Eye Effects

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All Races

Augmented Eye Colors

Color, Dark (Color), Metalic (Color), Circle of (Color)

  • Color Change: A common augmentation, a quick splice and the iris color is changed.
  • Dark Color: An unusual request which darkens the color of the sclera to a black color.
  • Metallic Color: Usually a sign of a mechanical eye, can be either a mechanical looking iris or something obvious like a silver sclera.
  • Circle of Color: Cataract correction

Abnormal Condition Eye Colors

White, Frosted

  • White: Blind (Usually due to no retina function or atrophy)
  • Frosted: Cataracts
  • Sclera - It's the white of your the eye.
  • Iris - Color of the eye.


Natural Eye Colors


  • Mid-range Blue: Normal
  • Lighter Blue: Somewhat sadder than normal
  • Dark Blue: Somewhat happier than normal

Green, Red, Pink

  • Green: Ecstatically happy
  • Red: Furious, Rage, can also indicate extreme emotion like deep love
  • Pink: Aroused

Abnormal Colors

Grey, Black, Gold, Purple

  • Grey: Generally appears with some mental shock, depression. Darker the shade, the deeper the depression
  • Black: Insanity. Mostly seen in Lurks who have been in contact with Wretched for a period of time.
  • Gold: Incredibly rare. Marked often with confusion leading to insanity.
  • Purple: ???
  • Lurks eye colour is always changing. They also will tinge with an overlaying colour if another strong emotion is coming forth. For example, if a Lurk is slightly angry but not rage-fueled, their eyes will tint with red instead of going full red.


Natural Eye Colors

Blue, Green, Purple, Gold

  • Blue - The most common
  • Green - Also common, usually a student of some kind
  • Purple - Not as common as others, usually one who works extensively with creation
  • Gold - Usually indicative of a high-authority Chir'Tul

Abnormal Condition Eye Colors

Red, Prismatic, Pink

  • Red - Usually indicative of a Chir'Tul fighting, or expressing rage
  • Pink - A Chir'Tul who is able to express a wide range of emotion
  • Prismatic - A Chir'Tul with an immeasurable power, often thought that you will never see this color unless viewing a picture of a Chir'Tul deity (Deus Ex Machina)



Natural Visor Colors

Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Black, Yellow, Pink

  • Blue - Standard visor, upgradable on the Tavi homeworld or homeships when of age and receiving a job.
  • Green - Economical/Societal
  • Purple - Research and Sciences
  • Red - Warrior
  • Black - Engineering
  • Yellow - Medicine
  • Pink - Archivist (Historian, Librarian, Journalist, etc.)

Abnormal Condition Visor Colors

Clear, Gold, Prismatic

  • Clear - Diplomat
  • Prismatic - Magi
  • Gold - Royalty/Council
  • As Tavi all have neon green eyes, their visors on their helmets/full-body suits represent their job or their 'class' within the species.
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