glacon: Tom90deg: Neal tries to keep an eye on the signal from the PDA: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
@Kondraki: Distracted by the heat, and his active camoflague, Shar gives up on trying to make a visual at the moment. <Which one?>
Janus_: "Down the street from, uh, Baxter's Bath and Beauty shop."
Janus_: looks around the shop, filled with candles, bath salts, lotions, and towels.
@Gwen: Shar can see the section of vent that Janus is talking about.

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%Sequence: Marla tries to help!
@Kondraki: <I can see that vent, yes>
Royce: "Someones been using it. Might be hobos, might be the target. I'm going to check them myself. Can you circle around and head back toward me in it?"
@Kondraki: <Understood.> Heading up and over to the vent, he'd leap up to pull himself into it with an agile leap, before beginning to slowly make his way towards Janus's location.

@Gwen: The half point between Shar and Janus is a fork in the road. The fork that Shar is NOT on, is a long, dark tunnel that appears to be pulling the warm air down.
Janus_: nods to Shar as he kneels and pulls his gear out, pulling on slings and holsters. "Hot or cold? Thoughts?"
@Kondraki: "Process of elimination." Shar refocused on his cloak as he began to head down the long dark tunnel.
Janus_: shrugs and heads that way as well. He checks the load on his assault rifle, then brings it to his shoulder, scanning for targets."
@Gwen: At the very end of the tunnel there is a glow, like the glow of a datapad and the noises of breathing and mumbling.
Janus_: stops and takes aim down the tunnel.
@Kondraki: Shar stops as well. His data thief relays a message to Janus. <How do you want to handle this?>
%Sequence: Marla frowns. "What are you doing Neal?"
Tom90deg: "Keeping an eye on the PDA, seeing what he's trying to access and everything..making sure he's not moving."
%Sequence: "Hmmm…" She frowns again, stroking her chin in a way that would be very thoughtful if she had a beard and wasn't Marla.
Janus_: holds a hand up, then fires off a series of signals.
@Gwen: Neal give me a hacking roll please.
@Kondraki: Giving a slight nod, Shar began to carefully advance forward.
Glacon: Kondraki: Stealth, Chameleon: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, -, +)
@Kondraki: 4df+8 Stealth, Chameleon
Tom90deg: 4df+5 Hackin!
Glacon: Tom90deg: Hackin!: 5 (4df+5=-, +, -, +)
Janus_: waits five seconds, then moves up as well.
@Gwen: There is only one thing that datapad is doing. It's currently got a hold on the release valves of all six fuel storage containers. The Nine currently appears unaware of both peoples' presence.
Janus_: signals again.
Tom90deg: Neal sends a message to Janus <Hold on. Problem.>
Janus_: clenches a fist.
@Kondraki: Shar stops dead still.
Tom90deg: <He's got access to all six fuel storage containers>
Janus_: has no idea what's up with the fuel containers. He adjusts his aim.
@Kondraki: The datathief goes to work again. <What's the hold up.>
%Sequence: "Oh snap!"
Tom90deg: <Wait, I'll try to take controll of them.>
4df+7 (Robosexual!) Trying to take away his controll of the fuel storage containers.
Glacon: Tom90deg: (Robosexual!) Trying to take away his controll of the fuel storage containers.: 5 (4df+7=0, -, -, 0)
%Sequence: "I'll help!"
Glacon: Sequence: Marla's helping, mama!: 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
%Sequence: 4df+4 Marla's helping, mama!
@Gwen: No such luck. Whatever the hell it's doing, it's doing well
Janus_: is not putting his weapon down, or talking, he looks to Shar and mouths 'Call it'.
Tom90deg: <Can't get control. I'll keep trying, but be careful>
Glacon: Tom90deg: Hacking again! Come oooon….: 3 (5df+5=0, -, -, -, +)
Tom90deg: 5df+5 Hacking again! Come oooon….
@Kondraki: Without a moment of hesitation, Shar makes his move, quickly and quietly advancing on the figure and attempts to disable him.
Glacon: Kondraki: Chameleon, Last AP Point, Sneak attack!: 9 (4df+8=+, 0, +, -)
Sequence: heeeeeelpiiiing: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
@Kondraki: 4df+8 Chameleon, Last AP Point, Sneak attack!
%Sequence: 4df+4 heeeeeelpiiiing
Janus_: takes aim for the target, then slowly starts moving forward.
@Gwen: Kondraki, how is sneaking the Nine? Knife?
@Kondraki: Strictly hand to hand at the moment.
Moving quickly and decisively, Shar attempts to disable the man's arms and slam his head into the wall of the vent.
@Gwen: The Nine is most definately caught off guard, his hand smashing into the vent with a sickening crack. He struggles, attempting to shifted for the datapad, the one source of light in the tunnel.
Glacon: Janus_: Ranged Vs. Hand of the Nine: 9 (4df+8=-, +, +, 0)
Janus_: 4df+8 Ranged Vs. Hand of the Nine
@Kondraki: <Take the shot.> The data thief automatically messaged Janus.
@Gwen: Where there was weird, biocybernetic hand, there is now a cloud of artificial blood.
Janus_: slowly treads forward. "Hey! Surrender."
Tox: Ran derp de derps.
@Kondraki: With the android distracted, Shar's hand slipped his knife from his waist, as he brought it to Nine-One's neck. "Don't try anything you'd regret."
Janus_: "Like not surrendering."
@Gwen: The android doesn't move, only watches the datapad.
Janus_: frowns as he walks forward, then kneels, and picks up the datapad.
@Kondraki: "Tell the others we've got him, we'll need to safely extract him to the ship." He intentionally keeps from any names or locations, in case he was linked in to his compatriots.
Janus_: nods as he brings a hand to his ear. "Target secured, recommend immediate exfil to another site."
@Gwen: Janus immediately notices the seal of the United Federation of Galaxies on the screen, and something called Hope Division, the super-secret section of the UFG that was just given over 100 billion credits.
Tox: "Copy target secure. En route."
Janus_: "Are there any local UFG events?"
@Kondraki: Shar just keeps his hold on Nine-One. He looked to Janus. "Do you have anything we can bind him with?"
Janus_: shakes his head. "No
looks at the man. "Shift him over a little."
Tox: Ran heads down to the vents, using the access stairway.
Tom90deg: «We got him?»
%Sequence: «Did we huh did we?»
Tox: «Yep. We're moving him now.»
Tom90deg: «Right. Back to the ship then?»
@Kondraki: Shifting the prisoner, he looked to Janus, still keeping his knife trained on his neck.
Janus_: leans in to the prisoner and holds the datapad up. "What is this?"

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Tox: Ran arrives onto the vent, coming up behind Janus and Kon.
Tom90deg: Neal begins to move back to the docking bay where the ship was
%Sequence: Marla bounces as she waits.
Then she follows Neal!
Janus_: leans in to the prisoner and holds the datapad up. "What is this?"
Tom90deg: Neal turns to Marla. "I think we did good!"
@Gwen: "It's a datapad. I would be careful, it is currently running a program.
%Sequence: "I think we did good too that was some sweet hacking even if we couldn't get the containers!"
Tox: "What kind of a program?"

Janus_: looks at the hand. "Do you feel pain?"
Tom90deg: "Yup! We tracked em down no problem!
%Sequence: Marla bobs up and down. "Do you think we'll get a chance at that pad?"
@Gwen: "Pain is imperfection."
Tom90deg: "Oh I'd bet so. Ther's no reasn not to let us take a crack at it!"
Janus_: "And apparently cryptic is your perfect language."
Janus_: shoots the android in the foot. "Dick."
@Kondraki: Shar looks up at Janus. "Be careful where you're shooting."
Janus_: winks. "You'll be fine. Now he can't run so good. Lets get back to the ship."
%Sequence: "Oooh and what about the android can we mess with it?"
Tox: "Yeah…I'd like to know what's going on with this one."
Tom90deg: "Ohhh, I hope so! I'll bet we can get all kinds of ideas with that…."
@Gwen: Does Janus still have the datapad?
Janus_: Yes. He'll pass it off to one of the techies, with instructions to tell him about the info first
Tom90deg: «You guys still got the Datapad and te Android?»
@Kondraki: Shar looked to Ran. "Can I hand this one off to you?"
Tom90deg: «Guys? Everything ok?»
Tox: Ran nods. "Yeah, no problem."

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@Kondraki: Carefully, he'd hand the prisoner over to Ran. "Nice and easy…"
@Gwen: The Nine doesn't struggle. Something does happen on the datapad, however.
Tox: Ran takes the prisoner easy.
%Sequence: «Can we have the datapad at least?»
Tom90deg: «Yah, we need to make sure that's not set up to do bad things.»
@Gwen: Back at the ship, the datapad is still…doing something!
Janus_: checks the pad
Tom90deg: Neal looks over at the pad as well. "Janus, you mind?"
@Gwen: There is a small window open over the UFG seal that reads: Remote Access Granted.
Tox: "Remote access? To what?"
Ran peers at it.
Janus_: Janus is not showing it to Ran
Tom90deg: "Janus? That is my specality."
Tox: Ran's still looking.
@Gwen: Klaxons blare across the space station. "Fuel Release active, Fuel Release active."
Tom90deg: "Fuck! Janus! Give it fucking NOW!"
Tox: "Oh, that's not a /good/ sound."
@Gwen: "Tank One, venting." Pause. "Tank Two, venting."
Janus_: looks it over, keeping it out of sight from the others. "One second, fuckers."
frowns, tapping on the Remote Access tab.
Tom90deg: "You Fucking moron, what do yo think that sound is!"
Tox: Ran orders the bridge to make ready to depart!
@Gwen: "Tank Three, venting." Pause. "Tank Four, venting."
Janus_: shrugs, looking at it, then tosses it over.
Glacon: Tom90deg: (Robosexual, last AP) Trying to stop it!: 6 (5df+7=+, 0, -, 0, -)
Tom90deg: 5df+7 (Robosexual, last AP) Trying to stop it!
Janus_: "What's venting now?"
Tom90deg: Neal dosn't talk, he's busy working very very quickly on the pad.
Tox: "The fuel tanks, Janus."
Janus_: nods. "Huh."
@Gwen: Alas, the venting command is not stoppable. Millions upon millions of fuel particles are flowing into space. "Tank Five, venting." Pause. "Tank Six, venting." If Neal had more time, he might have been able to stop it. Everyone perception
Tom90deg: 4df+4
Glacon: Tom90deg: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
@Kondraki: 4df+2
Glacon: Kondraki: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, +, -)
Tox: Zealous! Let's see what there is to see!: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
Tox: 4df+7 Zealous! Let's see what there is to see!
Glacon: Janus_: The Mercenary: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
Janus_: 4df+6 The Mercenary
Glacon: Sequence: oh fuck: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
%Sequence: 4df+3 oh fuck
@Gwen: Kithar…Kithar…isn't that the fuel conglomerate that supplies ALL OF AEGIS with fuel particles. "Venting complete/
Tox: "…..Oh my /god./ Janus, you /imbecile."
%Sequence: "Jaaanuuuuuuuus!" Marla wails.
Tom90deg: Neal lets out a long breath, and looks at the datapad. "Janus. You have some hacking skills? ANy tech? Engeniering? Anything thatwould make this Datapade more than a blunt FUCKING weapon!"
%Sequence: "Here Neal maybe we can fix this come on we have to try!":

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Tom90deg: "It'a all vented…I have no idea how to fix this."
@Kondraki: "We need to get out of here."
%Sequence: Marla moans. "All those people…"
Janus_: shrugs, looking at the PDA. "Can the Razorwing hold the station?"
Tox: "What do you mean 'hold'? You just disposed of all of AEGIS' fuel supplies…"
Tom90deg: "WE need to send out a distress call."
"These people are going to need help"
@Kondraki: "Yes, but let's get out of here before we're caught in the blast."
Janus_: "Wow, really? I did that? Must've been my latent psychic abilities acting up."
Tom90deg: "No you moron. You did it because you refused to LISTEN! I TOLD you he had something with the fuel dumps!"
%Sequence: "Janus just shut up we could have fixed it!" Marla frowns at him.
Tom90deg: "ANd you just insited on keeping the shiny Datapad to yourself! I could've stopped it!"
%Sequence: *redact all dem peeps
Janus_: nods, ignoring him. "Riiight. Yeah. Well. Can I have that back now?"
%Sequence: "No!"
Tox: "You are an /idiot,/" Ran snaps. "And at least now we know what the Nine are after…" He sighs. "I have to go tell Lord General Victus what the /hell/ just happened. You're going to take the prisoner to the brig." Ran hands Janus the prisoner.
%Sequence: Marla stamps her foot.
Tom90deg: "No. You can't use it to club someone over the head, so it's completly useless to you."
"Marla, come on. Lets go to engeniering, maybe we can get something off of this…"
@Kondraki: "Could we stop arguing long enough to get out of here? I really don't feel like dying today."
Janus_: frowns. "Let me rephrase that. Give the datapad back."
%Sequence: "Why do you want it? We're the ones that can fix it and get information from it!"
Tom90deg: "Ah. Right. No. You have a problem, bring it up with the people in charge. We are going o try to get something good out of this mess that you caused."
Tox: "Janus, why do you think they should give the datapad to you, exactly? So you can somehow mess up worse?"
@Kondraki: Shar puts in a message to the bridge, having a solid desire not to die to incompetance. <Get us out of here, Ran's orders.>
Janus_: shrugs. "Does it matter?"
@Gwen: Ensign Thorne responds: <Bridge prep'd and ready sir, the ship is off of lock down.>
Tox: <Ensign Thorne, take us out.>
%Sequence: "Yes it does!" Marla grabs Neal's arm and tries to drag him away from Janus.
Tom90deg: Neal lets himself be lead away, out of the docking bay.
@Gwen: After a very slow trip through the fuel cloud, running only on inertial thrusters, the ship takes off into slipstream again.
@Kondraki: Shar heads back to medical, sighing. What a pointless waste, catching the man and letting him commit the crime anyway.

%Sequence: Marla glares at Janus before towing Neal to Engineering.
Tom90deg: Neal is just shaking his head. "Ok…Marla, we gotta focus. Get this thing done and settled. One problem at a time."

Tox: Ran makes his way to the bridge and hails Victus.
Tom90deg: Neal arrives at engineering with Marla, giving one of the Bees a pat on the head as it hovers, analizeing random things.
%Sequence: Marla stomps around Engineering for a bit, picking up tools and setting them down. "It was so /wasteful!/ "
@Gwen: "Captain Sarnorbarra," Victus says in his usual cocky tone, as an image of the regal man appears on screen.
Tom90deg: "I know…One thing at a time alright?
Janus_: tosses the android into a cell, gives a few sharp orders to the ensigns manning the room, then heads out.
%Sequence: "And why did the robot just do that I mean he could have exploded them but he just wasted so much fuel that could have run our ship for /years/, or other ships for, for like /decades/."
Tox: Ran salutes. "Sir. Nine-One has been captured…however, Kithar Station has lost its fuel supplies due to…incompetence."
"Depriving Kithar of its fuel seemed to be Nine-One's original goal."
@Gwen: Victus sets his jaw and clenches his fist. "All of it's fuel supplies?"
Tox: "Yes, sir."

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@Gwen: He remains silent, before the clenched fist is cocked back and he punches something in front of him, sparks flying in every direction. "What else do you know?" He looks off camera. "You, ensign, fetch me an open channel to the other Primarchs."
Tox: Ran stiffens and salutes. "Sir! The virus that liberated the Nine seems to have adaptive properties. It's capable of controlling, integrating with and possibly subverting other operating systems!"
Janus_: whistles idly as he walks into the bridge. "Also, we have the crazy robot. You want him?"
Glacon: Tom90deg: Manuver, electonics: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
Tom90deg: 4df+3 Manuver, electonics
Glacon: Tom90deg: MAuver, HAcking the Datapad!: 6 (4df+7=-, 0, 0, 0)
Tom90deg: 4df+7 MAuver, HAcking the Datapad!
@Gwen: Victus turns to look at Janus. "Rogo. I will deal with that later." He looks to Ran. "Anything else?" He hand snaps up to his ear and he mumbles a few things. "Grand Primarchs Rourke and Valkyr both agree…this attack on our…company…is unacceptable."
%Sequence: Marla watches Neal hack, pouting a little.
@Gwen: Marla comes to a startling conclusion while watching the hacking. The bits of code that looked like Jenny's virus…are Jenny's virus…and all the other code, have similarities to Jenny's code.
%Sequence: "It's that Jenny lady. She did it." Marla sounds sullen.
Tom90deg: "Who's Jenny?"
Tox: "No, sir. We don't know anything more at this time."
@Gwen: The Lord General checks a PDA pad and the looks back at Janus, his eyes narrowing angrily. He looks back to Ran. "The Grand Primarchs are counting on you, Sarnorbarra…failure is NOT an option."
Tox: "Sir, yes sir!"
Janus_: winks at Victus' glare, then looks to Ran.
@Gwen: With a wave of his hand the video is gone. Ensign THorne looks back at Ran. "He's cut the transmission…sir," she sounds as if she knows how silly she sounds say it.
%Sequence: "One who wrote the virus that made the Nine all mad and crazy."
Tox: Ran nods. "Very well." He turns and faces Janus. "Yes?"
Tom90deg: "Oh boy….Well, does that help us in any way? Can we make…I don't know an anti-virus?"
Janus_: turns and heads for his room. "Better luck next time, right?"
Tox: "You're the dumbass who lost the fuel!"

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Royce: calls over his shoulder. "Oh nooo."

%Sequence: "I dunno. It's super complex and it changes and stuff."
Janus_: heads for his room, messaging Norra as he goes. "My room tonight?"
Tom90deg: "Hmm…well, if someone made it, someone can unmake it."
%Sequence: {Sure.}

Tom90deg: "If i can localize it, I may be able to do something…."
"Maybe…don't know, practice against it, run tests on anti-viruses…"
"We've got a sample, in theory."
"Now we just need to culture it and then figure out how to innoculate."
%Sequence: "Huh… maybe." Marla seems to perk up a bit.
Tom90deg: "Nothing impossible Marla! We can figure this out, and we'll beat it!"

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