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First encountered 12/14/11 at, made it's apperance known by attacking from stealth and instantly killing a member of security.

Tonberries are quite small, usually no taller than three feet. They typically have green skin, round heads with small snouts and yellow eyes. They wear dark brown cloaks with hoods and usually carry two things with them: an old-fashioned lantern and a small butcher knife. Tonberries are usually found within caves and attack alone.

In battle, Tonberries slowly walk towards the player's party, and when close unleash a single melee stab that inflicts enough damage that it will often instantly kill or seriously wound it's target. Tonberries are extremely territorial and will almost never leave the caverns in which they dwell, and will slowly but surely follow their targets until they have left it.

"Sneaky beings that slowly creep through the darkness carrying knives and lanterns. Their incessant, innocent stare stabs through opponents, pushing them over the brink of despair." - Bartz Klauser

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