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Re: Sandbox by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 26 Mar 2012 00:10

Player: Pig_catapult

Name: Averna

Species: AI

Concept: Blood Knight transhuman malware


  • It's Hot Tonight: Averna can project a hologram around herself. See below for physical description. She uses an older projection method that was phased out from most things fifty years ago for more energy-efficient ones. As it is, her projection takes a lot of energy and produces a lot of heat, which can result in scorched surfaces or particularly inflammable objects combusting near her. She would upgrade, but she likes the bonus of being able to burn people without a droid.
  • Dragula: Averna acts a lot like a virus; she can infect machines with a back-door that lets her manipulate them. However, she needs to be linked to it either wirelessly or via an adapter cable, which requires her to be relatively close to whatever she's controlling.
  • Pieces of You: Violence is what Averna's good at, and, over the decades, she's developed a hobby of collecting and mummifying fingers. While she can tell friend from foe, she has poor impulse control, and gets agitated if she goes too long without indulging in her bloodlust.


  • Melee Weapons: 4
  • Ranged Weapons: 2
  • Physical Defense: 2
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 4
  • Endurance: 2
  • Engineering (Electronics): 3
  • Hacking: 5
  • Persuasion (Intimidation):3**
  • Piloting: 3
  • Sense Motive: 1
  • Stealth: 3
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 0
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


  • Weapon | Attack Type | Bonus (if any)


Personal History (under construction)

Averna was born a human in 2736 to lower-middle-class parents on an asteroid colony. When she was eight years old, they were in a car crash, in which she lost her left eye and took some damage to her frontal lobe. Repairing the damage would have taken what at the time was a very expensive cybernetic prosthesis, so she made do with an eyepatch. The scar from the injury, however, left a very large scar from her left temple to the bridge of her nose, and, kids being cruel, she was teased by her classmates, who called it ugly.

At least, they did at first. Then she beat them up and made them apologise and say that it was a very pretty scar. This was probably the event that truly kicked off what would ultimately be a short life in which she'd accrue many beloved scars from many street fights. By the time she was 16, she was already in with the mob as a junior enforcer, and she found from doing some jobs paired with hackers for data retrieval that she actually had quite the knack for that, too. So, when she got shot in the chest during a drug deal gone bad ten years later, one of the techs she worked with uploaded her brain.

She kept working for the mob as a standard transhuman AI for about eight years before the computer she was on got infected with a virus. Then something strange happened:

Averna gutted the thing and incorporated the useful parts of its code into herself.

From there, Averna was able to start "collecting" more viral code snippets, giving her even greater ability to hack and coordinate enemy droids. With a little help from some of her meatspace tech colleagues, she eventually upgraded her hardware from an SSD chip to the first of many hovering droidballs.

  • Wasn't until 2813 that she got her own hologram projector, and, by then, she'd forgotten what she'd really looked like when she was alive. The only thing she remembered with perfect clarity were her scars. They were the one thing she'd always loved about her appearance, and the one thing she'd never forget.


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Re: Sandbox by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 26 Mar 2012 00:07
Pig_catapultPig_catapult 13 Mar 2012 05:40
in discussion Razorwing Forum / Out of Character » Sandbox


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Sandbox by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 13 Mar 2012 05:40

I'd already read the new system. Most of my stuff was basically things that are unclear in the written version of the rules. You may know what you want to have happen, but it's not clearly listed. Players and GMs need to be operating from the same assumptions about how things work.

Nonlethal/lethal stacking would let someone who has blown limbs off their opponent and torn holes in him basically push him over. Without that, someone can be on their last legs then stay up despite repeated blows to the head.

How many successes needed on the Stamina roll to stop bleeding? And defense is not mentioned in the rules, just health and initiative.

Specializations are vague, is all I was saying. You don't really have any examples of what is and what isn't an appropriate specialization. And you also don't mention if you can take multiple specializations for one skill(Say Computers:Apple and Computers:Tablet), or how they'll stack if you do(Using an iPad to hack the Pentagon).

New question: Which stats affect which skills? Or, if it changes based on circumstances, what determines which one is used? (For example: is Brawling Dex or Str? What about Weaponry?)

Re: New System Suggestions by CassimiroCassimiro, 15 Jan 2011 06:02

Hi Cassmiro

Here's a link to the beta system:

First off, the health bars do stack…sort of. Lethal rolls over into Aggravated damage once your health bar is full of lethal. Bashing does not, it's independent of Lethal and Agg because it results in a different effect (unconsciousness as apposed to death).

It IS one dot for all attributes, then 3/4/5.

To stop bleeding out it's a stamina roll. There is a defense stat, I believe it's actually mentioned in the proposed system link (see above)

As well, you and I are on the same page regarding the one's I was thinking about this earlier in the week and I was going to pitch it to Lurk sometime this weekend with the third revision of the system, which, if all goes well should be done Saturday evening.

As I mentioned before, specializations are covered in the new system as well.

Cheers, and remember keep those suggestions coming ^^


Re: New System Suggestions by SquidPunkSquidPunk, 14 Jan 2011 21:52

The link about is to the current beta of the proposed system. It answers your concerns regarding: Health, Haste/Initiative factor, accuracy, and stealthy attacks. It will also (in it's next revision) touch infamy/status by bringing in 'Merits' (the equivalent of feats in Dungeons and Dragons and the current traits system).

The current Beta system outlines how a base-line character begins play (see. Creation Points in the pastebin posting).

As well, weapons and armor will be outlined further in the next revision of the proposed system.

All that being said, I see a lot of two different things going on. There are a lot of things in that list that have been covered in the suggested system, and on top of that I see a lot complaints, but no suggestions as to how to improve. It's all well and good to point out what's wrong with something, but standing back and waiting for others to fix it without input usually leads to large amounts of disappointment. (I mean this nicely, I'm sorry if that's not conveyed well in text)

I would like to remind everyone that SUGGESTIONS are going to make the new system design process smoother and more amicable to the player-base.

Cheers and Much Love


Re: New System Suggestions by SquidPunkSquidPunk, 14 Jan 2011 20:09

Thoughts on the system: good so far, but I see a couple minor problems that could turn into major headaches.

1's should remove successes, not be auto-fails. If they're auto-fails, your odds get worse the more dice you roll.

Damage needs to be reworked and reworded a bit to make how it stacks more clear. Right now, there appears to be no stacking between lethal/nonlethal/aggravated, which seems like a poor mechanic(3 healthbars which don't interact with each other). IMO, nonlethal/lethal/aggravated should stack, with the person suffering the weakest effect they have damage for when all blocks are full. Once all are full, damage needs to overwrite each other(Agg replaces lethal if it can, nonlethal if the person has no lethal damage. Lethal replaces nonlethal). Healing reduces aggravated to lethal 1 block at a time, then lethal to nonlethal, then nonlethal to undamaged(maybe with a trauma option[heal 1 block instantly from Agg to empty] to get someone on their feet immediately, but only once per patient per day).

Similarly, there needs to be a definite mechanic for stopping bleed-out. That's kind of an important roll.

Specializations should be clarified a bit. Right now it's unclear what qualifies as too broad/narrow, and whether or not they can stack is unmentioned(they probably shouldn't).

You need a defense[dodge] skill or derived stat, so the game doesn't come down to initiative.

More points in Attributes at char creation would be appreciated. I'm thinking 1 dot automatic in all attributes, and then 1-2/3/6.

I'd also like a trait system, for the random abilities that don't qualify as skills. GM approval, of course, for all traits, but it would be nice to make a char that always has that one item at hand or can drink a small lake full of beer with no problems.

Re: New System Suggestions by CassimiroCassimiro, 14 Jan 2011 07:32

In no particular order:

  • IC Rank/Access level
  • Raised level limit
  • Blocking / Countering Attacks
  • Cover factoring into combat
  • Stealth Attack bonuses
  • The ability to damage specific limbs
  • Limb damage factoring into defense/offense calculation
  • Race/Factions having more influence on how NPC/PCs react to characters/actions, as well as a stat to keep track of it.
  • Alignment/Morality having more influence on how NPC/PCs react to characters/actions, as well as a stat to keep track of it.
  • Fame/Infamy having more influence on how NPC/PCs react to characters/actions, as well as a stat to keep track of it.
  • Currency circulation
  • Ship Combat
  • Haste/Initiative factors
  • Weapon upgrades/modifications
  • Weapon Stat Values
  • Armor Protection Values
  • Health
  • Accuracy factors
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Retraining/Re-spec (Losing stats to gain spendable EXP)
  • Armor/Cover durability
  • Encumber limits (max weight able to be carried and still move).
  • Vehicle use and bonuses
  • Specialist Traits (Being an expert on something)
  • Ability to train skills without going on actual missions. (Things like lifting weights, sparring, etc.)
  • Enemies being at a preset level
  • New characters starting at an average level
Re: New System Suggestions by IronscaleIronscale, 14 Jan 2011 07:11

So, here's a thread where everyone can kinda pitch in what they want to see about the new system. We'll try our best to balance it out as best as possible. Cheers. :>

New System Suggestions by Lurker_SyxLurker_Syx, 14 Jan 2011 06:59

After the Black Order plot arc finishes, we'll be on a new system and such. For things that aren't related to stats, or the current system.
Get it in this thread so that it can be factored into the reset *regardless of reset level*.

Guaranteed Changes:
- Mamkute history is going to be entirely rewritten
- Shapeshift will not be present on any new Mamkute characters, is no longer a racial special, and now a rarer subspecies development
- Varedis will either leave the crew or be KIA in the future.

Smaller Ship
The ship currently strikes me as being the size of the Enterprise D, we have a crew (not passengers) of 1112; we have seen around 20-30 named crew.
As much as I enjoy having 1112 different personal cabins to view (assuming they don't share rooms) I don't want to end up with the ship being the size of Spaceball1.
Getting from point A to B is fairly unreasonable and takes an unknown amount of time, especially considering we only named around ten of the rooms on the ship.
We do not to my info have a turbo-lift.
(Locations being: Bridge, Lounge, Observation, Engineering, Cargo Bay, Range, Gym, Holodeck, Kitchen, Crew Quarters, Security Office/Brig)

Drop Ship Affiliations
We started out as an unaffiliated ship, meaning we could take missions for anyone, and undergo any plot really.
We then rejoined the AEC briefly, (I'd think that drops associating with criminals, not to mention the rank issues of non-AEC crew)
After the ship went down we were brought back up under J&Q's banner, giving an unclear idea of who we work for.
We supposedly have factions that fight amongst each other, but it seems like we really only have factions that are/are not hostile directly to us.
There aren't worlds we can't land on (other than Hundred infested ones) there is no 'neutral zone' or 'hostile space'

Establish Ranks/Access
As it stands there is a Chain of Command, just not a very long one. Ranks are: Hawke (Commanding officer) Syx (First officer)
We also have people who hold ranks that give an unclear place in the chain of command. (Captain Sky, Officer Varedis)
The lack of clear ranks seem to give people access to everything, everyone on the crew can go //anywhere
, and anyone not on the crew cannot.//

Character Mortality
(Applies to NPCs as well as Players) We've had instances of people falling off buildings, getting shot, exploded, stabbed, immolated, and nobody has yet died (usually due to how defense is calculated). Varedis is a walking example of death methods and quite possibly a zombie, I think that if we end up with scenarios that would instantly kill someone to go with it (despite that feelings might be hard for the character), if a building fell on me, I full well expect to be dead or crippled.

Start using currency of some sort
As it stands characters have an unknown amount of wealth, we can purchase anything we can actually find, and characters such as Varedis end up hording up incalculable currency amounts using techniques such as years of stock market manipulation. It was established that some characters are poor, others are rich, and none of them care about money, because it isn't used.

New characters start at a level scaled to match the current crew.
When new character such as Averna/Acerbus arrive on the ship, they have the base 20 stats, which would be fine if the rest of the crew wasn't at 30 stats
it leads to enemies being designed so they ain't instantly killed by the leveled party and more or less can screw over under-leveled characters, alternatively leading to characters weak enough for new characters to kill, making older characters too powerful.

Party make up should matter.
Might be just a small immersion breaker, but it seems that regardless of what characters are in the active mission party, it doesn't change anything.
We never get the illusion of missing things because nobody knows how to hack a terminal, or can't lift debris out of the way.

Let's split up gang.
While I can understand not doing it for combat calculation purposes and because it takes time to type RP things and read both windows, the party should otherwise be able to split up in to groups. (Team1, Team2) A secondary GM could manage the alternate group between information bursts.
Granted one group might find hostiles while the other finds RP info. That's a risk they take when splitting up.

This especially applies to cities, where we often want to all do different things, and end up doing a lot of one thing.

Enemies not scaled to match current party, rather scaled to individual stats.
When enemies are scaled to match the current party, the high levels have the advantage, and it seems like everyone in the universe got tougher at the same time (Comparable to Dragon Ball Z, where there is always a minion equal in power level to the last main villain). It's impossible to judge who you can and cannot defeat in armed or unarmed combat.
Example being nobody could tell who would win in a fight of Vare vs Janus (prior to quitting).

Needs more random battles
We wander in a city, what do we see? People.
We see stores and such, but as it stands there is no crime*, we never get jumped by thugs, pirates, or the police, more over we can't just start fighting people (to my info).
So far the only combats have been "Guards of xxx" "Black Order" "In-fighting"

Where my ships at?
As it stands, I'm on a boat. But I beg the question where are all of the other boats. We never see ships that need assistance, or try to board us. (Save the initial pirate attack) despite their clear warring presence, we never encounter Black Order or AEC ships flying around.

Revisions by IronscaleIronscale, 14 Jan 2011 05:46

<Lurker> the AI in Pokemon is such a cheap whore
<Lurker> one sand attack from the enemy and somehow I can't hit anything
<Lurker> but 9 from me and they still hit every time
<JanusRogo> Zubats.

Re: Quotes from OOC chat by ZKZombiekittyZKZombiekitty, 05 Jan 2011 23:13

Herbal Essences has branched out into body wash, lotions, sprays, etc.

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Re: Setting Trivia by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 04 Jan 2011 23:23

7:26:48 PM abe: *walks into the lounge "heeeeyyy everybody!"*
McChris [||sirhCcM] entered the room. (7:49:14 PM)
McChris left the room (quit: Quit: ). (7:50:45 PM)
7:51:24 PM Loki_Valkarian: He smiles and nods.
7:51:50 PM abe: *sits on the couch and starts playing brawl*
7:52:04 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Yep. Here it is." He pulls away some tarp on top of something on the work table which reveals the body.
7:54:43 PM Lurker: The body is naked.
7:54:47 PM Lurker: Way to go Loki
7:54:53 PM Lurker: [[ Just kidding nyoro~n :3c ]]
7:54:54 PM Zemyla: "Well, it looks about the same, except its body panel isn't open."
7:55:02 PM Zemyla: "Do you have clothes for it?"
7:56:01 PM Loki_Valkarian: He nods and smiles. "Just some basic things for now, we'd have to go clothes shopping for you later on. Go ahead and try taking control of it."
7:58:06 PM Zemyla: "Right." She tries logging in, with the password they agreed on long before.
8:00:24 PM Loki_Valkarian: She gets in just fine, he extends his hand to her and nods. "Try grabbing my hand and standing up."
8:01:27 PM Zemyla: Holo-Penny is still standing right there. "Hold on. It's not as simple as slipping on a jacket. I need to do final driver configuration."
8:02:06 PM Zemyla: Vermilion walks in, and sees Naked Robot Penny on the slab, with Holo-Penny looking at it. "So, does it work?"
8:02:28 PM Loki_Valkarian: "She's configuring her drivers. You did put in the right OS for her right?"
8:03:05 PM Zemyla: "In a bit. It's tricky, and I want to make sure everything works properly." Loki and Vermilion see a wave of muscles twitching on the body, from her toes to her head. It looks kind of disturbing.
8:06:22 PM Loki_Valkarian: He blinks. "Well, is it working Penny?"
8:07:32 PM Zemyla: "8,410 diagnostics green, 105 yellow, no red. Yeah, it's working." She sits up. "Not quite like the simulations, but it'll develop."
8:09:48 PM Loki_Valkarian: He smiles and hugs her gently. "I'm glad, all that time and hard work payed off."
8:10:01 PM Zemyla: She hugs back, just a little too hard.
8:10:58 PM Loki_Valkarian: He coughs and blinks. "Well… At least I know it's strong."
8:11:22 PM Varedis: *enters the lounge, he looks recovered from his psycological defeat.*
8:13:26 PM abe: "How ya doin' vare!?"
8:13:47 PM Varedis: "Better."
8:17:27 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki smiles and points to some clothes on the wall. "There's a basic outfit for your body, want to do anything today Penny?"
8:18:41 PM Zemyla: "Well, I want to show off. This is the first time I can be solid outside the holodeck." She slips her outfit on, with no concern that she was walking around naked before.
8:20:32 PM Loki_Valkarian: He smiles and wraps his arm around holo-Penny. "Then let's head to the lounge."
8:21:35 PM Zemyla: "Well, I feel like a third wheel now." Vermilion says. "I'll be off working on my new shield design. Call me if you have problems with the body."
8:22:34 PM Loki_Valkarian: He nods to Vermilion and smiles. "Hey dude, thanks for the help, he gives Vermilion a thumbs up."
8:24:07 PM Loki_Valkarian: [[ FUCK ]]
8:24:20 PM Zemyla: "No problem. Any time." He heads out, whistling some song Loki can't identify.
8:25:13 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki then takes Penny and RoboPenny to the lounge.
8:25:15 PM Zemyla: Robo-Penny slips by Loki's side, synchronizing her body with Holo-Penny's, thus making her look still holographic.
8:25:41 PM Zemyla: "There we are."
8:28:56 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Now we'd probably have to train you in different things, or at least get your body used to it all."
8:32:42 PM Loki_Valkarian: He kisses Penny and smiles. "Though the question is, do you like it?"
8:39:28 PM Zemyla: "Well, it's all new to me. Anyways, hands off before we get to the lounge. I want this to be a surprise."
8:40:40 PM Loki_Valkarian: He nods and lets go of them. "I'll come in after you show off."
8:41:20 PM Zemyla: "Okay. See you in a bit." She walks in, hologram wrapped around her and mimicing her every movement. "Hey everyone."
8:42:35 PM abe: *Looks shocked!*
8:42:55 PM Varedis: *does not seem to notice the difference. "Hey."*
8:42:59 PM abe: "A GAGAGAGAGHOST!"
8:43:30 PM Varedis: "Abe, you already know a ghost."
8:43:43 PM abe: "oh yeah…"
8:43:49 PM abe: *goes back to playing brawl*
8:44:08 PM Zemyla: "Notice anything different about me?"
8:44:31 PM Varedis: *being of poor vision* likely dosent.*
8:49:19 PM Varedis: "You've textured your hologram?"
8:49:51 PM Zemyla: "Close, but not quite." Penny steps out of Penny, and there are now two.
8:50:44 PM Varedis: "You have solid form, like that other girl?"
8:50:53 PM Lurker: The Sheriff of the ship takes that point to step into the lounge and pauses. "Well damn. Two now? Wonder what that'd be like…"
8:52:13 PM Varedis: *looked like he had an answer but kept it to himself.*
8:53:38 PM Zemyla: "Yeah. Loki here- Loki, come in, dear!- made me a robot body."
8:54:23 PM Varedis: "Designed based on organics or mechanoids?"
8:54:46 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki nods and walks in, wrapping his arms around the two Pennys. "With the help of Vermilion, I thought she could use something to help her do stuff around the ship instead of being couped up in Vermilion's fighter."
8:55:13 PM Varedis: "So then, she's mechanical function based?"
8:55:43 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Sort of both really. The strength and speed in the robot body is pretty high up there."
8:55:55 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Just in case we need that extra helping hand on board."
8:56:31 PM Varedis: "I guess I mean to ask.." *drinks from his glass* "Is the design based on that of an organic humanoid, or just shaped like one."
8:56:32 PM Zemyla: "Yeah
8:56:51 PM Zemyla: "Yeah, but I don't know how to use all that strength and speed safely yet, so I've got it locked out for now."
8:57:04 PM Loki_Valkarian: "We need to do some training with her."
8:57:17 PM abe: "oh oh i volunteer!"
8:57:34 PM Varedis: "I could help with that, Abe is likely up there in strength."
8:59:07 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Sure, we could always start tomorrow."
8:59:35 PM Lurker: "So, the holographic form is intangible?" Syx asks, pouring himself a drink.
9:00:15 PM Varedis: "Can you operate the machine form and the holographic forms simultaniously?"
9:00:41 PM Loki_Valkarian: "She can. And I believe she can also do one thing as a hologram and make her body do the rest."
9:00:55 PM Varedis: "twins." taking another drink from his glass.
9:01:17 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Basically." He grabs himself a can of Guiness.
9:01:47 PM Zemyla: "Yeah. And if I had another robot body or hologram projector, I could operate a third one."
9:01:59 PM Lurker: "Hot damn." Syx grins. "So, Penny, right? You gotten a formal tour of the ship, yet?" Syx grins even more.
9:02:02 PM Zemyla: "Three's my limit, though, I think."
9:02:12 PM Varedis: "I'm always avalable to suprivse gym or range use if you're going for that." "Otherwise you'd have to find Liebe."
9:02:15 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki /glares/ at Syx. "You got your own."
9:02:30 PM Lurker: Syx ignores Loki.
Stunner [ten.tsewq.hamo.E8B87882-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.hamo.E8B87882-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room. (9:02:54 PM)
9:02:57 PM Varedis: "I'm sure as an intangible hologram, she's /seen your tour./"
9:03:37 PM Lurker: "Well now, can't be sure, right?"
9:03:51 PM abe: "Licnoln never got a tour of the ship! I'd love one!"
9:04:00 PM Varedis: "You don't want this tour."
9:04:07 PM Varedis: "What you need Abe, is a map."
9:04:13 PM abe: "Nah, I'd love a tour!"
9:04:15 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki facepalms and wraps his arms around the twins. "Anyway… What should we do today Penny?"
9:04:44 PM Zemyla: "Aww, Loki, you're getting jealous! That's sweet!"
9:04:57 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki just has a >.> face right now.
9:05:02 PM Lurker: Syx glances to Lincoln. "Sorry, invite only." and back to Penny. "So, have you seen the overwatch room yet?"
9:07:54 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki finishes his can of Guiness and ponders, then grins and hands it out to Robo Penny. "Here, try making her crush this can, let's start with something simple."
9:09:53 PM Zemyla: She takes it, and looks at it, and her hand tightens, but the can doesn't crush. She furrows her brow, and strain shows up in her muscles, but it still does nothing.
9:10:15 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Hmmm… Try lowering the limit on her strength."
9:10:20 PM Lurker: Syx smirks a bit, takes his glass of whiskey, and heads on out.
9:10:28 PM Zemyla: Then she says "Just kidding!" and crushes it easily.
9:10:44 PM Zemyla: "See you later, Syx!" She smiles and waves at him.
9:11:40 PM Lurker: "Later, Penny. Both of ya."
9:11:51 PM Loki_Valkarian: He chuckles, kissing the twins. "To be honest this was pretty worth it. Gives you the ability to come with us on the different planets rather than stay cramped in the ship."
9:12:01 PM Loki_Valkarian: He waves to Syx and nods to him.
9:13:39 PM Varedis: "Depends on what your interests off the ship are."
9:14:41 PM Loki_Valkarian: "So Penny, how's it feel to have a twin?"
9:15:16 PM Zemyla: "Well, since she's me mentally, it's no different from having two bodies."
9:15:37 PM Zemyla: "Well, that and I really want to make out with her." the other one says, with a grin at the males.
9:15:58 PM Varedis: *is unaffected, no love for machines.*
9:16:05 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki blinks. <.<
9:17:17 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Well… I might as well add that the same tech in my glove is in that body…"
9:17:25 PM Loki_Valkarian: Shifty eyes. >.> <.<
9:19:19 PM abe: *has the same concept of sex as a 10 year old*
9:21:26 PM Zemyla: "Or I could go to the hologram chamber."
9:21:48 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Or that…."
9:21:52 PM Loki_Valkarian: More shifty eyes.
9:22:42 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Hologram chamber then…?"
9:25:16 PM Varedis: "I'm not even going to ask."
9:25:24 PM Varedis: *goes back to his drink.*
9:27:32 PM abe: "girls ARE groddy."
9:27:43 PM abe: *goes back to playing brawl*
9:27:58 PM Varedis: "It's about even."
9:29:13 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Shall we Penny?"
9:31:05 PM Varedis: "I hope I didn't end up wasting my money again."
9:32:00 PM abe: "what did you buy?"
9:32:05 PM Varedis: "A dog."
9:32:10 PM Varedis: "A really, expensive dog."
9:32:10 PM Zemyla: "Mmm. Well," She whispers in Loki's ear.
Gwen [~moc.yvvasket.lsd.C418E4DA-CRInys|newG#moc.yvvasket.lsd.C418E4DA-CRInys|newG] entered the room. (9:33:11 PM)
mode (+o Gwen) by ChanServ (9:33:11 PM)
9:48:10 PM Varedis: *takes another drink.*
9:53:55 PM Zemyla: Penny goes and sits down next to Abe. Is there a second controller?
9:57:32 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki sits next to Penny and cuddles one of them.
9:57:40 PM Loki_Valkarian: one of the Penny's*
10:00:20 PM abe: "So you want to play brawl eh! ALRIGHT I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!"
10:08:02 PM Janus_: *enters at that point. "Play nice, Abe."*
10:08:16 PM abe: "I willllllll"
10:09:14 PM Janus_: "And no Meta Knight."
10:09:47 PM abe: "d'ahh why not just tie my hands behind my back!"
10:10:28 PM Janus_: "I'm trying to make it a fair game."
Janus__ [~PI.F17BC4B4.90B5188C.9F5E6428|alliztahc#PI.F17BC4B4.90B5188C.9F5E6428|alliztahc] entered the room. (10:14:39 PM)
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Janus__ is now known as Janus_ (10:16:19 PM)
10:17:49 PM Zemyla: Penny picks the Ice Climbers.
10:18:43 PM abe: *picks ike*
Janus_ left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014]). (10:24:32 PM)
Janus_ [~moc.rr.ser.lfc.69F7CB44-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.rr.ser.lfc.69F7CB44-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room. (10:24:45 PM)
10:41:53 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki snuggles the two Penny's as he sits them in his lap.
10:42:19 PM abe: 1d100+20 for the match
10:42:20 PM Magic_8-Ball: abe, for the match: 31 [1d100=11]
10:42:24 PM Janus_: *frowns as he chews on a sandwich. "That's really fucking weird, man."*
10:43:52 PM Zemyla: 1d100 For the match
10:43:52 PM Magic_8-Ball: Zemyla, For the match: 13 [1d100=13]
10:45:19 PM abe: *plays pretty badly, suiciding twice, but manages to pull a win!*
Cassimiro [~ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.FEDB8627-CRInys|6dc70484#ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.FEDB8627-CRInys|6dc70484] entered the room. (10:45:24 PM)
10:45:25 PM abe: "yay i won!"
10:45:42 PM Zemyla: "Best two out of three?"
10:46:04 PM Varedis: "Why anyone would play a game about fighting instead of actually sparring is beyond me."
10:46:19 PM Janus_: "Some people don't want to get punched in the face."
10:46:36 PM Varedis: "Pfft."
10:46:38 PM abe: "it's fun!, but sure penny person"
10:46:53 PM abe: 1d100+20 for rematch
10:46:54 PM Magic_8-Ball: abe, for rematch: 30 [1d100=10]
10:47:01 PM Zemyla: 1d100 for rematch
10:47:02 PM Magic_8-Ball: Zemyla, for rematch: 87 [1d100=87]
10:49:21 PM Varedis: "Looks like you've been shown who is the boss."
10:50:11 PM Janus_: "Tied up. One and one. Winner… Buys dinner?"
10:50:30 PM abe: "whatever! lincoln will not lose again!"
10:50:43 PM abe: 1d100+20 BE A HIGH NUMBER
10:50:44 PM Magic_8-Ball: abe, BE A HIGH NUMBER: 24 [1d100=4]
10:50:59 PM Zemyla: Penny had been stomping him the second match, trapping him between two hammers.
10:51:01 PM Janus_: wow
10:51:04 PM Zemyla: 1d100 Third time
10:51:04 PM Magic_8-Ball: Zemyla, Third time: 12 [1d100=12]
10:51:18 PM Janus_: *watches one of the most atrocious matches.*
10:51:33 PM Janus_: *shakes his head. "Never mind. Everyone loses."*
10:52:10 PM Varedis: "It's a lose lose situation." "One has no money, the other dosen't eat."
10:52:36 PM Janus_: *frowns. "Which one has no money?"*
10:52:53 PM Zemyla: "Janus, do you honestly think I eat?"
10:53:07 PM abe: *jumps off the map until just his last life but manages to pull the win from no where*
10:53:08 PM Janus_: *frowns. "Do you honestly think Abe spends his money?"*
10:53:08 PM Varedis: "Penny neither has money nor eats." "I'm pretty sure Abe is broke."
10:53:27 PM Varedis: "Saves it like me?
10:53:33 PM abe: "oh good i thought I was the one who did not eat"
10:53:44 PM Zemyla: "I have money. I get half of everything Vermilion and I make."
10:53:55 PM Varedis: "I'm being proven wrong left and right."
10:54:17 PM Janus_: "Some things never change."
10:54:23 PM Pig_catapult: Harold the Baby Doomblob trundles in on his walker
10:57:11 PM Zemyla: Penny reaches out a hand and actually pets him.
10:57:19 PM Zemyla: "Hey, baby."
10:58:23 PM Pig_catapult: Harold gurgles happily
10:58:30 PM Janus_: *watches, sandwich halfway to mouth.*
10:59:02 PM abe: "Can I… can I eat it?"
10:59:10 PM Varedis: "No."
10:59:24 PM abe: "it looks like pudding. I like pudding!"
10:59:32 PM Pig_catapult: Harold oozes off of his walker and onto the TV screen
10:59:39 PM Varedis: "You don't eat anything that can eat you back."
10:59:47 PM Janus_: "I do."
10:59:52 PM abe: "you can eat tigers…"
10:59:57 PM Janus_: "Gator's tasty, too."
11:00:00 PM Varedis: "You eat things, that live in your stomach?"
11:00:32 PM Janus_: "In my stomach? No. I have however eaten stomach before."
11:00:52 PM abe: "have you had hagus?"
11:01:23 PM Varedis: "I've eaten a great number of disgusting things, all of them dead before eating."
11:01:48 PM abe: "worms are okay, they taste better alive though."
11:01:54 PM Janus_: "Yeah. Haggis was interesting… And I've eaten still living things."
11:02:08 PM Varedis: "But these die in your stomach, correct?"
11:02:38 PM Janus_: "Usually."
11:02:49 PM abe: "sometimes the lively ones survive the trip"
11:02:50 PM Pig_catapult: Harold is hanging out on one corner of the screen, obscuring Abe's damage percentage.
11:02:57 PM Varedis: *points where Harold was. "I'm telling you -that- would not, and proboly try to eat it's way out."*
11:03:14 PM abe: "Hey pudding get out of the way!"
11:03:33 PM Pig_catapult: Harold coos
11:03:55 PM Pig_catapult: but does not move
11:04:14 PM abe: "jaaaannnussss the pudding won't move!"
11:05:18 PM Janus_: *sighs and walks over to the pudding. "What is it?"*
11:05:51 PM Varedis: "Likely one of Doctor Burns or Trebuchet's pets."
11:05:55 PM abe: "I think it is chocolate…"
11:05:55 PM Varedis: "Possibly both."
11:05:55 PM Pig_catapult: Harold stares at Janus with his big, red, glowing eye
11:06:20 PM Varedis: "In either case, I think contact is unwise."
11:06:26 PM Zemyla: *keeps petting Harold. "Oh, you're so cute, yes, you are!"*
11:06:44 PM Janus_: *frowns, then reaches out his prosthetic arm and attempts to prod it off the screen.*
11:06:55 PM Janus_: "Shoo."
11:08:00 PM Pig_catapult: Harold bites Janus finger with a noise that sounds somewhere between a tea kettle and a scream
11:08:24 PM Janus_: *frowns, then turns to stare at the others. "Can I shoot it?"*
11:08:28 PM Pig_catapult: … Not going to roll for damage because said bite is completely harmless to said prothetic finger
11:09:04 PM Varedis: "That would be a bad idea for the TV." "Given your past incident record, proboly an unwise action overall."
11:09:15 PM Varedis: "That being said, I have no intentions of stopping you, because I think it would survive."
11:09:23 PM Janus_: *sighs. "Cassimiro. Still got that taser?"*
11:09:23 PM abe: "try a spatula"
11:10:02 PM Zemyla: *picks up Harold and holds him to her face, cooing about how cute he is.*
11:10:24 PM Pig_catapult: Harold coos back, losing intrest in Janus's finger
11:10:30 PM Pig_catapult: *interest
11:11:23 PM Cassimiro: *isn't even in the room at the moment*
11:11:55 PM Janus_: *glances around, confused that Cass isn't here, then shrugs as Harold's moved.*
11:13:21 PM abe: *goes to ask cassy if he wanted to play but a the sight of an absent cassy cries a little on the inside*
11:18:12 PM Janus_: *retakes his seat. "So, what manner of critter is this? Where's the brat?"*
11:19:04 PM Varedis: "I don't know, I wouldn't touch it."
11:19:33 PM Janus_: "Why not?"
11:19:55 PM Varedis: "You don't know what it's made out of, for all you know it'll corrode your skin."
11:20:16 PM abe: "it looks tasty. you should eat it
11:20:58 PM Janus_: *looks closely at his finger.*
11:21:13 PM Pig_catapult: It's a little damp
11:22:05 PM Janus_: *wipes it off on the couch.*
11:22:28 PM Pig_catapult: The couch is just fine
11:23:01 PM Zemyla: "It's not corroding me."
11:23:18 PM Varedis: "You're not made out of organic material, neither is Janus."
11:23:24 PM Varedis: "Or his arm at least."
11:23:45 PM Janus_: "You should touch it. Just shapeshift a new finger if something goes wrong."
11:24:10 PM Varedis: "It dosen't work like that, if I lose a finger I lose a finger."
11:24:26 PM Pig_catapult: Harold is happily gurgling. He likes Penny
11:24:27 PM Varedis: "I could put something in it's place, but it wouldn't be a finger like my old one."
11:25:09 PM Janus_: "So you can't shapeshift muscles?"
11:25:22 PM abe: "ah heck I'll do it"
11:25:27 PM abe: *pets Harold*
11:25:27 PM Varedis: "I can, but if I get something cut off, it's like being paralized."
11:25:52 PM Zemyla: "Well, that's what nanotech and stem cells are for."
11:26:13 PM Varedis: "I can't even imagine how akward having either of those would be like."
11:26:15 PM Janus_: "Nanotech is prohibitively expensive. Stem cells, as well."
11:26:19 PM Pig_catapult: Abe is just fine
11:26:30 PM Pig_catapult: And Harold makes a cooing noise and nuzzles his hand
11:26:44 PM abe: "D'ahh it's cute!"
11:27:00 PM abe: *continues to pet it.*
11:27:03 PM Varedis: "it would be a signifigant pain for me to part with something physically attached to me."
11:35:08 PM Varedis: "Part of the reason we don't just shapeshift into devilbeasts when fighting." "The more that's cut off the more we lose."
11:36:38 PM Janus_: *shrugs and finishes off his sandwich.*
11:37:05 PM Varedis: "Same principle dictates that a mamkute that /appears/ to be a child is more dangerous than an adult. Same thing over a lesser area."
Janus_ left the room (quit: Broken pipe). (11:41:40 PM)
Janus_ [~moc.rr.ser.lfc.69F7CB44-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.rr.ser.lfc.69F7CB44-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room. (11:42:49 PM)
11:44:40 PM Varedis: "I don't make weapons out of bones anymore for the same reason."
11:45:44 PM Janus_: *nods. "Scar tissue's malleable?"*
11:47:27 PM Stunner: *walks in to the room*
11:47:57 PM Stunner: Hi im….
11:47:57 PM Stunner: *looks at Harold*
11:47:59 PM Zemyla: "Oh, hey. A new person! Hi, new person!"
11:48:08 PM Stunner: What is that?
11:48:09 PM Varedis: "Everything is malleable, stabbing someone with a spike formed out of your arm is fairly common with my people."
11:48:18 PM Zemyla: One Penny waves at him, and the other waves while holding Harold.
11:48:24 PM abe: "Hi professor!"
11:48:28 PM Janus_: "So, burn tissue is malleable?"
11:48:49 PM Varedis: "Burned tissue isn't, no." "As for scars they can heal near-instantly."
11:49:09 PM Varedis: "Most hide any internal damage by making the outside look good."
11:49:21 PM Stunner: *still looks at Harold nervously*
11:49:34 PM abe: "that, sir, is chocolate pudding"
11:49:35 PM Stunner: what does it eat?
11:49:43 PM Stunner: with a big red eye?
11:50:15 PM Janus_: "So, you have to have working nerves in the area you shapeshift?"
11:50:37 PM Janus_: [[Stunner. Use quotations?]]
11:50:37 PM Varedis: "Something like that."
11:51:10 PM Varedis: "Shapeshifted organs don't function, while reshaped or moved natural ones do."
11:51:22 PM Pig_catapult: Harold gurgles
11:51:27 PM Stunner: "Shapeshifting?"
11:51:27 PM abe: "I do not know, milk, i guess?"
11:51:46 PM Pig_catapult: "Blood agar."
11:51:49 PM Janus_: *gestures to Varedis. "Mamkutes can shapeshift."*
11:52:01 PM Pig_catapult: Piff is standing in the doorway
11:52:23 PM Varedis: "You've never seen a Mamkute proboly." "My best summary shapeshifting and scaled Lurks with DNA incompatable with almost everything."
11:52:28 PM Pig_catapult: "Also terak— kera-tin."
11:52:38 PM Stunner: "mamkutes…"
11:52:47 PM Zemyla: "I am Penny." "I am Penny also."
11:52:55 PM Zemyla: "It's good to meet you!" they chorus.
11:53:21 PM abe: "And I am abraham lincoln SIXTEENTH PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES!"
11:53:32 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki waves to Stunner. "Hello there."
11:53:48 PM Janus_: *nods. "I'm Janus. Welcome aboard."*
11:53:54 PM Pig_catapult: Piff just holds up her ID card.
11:53:57 PM Varedis: "Oldest text refrences to have us as Selkian, by my people's accord." "Humans refrenced us as a number prior to first contact."
11:55:10 PM Pig_catapult: Piff shuffles over to Penny, Penny, and Harold
11:55:38 PM Stunner: "well what does one do about getting food around here?"
11:55:48 PM Pig_catapult: "Kitchen."
11:55:50 PM Stunner: "challenge puddings?"
11:56:15 PM abe: "I will show you where the kitchen is professor!"
11:56:15 PM Pig_catapult: Piff points down the hall. "On the right."
11:56:22 PM Janus_: *laughs. "There's a mess hall. A good cook in it, too. There's some more mundane stuff here in the lounge."*
11:56:46 PM abe: "there used to be ice cream around here somewhere. but I lost it…"
11:57:31 PM Stunner: "I need something to eat or I can't think straight"
11:57:58 PM Janus_: *stands. "I'll walk you to the mess. I could use something to sit with my sandwich."*
11:58:50 PM Varedis: *leaves and goes back to the security office.*
12:00:01 AM Pig_catapult: Piff pulls out a petri dish with a plate of blood agar in it and a small vial of white powder. She opens the petri dish , uncaps the vial, and sprinkles its contents on the blood agar before presenting it to Harold. "Harold, lunch."
12:00:45 AM Pig_catapult: Harold makes the tea kettle screaming noise and lunges at the petri dish
12:01:31 AM Pig_catapult: OM NOM NOM
12:02:40 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Whoa.."
12:03:06 AM Stunner: *is disturbed by the blobs feast*
12:03:20 AM Stunner: "Quick before I lose my appetite!"
12:03:39 AM Pig_catapult: Piff is grinning like the little evil maniac she is
12:04:15 AM Janus_: *gestures for Stunner to follow him as he leaves the room. "Sorry about that. Trebuchet's a bit… Off."*
12:04:31 AM Stunner: *shuffles out of the room*
12:04:43 AM abe: *follows janus as well*
12:04:44 AM Zemyla: "Who's a cute little blob? You are!" She pets him more.
12:04:45 AM Janus_: "What was your name?"
Gwen left the room (quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~). (12:04:56 AM)
12:05:22 AM Stunner: "oh sorry about that My name's Murdock Stunner,"
12:05:39 AM Stunner: "You can just call me Stunner"
12:05:53 AM Pig_catapult: Harold is possible the happiest doom blob in the star system
12:05:59 AM Janus_: "Murdock Stunner? You a new security officer?"
12:05:59 AM Pig_catapult: Possibly, even
12:06:18 AM Zemyla: "Stunner? As in Stone Cold?"
12:06:37 AM Stunner: "You look a lot like a student I once had, in fact I'm almost sure that you're him… Cletus?"
12:06:49 AM Janus_: *frowns and looks between the two.*
12:06:57 AM abe: "I… uh… what? no."
12:07:06 AM abe: *looks a bit confused*
12:07:22 AM Stunner: "Security? haha hardly"
12:07:48 AM Stunner: "More of a bookworm than a fighter"
12:08:10 AM Janus_: *nods at Penny. "Well… At least I'm not the only one that thought so."*
12:08:14 AM Stunner: "however you want to play it cletus"
12:08:55 AM abe: "the name is Abraham lincoln, this cletus person, albeit obviously very handsome, is not me.:
12:09:38 AM Stunner: "ah sorry my mistake…"
12:09:48 AM Stunner: *raises an eyebrow in disbelief*
12:09:52 AM Janus_: *takes the next turn into the mess. Lunch special today is a Turkey Rio and minestrone soup. "Ah, more sandwiches."*
12:10:22 AM Stunner: *Gets ready to enjoy a piping hot bowl of minestrone*
12:11:05 AM Janus_: *picks up a tray and deposits a pair of sandwiches and a bowl on it, nodding at Kens. "What brings you here, Stunner?"*
12:11:32 AM Cassimiro: *gets in line behind everyone*
12:11:56 AM abe: *grabs a tray and walks straight to the ice cream machine, pumping out half the machine's contents onto his tray*
12:12:18 AM Janus_: *shouts. "Abe! No! Use a bowl!"*
12:12:26 AM Stunner: "I'm not entirley sure, out for a bit of adventure I guess…"
12:12:40 AM abe: "oh fine!"
12:12:42 AM Janus_: "Good a reason as any. This ship'll provide, apparently."
12:12:52 AM abe: *puts a bowl on top of his ice cream tray*
12:13:22 AM Stunner: "dear god man, it's the most basic thing in the world! eating properly!"
12:13:37 AM Stunner: "to think I thought you were one of my students…"
12:13:41 AM abe: "this is what I eat every day!"
12:13:43 AM Janus_: "What."
12:13:50 AM Stunner: *facepalms*
12:14:15 AM Cassimiro: "Don't be too hard on him. Ice cream can not be contained on board this ship, apparently."
12:14:54 AM Stunner: "back there you said Trebuchet is a bit off…" "I didn't notice any medieval siege engines so…"
Cass [~ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.FEDB8627-CRInys|6dc70484#ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.FEDB8627-CRInys|6dc70484] entered the room. (12:15:25 AM)
Cassimiro left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)). (12:15:25 AM)
12:16:07 AM Janus_: "She's crazy as hell. Reads to fish."
12:16:28 AM Stunner: "You wouldn't happen to be talking about Epiphany Trebuchet?"
12:16:32 AM Cass: "Reading to your pet isn't that odd."
12:16:46 AM Zemyla: "She's not crazy! She just thinks differently from most humans."
12:16:48 AM Janus_: *nods. "Epiphany Trebuchet. Some kinda Doctor."*
12:17:00 AM Janus_: "Zemyla? That's crazy."
12:17:02 AM abe: "She is also a midget."
12:17:09 AM Janus_: [[Shit. Penny, not zemyla]
12:17:36 AM Stunner: "I didnt see anyone back there, was that girl her daughter?"
12:17:37 AM Cass: "Thinking oddly should not be looked down at, at least not in this group."
12:18:24 AM Stunner: "you'd think she would take greater care of her with a thing like that BLOB wandering about…"
12:18:37 AM Janus_: "No… The runt is Trebuchet."
12:18:55 AM Cass: "As Abe said, she's a bit…short."
12:19:09 AM Stunner: *does the O_O eyes*
12:19:22 AM Janus_: "Yeah, I know."
12:19:29 AM Zemyla: "I think differently from most humans. Am I crazy?"
12:19:53 AM Janus_: "No, you're an AI."
12:20:06 AM Stunner: "no no no, the Trebuchet I'm talking about is a Published Scientist, not a toddler…"
12:20:38 AM abe: "She is a science person though!"
12:20:51 AM Janus_: *nods. "Yeah, I know."*
12:21:13 AM Stunner: "Cleaned up that Ice Cream yet genius?"
12:21:13 AM Cass: "She's older than she looks, and has a full doctorate."
12:21:32 AM Stunner: *rocks his head in his hands*
12:21:56 AM abe: "maybe"
12:22:09 AM abe: *is eating the ice cream using the bowel as a spoon*
12:22:09 AM Stunner: "I'm glad I came to get something to eat, couldnt take this on an empty stomach"
12:22:31 AM Stunner: *looks at abe and wretches a little*
12:22:38 AM Janus_: *sighs and takes a bite out of his sandwich. "Yeah, I know."*
12:22:55 AM Cass: "If you can't handle this, there may be issues when you encounter some of the really odd people onboard."
12:23:07 AM Stunner: *shudders*
12:23:37 AM Janus_: *smiles. "I think they're the two strangest."*
12:23:56 AM Cass: "The Doctor is at least reasonable, intelligent, and sane. I would expect that to trump any physical issues."
12:24:40 AM Janus_: "Sane?"
12:26:06 AM Cass: "Though you disagree on certain issues, she has so far acted more-or-less sane. Though intentionally pissing you off pushes it."
12:26:12 AM Stunner: "Did you not hear that beast screech as it lunged across the room? what sane person feeds that!?"
12:26:33 AM Zemyla: "I would."
12:26:47 AM Janus_: "Depends on what you're feeding it, in my opinion."
12:27:02 AM Cass: "I wasn't there, but I'd assume it's one of her expiriments, or those of a cohort, and who would let a living thing starve?"
12:27:18 AM abe: "a mean person!"
12:27:27 AM Stunner: "one that feared said living THING"
12:28:01 AM Cass: "If you are afraid of something, you give it a clean death. Starvation is no way to kll something unless you have no other choice."
12:28:12 AM abe: "it is cuddly and cute and it's name is george."
12:28:22 AM Cass: "And fear isn't the bes reason to kill anyways."
12:28:34 AM Janus_: "Still a decent reason."
12:29:29 AM Cass: "Yes, but fear is an emotional reaction, and could easily be mistaken."
12:30:08 AM Janus_: *nods. "True enough. Though, it really depends on who's afraid."*
12:30:16 AM Cass: "You should eliminate threats, or armor yourself against them. Source of fear is not the same thing as a threat."
12:31:01 AM Janus_: "I disagree. Fear itself can be a weakness. It's usually best to eliminate the source of the weakness. That's not an absolute, mind you…."
12:31:34 AM abe: "I hit things I do not like."
12:31:55 AM Stunner: "I personally dont have much time for philosophy when it comes to my own well-being"
12:32:03 AM Stunner: "physically that is"
12:32:17 AM Janus_: *laughs. "Yeah, neither do I.*
12:32:23 AM Janus_: Best to just shoot the problem."
12:32:33 AM abe: "or punch it"
12:32:42 AM Cass: "Killing needlessly is brutish and can cause problems later."
12:32:46 AM Zemyla: "Well, I've got all the time in the world for philosophy, but that's because I think millions of times faster than you do."
12:32:56 AM Zemyla: "Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I've solved all the problems.
12:33:28 AM Stunner: "Speaking of shooting the problem!"
12:33:52 AM Janus_: *looks confused. "What? Should we shoot Penny?"*
12:33:58 AM Stunner: "How does one go about finding some high-powered electro-magnets in this place?"
12:34:24 AM abe: "talk to piff I would imagine!"
12:34:39 AM Janus_: *grins. "That'll go well."*
12:37:49 AM Janus_: "I doubt Loki would be too happy, though. Or Liebe."
12:38:32 AM Janus_: "Uh, Loki Valkarian. Not Valentine."
12:38:57 AM abe: *perked up at loki's name but got a real sad face when janus corrected himself*
12:39:13 AM abe: "I miss loki, when is he getting back from dead janus?"
12:39:36 AM Janus_: "Honestly? I'm not really sure he ever died. I mean, we never saw the body…."
12:40:16 AM abe: habeas corpus! "
12:40:29 AM Cass: "Though feeding him 50 grand worth of heroin probably made it harder for him to return."
12:40:58 AM Janus_: "Well… I've seen stranger."
12:41:11 AM Stunner: "One would think! WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HIM SUCH A DOSE!"
12:41:41 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki heads into the Mess to see what the hell one of the Pennys are doing.
12:41:44 AM Loki_Valkarian: "What's going on here?"
12:41:46 AM abe: "I thought it was magic healing potion. When I took it, I woke up in a hospital!"
12:41:47 AM Cass: "Abe thought it was a healing potion."
12:42:01 AM Cass: [[strike my line]]
12:42:23 AM Cass: "We're discussing drugs and dead people."
12:42:37 AM Janus_: "Possibly dead people. I'm not really sure."
12:42:38 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Right…"
12:42:44 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki sits after grabbing some food.
12:43:52 AM Janus_: "What's your story, kid? You built a body for her. Why aren't you off on some rich planet churning out pleasure bots and raking in money?"
12:44:12 AM abe: *finishing with his ice cream tray he goes and grabs three sandwiches, placing them all inside each other to form one mega sandwich*
12:44:35 AM Janus_: "Abe. Medium portions, please."
12:44:50 AM Stunner: "Because eating them one at a time just isn't fast enough eh?"
12:45:16 AM abe: "I know what I'm doing janus!"
12:45:27 AM Janus_: *looks skeptically at Abe.*
12:45:28 AM Cass: "Look at Abe. If he ate normally, he'd wither away to nothing."
12:45:30 AM Zemyla: "Well, because this is a prototype, and my brain doesn't fit in this body."
12:46:00 AM abe: *starts eating the sandwich really quickly. After two bites, he starts chocking*
12:46:54 AM Loki_Valkarian: "First off she's not a pleasure bot. Second of all it's still a prototype. Thirdly I don't really need money."
12:47:03 AM Cass: "Though nothing would be quieter."
12:47:44 AM Cass: *gets behind Lincoln.*
12:48:25 AM Janus_: *gestures with his hand. "I'm not saying that it's a pleasure bot. They have far simpler programming. Cass, save Abe, please?"*
12:48:30 AM Cass: *stands lincoln up and turns so he's facing the robot*
12:48:47 AM Cass: *performs the heimlich maneuver on Abe*
12:49:04 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Right. But still, first time I've ever made something this advanced, sure as hell beats trying to fix and mod cars."
12:49:39 AM abe: *spits out the bite of sandwich, it lands in stunner's soup"*
12:50:06 AM Cass: "And that's why I made sure he wasn't facing my drink."
12:50:14 AM Stunner: *in a rage and in one motion lifts the soup with one hand and pitches it at Abe*
12:50:48 AM Janus_: *sighs as the soup splatters is shirt. "Oh, dear."*
12:51:01 AM abe: *grabs something from someone elses tray and throws it*
12:51:13 AM Cass: *grabs my drink and ducks*
12:51:39 AM Janus_: *tosses his hands up in dismay as his soup sails across the mess hall.*
12:51:41 AM abe: *throws his sandwich at stunner.*
12:51:55 AM Stunner: *takes it in the chest *
12:52:10 AM Stunner: *gasps for air as the sandwich impacts his sternum*
12:52:49 AM Janus_: *slips sideways off his chair as a handful of mashed potatoes splatters on the side of his head.*
12:53:07 AM Stunner: *attempts to run away without being seen by abe*
12:53:08 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus walks into the room at precisely that moment.
12:53:40 AM abe: some ice cream abe throws manages to land in his face
12:53:59 AM abe: [[uh, acerbus's face]]
12:54:15 AM Janus_: *rolls under the table as the food fight breaks out in earnest. Nearly fifty people begin hurling food in every direction.*
12:54:50 AM Janus_: "It's not my fault, Cass."
12:54:56 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus's face is oddly reminiscent of a kicked puppy
12:55:22 AM Pig_catapult: er… *that of a kicked puppy
12:55:30 AM Pig_catapult: The expression, rather
12:55:57 AM Cass: "I know. But you did bring me here."
12:56:05 AM Stunner: *hides in a corner, GLARING at abe*
12:56:33 AM abe: *gleefully throws food at whoever he sees*
12:56:35 AM Pig_catapult: … in light of what happened the other day, *Acerbus's face is now one of UTTER HORROR
12:56:40 AM Cass: "If it weren't better than where I was, I'd be mad."
12:57:11 AM Cass: "Side note, that's not the demonic ice cream, is it?"
12:57:21 AM Janus_: *grins and points out a mayo covered tomato in Cass' drink, before rolling out of the table, grinning, with a sandwich in his hand.*
12:57:46 AM Stunner: *looks around, grabs some ice cream and throws it at Acerbus, attempting to hit the head.*
12:57:52 AM Stunner: *waits for a reaction*
12:57:58 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus SCREAMS IN TERROR
12:58:13 AM Stunner: *(trollface)*
12:58:26 AM Janus_: *dives through the air, in slow motion, and catches the ice cream on his chest.*
12:58:48 AM Janus_: *slides to a stop in front of Acerbus. "Run… Kid… I'm done for. Huuurrrrk… bleah."*
12:58:53 AM Janus_: *'dies'.*
12:59:02 AM abe: *runs to janus's body*
12:59:23 AM abe: *cradling janus "He was too young to die!"*
12:59:26 AM Janus_: *bleaaaaaah*
12:59:34 AM Cass: *throws the worthless drink at Loki.*
12:59:43 AM Stunner: *points at abe*
12:59:54 AM Janus_: *aaaaaaaaaaaaagh*
12:59:56 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus starts crying.
12:59:57 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki just stands and carries Penny out of the Mess.
12:59:59 AM Cass: "Such a goddamn waste."
1:00:23 AM Stunner: *goes up to check if Janus_ is actually dead*
1:00:54 AM Janus_: *splats Stunner in the face with mayo.*
1:01:16 AM Cass: *walks to the bar, gets a round for the table.*
1:01:17 AM abe: "janus! you're alive! did you see real loki in there!?"
1:01:22 AM Stunner: *falls on his keister*
1:01:52 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus walks over and, sniffling, kicks Stunner a little. "Jerk."
1:02:24 AM Cass: *leaves the room."*
1:02:32 AM Stunner: *shrugs*
1:02:35 AM Janus_: *laughs as the food fight wears down and Kens comes out screaming. He hops to his feet and holds a hand out to Stunner.*
1:03:08 AM Stunner: *hesitates and then takes hold*
1:03:31 AM Janus_: *pulls up Stunner, catches Acerbus' wrist, and scoots out of the room. "Hey, Kid. What's up?"*
1:03:59 AM Zemyla: "Hey, I was talking, Loki!" She wriggles out.
1:04:21 AM Zemyla: "Besides, it's not like a food fight can hurt me."
1:04:22 AM abe: When the fight has gone down enough, looks to see if he can find the sandwich he made. Grabs it off the floor with a shoe print in it, and starts to eat it.
1:04:39 AM abe: this time with more caution
1:05:13 AM Janus_: *comes tearing past Loki, with Acerbus in tow. "Run! Kens' on the warpath!"*
1:05:16 AM Pig_catapult: "I… um… Averna said I should go eat."
1:05:33 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus is trying to keep up and not trip
1:05:58 AM Janus_: *pats himself down, then comes up with his wallet. "We'll head off ship for food. The mess is a mess."*
1:06:02 AM Cass: *is walking along. "Liquid diets can be quite healthy."*
1:06:19 AM Cass: "You should try one."
1:06:22 AM Janus_: *snags Cass, too. "This way!"*
1:07:05 AM Pig_catapult: "Maybe we should… change clothes first."
1:07:41 AM Janus_: *slows and glances down. He's covered in food. "Good point…."*
1:07:48 AM abe: *noticing no one else he knows is around, starts heading back in the direction he thinks is his room*
1:08:10 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki sighs. "Fine… I just didn't want your brand new body to get wrecked by some type of food messing anything up."
1:08:13 AM Cass: "I have a few overcoats, which would cover everything and be faster than changing."
1:09:18 AM Cass: "…Though they might not fit over all of you, Janus."
1:09:43 AM Janus_: *shakes his head. "No, don't worry. I'll grab something out of my closet. Acerbus, go change up, Cass, get Abe. We'll meet in ten minutes at the exit. Sound good?"*
1:09:59 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus nods. "Should I bring Averna?"
1:10:15 AM Stunner: *runs out of the mess screaming like a geek*
1:10:25 AM Loki_Valkarian: "You guys have fun?"
1:11:16 AM Cass: "Lots. It was like being under fire, without the dying."
1:11:21 AM Zemyla: "You should, Acerbus. She's always fun to talk to."
1:11:21 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Right.."
1:11:43 AM Janus_: *nods and runs off towards his room. "You're invited, too, Loki, Penny."*
1:12:50 AM Cass: "Let's move, people, unless you want tomorrows dinner to be sausage."
1:13:11 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki takes Penny's hand and smiles. "Shall we go?"
1:13:48 AM Cass: *heads for his room, followed by Abe's.*
1:14:56 AM abe: "What up cass?"
1:15:00 AM Stunner: *lurks after abe*
1:15:15 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus slips off to his/Averna's room
1:17:35 AM Janus_: *arrives at the exit of the RW about eleven minutes later.*
1:18:00 AM Janus_: *has a q-tip and is swirling it around his ear.*
1:18:15 AM Cass: "We're fleeing an angry man with a butcher knife. Get changed out of those dirty clothes and head for the exit."
1:18:45 AM abe: "oh neat sounds fun!"
1:19:07 AM abe: *changes into an identical outfit.*
1:20:05 AM Cass: me leads the way to the exit
Janus__ [~moc.rr.ser.lfc.69F7CB44-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.rr.ser.lfc.69F7CB44-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room. (1:20:33 AM)
1:20:45 AM Stunner: *lacking a change of clothes wipes his coat down to the best of his ability*
1:22:04 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus goes, changes out of one unremarkable set of dull, a-little-too-big clothes and into another, equally unremarkable, dull, and a-little-too-big set, and is back at the exit in a little under five minutes.
1:22:04 AM Loki_Valkarian: "OH hey Penny. We can take you clothes shopping after we eat. That sound good?"
1:22:23 AM Zemyla: "Yeah, that sounds like fun. We could take Acerbus, too."
1:22:36 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Mhmm."
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1:23:03 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Sorry if I dragged you out of there. You know I worry about you and didn't want anything to get broken."
1:23:27 AM Cass: "Ah, Stunner. You haven't unpacked yet?"
1:24:06 AM Stunner: *nods*
1:24:44 AM Zemyla: "I'm made of sterner stuff than you fear, don't worry."
1:24:51 AM abe: "you can have one of my suits!"
1:24:53 AM Pig_catapult: A little red ball of light floats over from Acerbus to Janus
1:25:21 AM abe: *points to 10 identical lincoln suits and 3 hawian shirts with shorts*
1:25:38 AM Stunner: *reluctantly changes into one of abe's suits*
1:26:33 AM Loki_Valkarian: He nods and kisses Penny.
1:26:49 AM Cass: "And now there's two of him."
1:26:58 AM Zemyla: "Ah, okay. I'll get my wallet."
1:26:59 AM Stunner: *fumes*
1:27:50 AM Pig_catapult: Janus smiles a bit, although it's not one of his normal smiles
1:30:06 AM Stunner: "This is only temporary!"
1:30:07 AM Cass: *looks around for Averna's red dot*
1:30:57 AM abe: "Well I have to say I think you look stunning"
1:31:16 AM abe: "it's a great look for you"
1:31:44 AM Janus_: *tugs his PDA out and makes a few notes on it. "Acerbus. We're going /shopping/."*
1:32:13 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki meets up with everyone, wherever they may be at.
1:32:35 AM Stunner: "where do i get one of those?"
1:32:45 AM Stunner: *points at pda*
1:32:50 AM Pig_catapult: "Sh… shopping?"
1:33:08 AM Janus_: "Talk to Gideon. He should have one for you. And yes, shopping. You need clothes that fit. Cass'll help."
1:34:01 AM Cass: "You'll look much more distinguished in a good suit. Look at how much better Stunner looks, and that doesn't even fit him."
1:34:19 AM Stunner: *plods along in the over-sized outfit*
1:34:43 AM Janus_: *frowns as he moves out of the ship. "Why… Never mind."*
1:36:11 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki heads out with Penny.
1:36:34 AM Zemyla: *heads out with Loki and everyone else.*
1:36:52 AM Janus_: *glances around. "So, where to first, folks? Whole bunch of shit to do. We've gotta give Kens time to blow off steam, too."*
1:37:18 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Yeah. YOu guys made a hell of a mess."
1:37:32 AM Loki_Valkarian: "We should get Penny some new clothes, considering this is all she has so far."
1:38:38 AM Janus_: *nods. "Acerbus needs some, too. I figure… Grays? Light ones? Cass?"*
1:38:58 AM Cass: "Excellent, there's a great little dress shop in town. Good suits are harder to find outside of Italy, but there are a few places we can check."
1:40:00 AM Cass: "Nothing black for him, he's a bit easy to overshadow. Nothing fancy, either, you should never have the flashiest outfit in the room."
1:40:06 AM Janus_: *nods. "We'll hit up the dress place, first, then. I'll have to trust your judgment on account of, y'know, having a penis."*
1:40:06 AM Stunner: *raises the windsock that is now his hand "I'm fine with a lab coat…"*
1:41:07 AM Cass: "Janus, I have dated many girls who all wanted my opinion on their clothing. You might not have had this experience, so listen up."
1:41:58 AM Cass: "You tell them they look great, no matter what, but you also don't let them wear anything ugly. If they do, it's your fault."
1:42:26 AM Cass: "So please try to learn a bit about style and fit."
1:43:08 AM abe: "lincoln always looks classy"
1:44:01 AM Janus_: *rolls his eyes. "I do alright."*
1:45:21 AM Cass: "You look good, but if your date looks like a cheap whore, it reflects poorly on you, something other people here need to learn as well."
1:45:30 AM Janus_: "Date?"
1:46:02 AM Stunner: "No time for romance, blowin up stars, not lookin at em"
1:46:05 AM Stunner: *>_>*
1:47:05 AM abe: "We should go picking up chicks!"
1:47:19 AM Cass: "Any girl on your arm needs to look good. If she doesn't, you don't look good. So you need to know what women should be wearing for any given occasion."
1:47:51 AM Janus_: *frowns. "I actually agree with Abe. Just… Not now."*
1:47:53 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki listens.
1:47:57 AM Zemyla: "Yeah, I wouldn't mind that, Abe."
1:48:07 AM Loki_Valkarian: "So, what should we—"
1:48:10 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki suddenly looks at Penny
1:48:29 AM Zemyla: "What, you think I wouldn't be attracted to girls as well?"
1:48:36 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Well…. I don't know."
1:49:52 AM Cass: "Look, if you can accept the love of a robot as normal, then why should the arbitrary gender roles forced on that robot matter?"
1:50:02 AM Loki_Valkarian: "I know I know."
1:50:52 AM Janus_: *glances between the two.*
1:50:57 AM Janus_: "Uh. Guys."
1:51:25 AM Cass: "In fact, Penny being female is just a construct you use to make it more acceptable. Her identity should properly be androgynous, or even male since that is what the english language defaults to."
1:51:27 AM Janus_: *gestures at Penny. "She's naked right now."*
1:51:38 AM Janus_: "Why don't we bring the clothes back to her?"
1:52:48 AM Zemyla: "Actually, wait. I need to make sure that I don't go inert when too far from the fighter."
1:53:19 AM Janus_: *nods. "Sounds good. Loki, you're still with us. You know her sizes best."*
1:53:33 AM Loki_Valkarian: He nods. "But what would she like then?"
1:53:33 AM Zemyla: "Yeah, being as how he built them." She grins.
1:53:46 AM Loki_Valkarian: He blushes slightly.
1:53:57 AM Zemyla: "If I don't like it, I'll have it returned. Simple."
1:54:12 AM Janus_: *nods. "I figure flashy, painful colors, going off the hair."*
1:54:23 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Right…. Mind giving me something to help pick out something nice for you?"
1:54:25 AM Cass: "Ah, I had been wondering why you had such unncessarily large…assets."
1:54:27 AM abe: "And pants. lots of pants."
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1:54:44 AM Zemyla: "That was actually a parting gift from Wade. I can't bring myself to get rid of it."
1:55:27 AM Janus_: "If I had never seen Cassimiro naked, I'm sure it'd be painful to look at."
1:56:02 AM Loki_Valkarian: "What."
1:56:41 AM Cass: "You've seen worse. Remember when Splatter was naked and not proportionately sized?"
1:56:54 AM Janus_: "No I do not."
1:56:56 AM Janus_: *glares.*
1:56:59 AM abe: "Nooo…."
1:57:10 AM Zemyla: "Anyways, have fun! And make sure to loot everyone you kill!" She heads away, to the holochamber for solitude.
1:57:32 AM Janus_: *thumbs up as they move off.*
1:57:36 AM Loki_Valkarian: Loki waves and kisses Penny.
1:57:41 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Love you babe."
1:57:55 AM Stunner: *looks for something less hulk-sized in men's apparel*
1:58:02 AM abe: *blushes "well it's a bit sudden, but I love you too loki!"*
1:58:40 AM Loki_Valkarian: "…..WHat.:
1:59:40 AM Cass: "Aww/ When are you 2 kids going to settle down together and make me some grandchildren?"
2:00:09 AM abe: "mmmmaaaaayyyybbbeeeee"
2:00:33 AM abe: [[wait I read that wrong case, strike that maybe from the record]]
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2:05:29 AM Loki_Valkarian: "Uh…. Ok….."
2:06:56 AM abe: "lets go get suited up guys!"
2:06:59 AM Janus_: *grins evilly as they move through the crowds. "So, Valkarian. Tell me…. How anatomically correct is she?"*
Seth [ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room. (2:09:12 AM)
2:10:31 AM Loki_Valkarian: He does shifty eyes. "Hundred percent…"
2:11:04 AM Janus_: "Good man. When're you gonna break it in?"
2:11:39 AM Loki_Valkarian: "M-Maybe later…"
2:11:48 AM Loki_Valkarian: More shifty eyes.
2:12:18 AM Stunner: *suits up into non-abe clothes*
2:12:22 AM Janus_: "Outstanding."
2:13:09 AM Janus_: *looks through the aisles of clothes, scoops up a hat, and tosses it to Acerbus. "Put this on."*
2:15:50 AM Pig_catapult: Acerbus obeys, not really even noticing what kind of hat it is
2:16:57 AM Janus_: *grins and looks around at the rest of the group. "Check it out, guys. I like it."*
2:19:09 AM abe: "Hmm, it looks alright"
2:19:37 AM Janus_: "We're not giving him a top hat."
2:20:04 AM Pig_catapult: Janus suddenly gives an uncharacteristic snort of laughter.
2:20:52 AM abe: "d'ahhhhh"
2:21:26 AM Cass: "Very nice choice, Averna, though I stand by my earlier statement about flash."
2:21:48 AM abe: "savior of the universe?"
2:22:04 AM Janus_: "Acerbus, Cass."
2:22:19 AM Pig_catapult: "I'm over /here,/" Janus says in a tone of voice not quite congruent with the way he normally talks.
2:22:32 AM Janus_: [[Redact mine.]]
2:23:01 AM Cass: [[If it wasn't clear, my statement was aimed at Janus.]]
2:23:11 AM Pig_catapult: [[oh. Oops.]]
2:23:15 AM Pig_catapult: [[redact mine, too]]
2:23:22 AM Cass: [[since he picked out the hat]]
2:23:36 AM Pig_catapult: *"It was his idea," Janus says in a tone of voice not quite congruent with the way he normally talks.
2:28:18 AM Cass: "It seems to fit him, but I wasn';t sure."
2:29:22 AM Janus_: "Get him some clothes, too."
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10:50:39 PM Janus_: fucking there
10:54:00 PM abe: *looks at janus "Where?"*
10:54:34 PM Janus_: *points out a vest. "Right fucking there. I like it for Acerbus. Thoughts?"*
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10:55:07 PM Pig_catapult: "I like it," Averna pipes up
10:55:09 PM abe: "Oh, Well… isn't it a little… on fire?"
10:56:03 PM Janus_: *sighs and holds it up. Flame print. "You don't think it suits him?"*
10:56:49 PM Pig_catapult: "… Well, it might not, but I still like it."
10:57:02 PM Cass: "It seems a bit much. While he needs help not vanishing into the woodwork, vanishing into his vest isn't the best option."
10:57:22 PM Pig_catapult: "But it's got fire print!"
10:57:31 PM abe: "I donna, it might confuse people into thinking he's on fire"
10:57:56 PM Janus_: *shakes his head. "Acerbus? Something less…. Fiery?"*
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The topic for #razorwing-rp is: Razorwing RP Main Room || OOC Chat: #razorwingooc || Current Location: High Orbit - Derem (11:00:15 PM)
11:00:26 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus averts his eyes and mumbles, "Shrugging isn't an acceptable answer…"
11:01:03 PM Janus_: "And eye contact?"
11:01:33 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus reluctantly makes eye contact. "That it's important?"
11:02:17 PM Stunner_: *panics*
11:02:46 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki blinks as he starts looking for clothes for Penny
11:03:07 PM Janus_: *shrugs. "That works, too, I guess. I mean, you don't have to FUCKING SCREAM, ABE!"*
11:04:13 PM abe: "Opps, sorry janus. But speak with more passion, it'll make you feel more full of life and stuff!"
11:04:48 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus's eyes are drawn to another vest. It's… much plainer. A shade of light grey.
11:05:07 PM Pig_catapult: *dark grey
11:05:11 PM Cass: "You do need to be loud and proud. You've earned a spot as a crewman on the greatest ship in the galaxy. Your every word needs to proclaim it."
11:07:07 PM Janus_: *nods, then looks over to Acerbus. "You sure about the gray one?"*
11:07:08 PM Pig_catapult: "But I… um…"
11:07:16 PM Janus_: [Redact]
11:07:20 PM Janus_: [Redact mine, rather]
Stunner_ left the room. (11:07:22 PM)
11:08:15 PM abe: "Nonsense! let's get you dressed up in something bright and vibrant!"
11:08:28 PM abe: *starts picking out a bunch of primary color cloths*
11:08:29 PM Pig_catapult: [[Nah, redact mine.]]
11:08:30 PM Zemyla: Penny rings Loki's pad.
11:08:50 PM Janus_: "No, Abe, we'll let him pick."
11:09:10 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus hesitantly reaches out and grabs the edge of the grey one.
11:09:12 PM Cass: "Abe, why don't you go help Loki shop for Penny?"
11:09:40 PM Pig_catapult: "Is this one okay?"
11:09:41 PM abe: "Okay cassy! luckily these clothes are unisex!"
11:09:59 PM abe: *throws all the cloths he picked out at loki*
11:10:39 PM Zemyla: Ring ring ring!
11:11:01 PM Janus_: *nods. "It's great. You'll need an undershirt, too. White, long sleeve, button down. I don't suppose you know your measurements?"*
11:11:17 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus shakes his head.
11:11:24 PM Pig_catapult: Averna shrugs
11:11:44 PM Janus_: "Casimiro?"
11:14:59 PM Cass: *steals a tape from a clerk*
11:15:34 PM Cass: "Stand still, erect but slightly relaxed, arms out."
11:15:52 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus awkwardly obeys
11:16:07 PM Cass: *measures Acerbus' arms, inseam, neck, waist, etc*
11:16:36 PM Cass: "Be confident. I might be doing the work, but this is about YOU. Own that."
11:16:58 PM Pig_catapult: Acerbus gulps a little, but nods.
11:17:01 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki answers. "Hey babe, what's up?"
11:18:14 PM abe: *at that moment, throws a bunch of ugly clothes at loki*
11:18:23 PM Cass: "Shouldn't be too hard to find things in your size, standard skinny, though we may want them to take in the neck. All these places seem to think that's the same for everyone…"
11:18:35 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki glares at Abe and goes back to talking.
11:19:08 PM abe: "Cassy cassy cassy cassy cassy cassy cassy cassy cassy"
11:20:12 PM Cass: "Yes, I heard you the first time, what is it?"
11:20:39 PM abe: "after we are done with acerbus, can we pick out something for meeeeee?"
11:21:21 PM Cass: "Certainly. You could use a bit of variation in your look."
11:23:23 PM abe: "squeee"
11:23:28 PM Zemyla: "Hey, sweetie. Can you turn on camera?"
11:23:51 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Sure." He pops on the camera, panning it around the womans section. "See anything you like?"
11:25:16 PM Zemyla: "Well, I could use a little black dress."
11:25:31 PM Loki_Valkarian: He smiles and starts looking for one.
11:25:37 PM Loki_Valkarian: 1d4 LOOKING FOR DRESS
11:25:38 PM Magic_8-Ball: Loki_Valkarian, LOOKING FOR DRESS: 4 [1d4=4]
11:26:21 PM Janus_: *holds up a slinky green dress in front of the camera. "It'll clash horribly with her hair."*
11:26:42 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki facepalms.
11:26:43 PM abe: "I love that dress. YOU ARE GETTING THAT DRESS!"
11:26:57 PM abe: *looks very serious about loki getting the dress*
11:26:59 PM Janus_: "What? No I'm not. It's for Penny."
11:27:12 PM abe: "I was talking to loki"
11:27:14 PM Janus_: "Oh, you meant for Loki. Yeah, I think he could pull it off."
11:27:22 PM Loki_Valkarian: "ONLY… If Penny wants it." He talks to Penny. "Well?"
11:27:37 PM Zemyla: "Hmm. Loki, check and see if that dress is in your size."
11:27:46 PM Janus_: *holds it up to Loki, picturing him in it. "Wait, for Penny? Are you talking to Penny? Lemme see the phone."*
11:27:50 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Wait what…"
11:27:52 PM abe: *tries horribly to imitate penny's voice "It looks great!"*
11:28:10 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Whoa. Hold on."
11:28:12 PM Janus_: *capitalizes on the confusion and snags the phone.*
11:28:17 PM Loki_Valkarian: "HEY!"
11:28:20 PM Janus_: "Penny! It's Janus."
11:28:57 PM Janus_: "Primary colors sound good, right? Lots of them? Multiple ones f-oooh. Tie-dye?"
11:29:01 PM Zemyla: "Hey, Janus. Make sure Loki gets two of that dress, one for me and one for him."
11:29:20 PM abe: "I LOVE tye-dye"
11:30:09 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki overheard Penny and his eyes widen. "WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE ONE?"
11:30:38 PM Pig_catapult: "Why NOT?" Averna asks gleefully
11:30:45 PM Janus_: *waves him off. "Two of the dress, but other than that, bright colors? Matching clothes?"*
11:31:06 PM abe: "bright eye catching colors!"
11:31:21 PM Janus_: *nods. "Painful, offensive ones."*
11:31:23 PM abe: "when you walk into a room, you want EVERYONE to know it!"
11:31:25 PM Loki_Valkarian: "….What the hell…"
11:31:29 PM abe: "and hate you for it"
11:31:34 PM Cass: "Loki, everyone in the room is less manly than ABRAHAM LINCOLN, so don't worry about the dress."
11:31:34 PM Loki_Valkarian: "All I wanted to do was fucking get a dress for my love."
11:31:42 PM Zemyla: "I want a variety. Bright ones for going out, sober ones for visiting employers."
11:31:54 PM Zemyla: "Yes, and I want a dress for my love, too."
11:32:23 PM Loki_Valkarian: "…Do I have to wear it in public?"
11:32:32 PM abe: "Every. day."
11:32:34 PM Janus_: *nods. "Will do. I'll get you two some shit to match. And, yes, if she wears hers, you have to match."*
11:32:46 PM Loki_Valkarian: "…….When the fuck was this a rule?"
11:32:52 PM Janus_: "Now."
11:32:56 PM Loki_Valkarian: "I knew I should have just stayed in the fucking ship.."
11:33:24 PM Zemyla: "No, you don't have to wear it in public, just for me."
11:33:34 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Oh. Well…. Fine…"
11:33:38 PM Janus_: "You have to wear it in public."
11:33:49 PM Pig_catapult: Averna reaches out and grabs a bright orangey-red dress with sequins, and holds it in front of the camera. "I like this one. What do you think, Penny?"
11:34:14 PM Cass: "Don't worry, we'll get you a matching outfit for each of hers. Suits to dresses, shirts for blouses…But when she wears that green dress, so do you."
11:34:19 PM Pig_catapult: … Very un-Janus-like behaviour
11:34:21 PM Zemyla: "Ooh, nice. Oh, I see a dark blue skirt suit in the corner over there. Could you get that as well?"
11:34:28 PM Pig_catapult: "Will do."
11:34:35 PM abe: "janus what is a seecan?"
11:35:12 PM Janus_: "Sequin. No fucking clue."
11:35:40 PM Janus_: *reaches over, snags the blue skirt suit, and tosses it to Loki. "Carry this."*
11:36:10 PM Pig_catapult: Averna points at some of the sequins on the red dress. "The round shiny things are sequins."
11:36:18 PM abe: *keeps grabing and throwing cloths on what look is holding until he can barely hold it any more*
11:37:12 PM Cass: *stops abe after the second random outfit*
11:37:29 PM Cass: "Abe, let's let him have some choice in the matter."
11:38:02 PM abe: *looking gleeful before now looks at cassy with sad puppy dog eyes*
11:38:41 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Alright alright. What do we have so far?"
11:39:15 PM Janus_: *glances at the six items. "Nowhere near enough."*
11:39:59 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Right… Am I able to pick out something for myself that ISN'T a dress?"
11:40:31 PM Cass: "Maybe enough. She ought to try these out before settling on anything else,and we do need to get Loki some matching outfits."
11:41:10 PM Janus_: "Dude. There's six items. I wear six items a day."
11:41:37 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Those six items are all dresses…"
11:41:38 PM Zemyla: "Yes, of course you can, dear."
11:41:45 PM Cass: "Yes, but you have to put up with Stunner's food fights."
11:42:00 PM Pig_catapult: "So you only get to try one outfit per trip to the changing rooms?" Averna asks.
11:42:15 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki smiles. "Alright then babe, want to give me some tips? I haven't been able to really shop for myself in a while."
11:43:51 PM Cass: "I recommend starting with a suit, probably with a blue tie."
11:44:27 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki looks around for some good suits, preferably black, with a nice blue tie.
11:44:31 PM Loki_Valkarian: 1d4 SUIT MODE
11:44:31 PM Janus_: "What?! Why are you asking the /female/ AI that JUST got a body how you should dress?"
11:44:32 PM Magic_8-Ball: Loki_Valkarian, SUIT MODE: 1 [1d4=1]
11:45:03 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Cause that female AI knows alot more about styles and shit than I ever could."
11:45:17 PM Janus_: *glares.*
11:45:21 PM Janus_: *zooms in.*
11:45:26 PM Janus_: *glares intensely at Loki.*
11:45:40 PM Janus_: "You are surrounded by three well dre-TWO well dressed men and Abe."
11:45:57 PM Loki_Valkarian: "I didn't say you guys couldn't help too."
11:45:58 PM abe: *waves*
11:46:04 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Ya durr."
11:46:17 PM Janus_: *frowns. "Loki. This is officially guys day out."*
11:46:28 PM Loki_Valkarian: "What about Averna?"
11:46:29 PM Janus_: *holds up the phone. "Penny! We shall see you later!"*
11:46:34 PM Loki_Valkarian: "HEY!"
11:46:40 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki grabs the phone.
11:46:41 PM Janus_: *hangs up the phone.*
11:46:58 PM Janus_: *stiff-arms Loki, keeps said phone.*
11:47:07 PM Loki_Valkarian: "GIVE ME IT BACK!"
11:47:09 PM Cass: "Averna has more balls than most of the 'men' out there."
11:47:09 PM Loki_Valkarian: "GODDAMNIT!"
11:47:10 PM Janus_: "Upupup! You'll get it back."
11:47:16 PM abe: *whispers to janus "What about averna?"*
11:47:16 PM Loki_Valkarian: "YOU ASSHOLE!"
11:47:44 PM Janus_: *rolls his eyes as he pockets the phone. "Guys day out, broheim. She's not going anywhere. We shall drink and get you some good shit to wear."*
11:48:04 PM Cass: "And drink."
11:48:13 PM Janus_: "Especially drink."
11:48:14 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Why…"
Stunner_ [~ten.tsewq.hamo.D90CC762-CRInys|rennutS#ten.tsewq.hamo.D90CC762-CRInys|rennutS] entered the room. (11:48:21 PM)
11:48:25 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Fucking…. Great now she probably thinks I'm an asshole."
11:48:27 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Thanks."
11:48:46 PM Janus_: "Dude, what? I've got the phone. She can see me on the camera HOLDING THE PHONE."
11:48:53 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Fine…"
11:49:00 PM Loki_Valkarian: "What's the plan?"
11:49:09 PM Janus_: *turns to Abe.*
11:49:29 PM abe: "yes?"
11:49:41 PM Janus_: *turns to Cass.*
11:50:13 PM Cass: ""I'm game."
11:50:16 PM Janus_: "We shall pay for our stuff."
11:50:28 PM Janus_: "We will go to a bar, where we will start a fight, with ten men."
11:50:31 PM Janus_: "We will win."
11:50:34 PM abe: "uh janus, can I get my suit first?"
11:50:54 PM Janus_: *glares at Abe. "We will then go to a seedy part of town, find another bar, and drink it."*
11:51:03 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki facepalms. "Why start a fight? I thought this was shopping and dick-around day, not run around and be a dick day."
11:51:07 PM Stunner_: "drink the bar?"
11:51:38 PM Janus_: "The entire bar. And this is guys day out. Drinking, fighting, and general dickery is how men bond."
11:51:51 PM abe: "That is the same thing loki!"
11:51:53 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Well… Sorry if I'm the safer type."
11:52:05 PM Stunner_: "Also I insist on abe paying for my new outfit since he started the food fight"
11:52:23 PM Janus_: "Fear not. You only have to fight one man. We'll get the rest. Stunner! Where've you been. You're coming, too."
11:52:29 PM Cass: "You have never enjoyed yourself the way we will today, Loki Valkarian."
11:52:29 PM abe: "Fine mister cheapy cheap."
11:52:44 PM Loki_Valkarian: "YOu think I can take on just one guy?"
11:52:50 PM Loki_Valkarian: "Man, you don't know /SHIT/ about me."
11:53:00 PM Cass: "Abe, red suit, far wall. Looks like your size."
11:53:01 PM Loki_Valkarian: Loki cracks his knuckles.
11:53:15 PM abe: "oh niiicccceeee!"
11:53:23 PM abe: *grabs the suit*
11:54:00 PM Janus_: *grins. "See, I knew it. You're as much a bastard as the rest of us. Get something sickeningly audacious. There's two types of terrible clothes. Clothes that offend the lookers and clothes that offend everyone in a mile radius."*
11:54:05 PM Janus_: "We need the latter."
11:54:07 PM abe: "Well look they don't make people in halves. Except midgets, but I am not sure thy are people"
11:54:11 PM Cass: "You. Clerk. You will ring us up, you will give us a 15% discount for the bulk order and because we're such nice people, and then you will deliver these to the Razorwing 2 by tomorrow."
11:54:32 PM abe: *pulls out a centurion card to pay for everything*
11:54:58 PM Stunner_: "Razorwing 2? where is 1??"
11:55:11 PM abe: "And where is razorwing 3?"

((alas, the cutoff made it so I couldn't get anything before this line))

[21:55] <Loki_Valkarian> "One got blown up. Three hasn't been made yet."
[21:56] * Janus_ searches up and down the aisles, changes, and returns several minutes later. The pants and jacket are seafoam green, the vest is a shimmering silver, and the tie… The tie is actually moving. A kaleidoscope pattern.
[21:56] <Loki_Valkarian> "What. The fuck. Is THAT?"
[21:56] * Janus_ smiles evilly. "Goddamn fantastic."
[21:57] <Loki_Valkarian> "Sure…"
[21:57] <Janus_> "Everyone. Dress to clash."
[21:57] <Loki_Valkarian> "We'll go with that for now….."
[21:57] * Cass picks out a pinstripe suit, with shoulderpads, and a red tie
[21:58] <Pig_catapult> Averna grabbed some VERY bright reds, oranges, and yellows for Acerbus.
[21:58] <Pig_catapult> "You can keep the hat."
[21:58] * Janus_ shakes his head. "Cass. Brighter. Louder."
[21:58] * Cass grabs a fedora
[21:59] <Stunner_> "I dont know how to 'clash'" >_>
[21:59] * Cass now looks like an 80's gangster
[21:59] * abe grabs a baby blue suit and gives it to cass"
[21:59] <abe> "WEAR THIS AND BE AWESOME"
[21:59] <Pig_catapult> "Thanks… I think…" Acerbus mumbles, staring at the really bright jumble of clothes Averna just shoved into his arms
[21:59] <Cass> "…That works, actually. But I'm keeping the hat."
[21:59] <Cass> [the hat has a blue band]
[21:59] * Janus_ shakes his head and points.
[22:00] <Pig_catapult> (Put an orange feather in it)
[22:00] <Janus_> "Cass. Wear that."
[22:00] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki goes through the ailes and pulls out a suit and fedora combo, he now looks like Jigen from Lupin the 3rd, minus the goatee, but he could always grow that out.
[22:00] <Loki_Valkarian> "I'd rather look badass while beating the shit out of people, thank you."
[22:00] <Cass> "No. I have some standards."
[22:01] <abe> "no no, you have to look silly, or else people might take you seriously!"
[22:01] * Janus_ nods sagely. "Abe is correct. A badass winning a barfight? Expected. Bland. Someone in a sequin suit kicking the shit out of a trucker?"
[22:01] <Stunner_> "I believe my everyday outfit should suffice…"
[22:01] <Cass> "A baby blue suit is silly enough. The feather completes it."
[22:02] * Janus_ sighs. "Fine, Cass. You get feathers."
[22:02] * abe throws the sequin suit at stunner
[22:02] <abe> "If I am buying it, I get to choose what you get, and you are getting this"
[22:02] * Janus_ reaches into a nearby bin and comes out with a feather boa. Bright orange. "Cass."
[22:02] * Stunner_ jumps out of the way like its corrosive
[22:03] <abe> "now that is just rude sir!"
[22:03] <Stunner_> "you cant be serious…"
[22:03] <Stunner_> "at least get it made into a lab coat"
[22:03] <Pig_catapult> "You guys do realise we're going to end up looking like a bunch of pimps, right?" Averna brings up. "And I call dibs on that boa if he doesn't want it."
[22:04] <Janus_> "He wants it."
[22:04] <Pig_catapult> "Fine."
[22:04] <abe> "Alright deal Proffesor stunner!"
[22:04] * Stunner_ shamefully puts on the sequined lab coat…
[22:05] <Cass> "I'll wear a black boa and a black father in my cap. Orange clashes too horribly."
[22:05] <abe> "what surprises me the most is that they actually have one"
[22:05] <Janus_> "Exactly."
[22:05] * Janus_ drapes the orange on Cass. "That's the point."
[22:06] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki sighs and goes back into the isles, pulling out the same outfit as Lupin's basically, losing the fedora. "How about this?"
[22:06] <Cass> "Fine, but only because a boa is an adequate weapon, as well as looking horrible."
[22:06] <Pig_catapult> "You were thinking of using it as a garrote, too?"
[22:07] * Janus_ sighs. "No, no, no. Better, though, but too much like Lupin. Something…. Brighter."
[22:07] <Loki_Valkarian> "…I'm surprised you actually know who that is."
[22:07] * Janus_ winks. "I know lots of things."
[22:07] * Janus_ disappears down an aisle.
[22:07] <Loki_Valkarian> "Sure…"
[22:07] <Janus_> "Mind you, Abe was a bigger anime nut…."
[22:08] * Janus_ continues, growing quieter and louder at times. "I watched a few things with him is all."
[22:08] <Loki_Valkarian> "Ok.."
[22:08] <Janus_> "A-HA!"
[22:08] <Cass> "He's just saying that. The 2 of them watched cartoons together once a week for YEARS."
[22:09] * Janus_ comes walking out, hand behind his back. "Loki. You will wear this."
[22:09] <Pig_catapult> "I saw the Yu Yu Hakusho remake when it first came out in 2795."
[22:09] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki crosses his arms, waiting.
[22:09] * Janus_ brings his hands around.
[22:09] <abe> "Yes. janus. IT IS GLORIOUS!"
[22:10] <Loki_Valkarian> "Fine… You know that could work in a night club. Makes me look like I came out of a Daft Punk concert."
[22:10] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki goes to change into the suit.
[22:10] <Janus_> "And one last thing…"
[22:11] * Janus_ brings a cape out of his pocket. Hot pink.
[22:11] * Janus_ dons it with a flourish.
[22:11] <Loki_Valkarian> "…No."
[22:11] <Janus_> "Oh, yeah."
[22:11] <Loki_Valkarian> "Oh god."
[22:11] <Janus_> "Oh, baby."
[22:11] <Loki_Valkarian> "At least mine will distract people."
[22:11] <abe> "We are the best dress chaps in town.
[22:12] <Loki_Valkarian> "That will just fucking BLIND the shit out of them."
[22:12] <Cass> "Capes are fairly useful. Why do you think I always have long coats on?"
[22:13] <Loki_Valkarian> "Hmm."
[22:13] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki gets an idea.
[22:13] <Pig_catapult> "Is there a dial on that one? If we turn the blink speed up high enough, we could cause someone to have an epileptic seizure."
[22:13] <Loki_Valkarian> "Why don't… We all wear capes.."
[22:13] <Pig_catapult> *on that suit
[22:13] <Janus_> "No, no. Too many capes is a bad idea. Look at the Justice League. Two capes."
[22:13] <Loki_Valkarian> "Ah. Right."
[22:13] <abe> "oh I got an idea!"
[22:14] * Janus_ looks at Abe. "Really?"
[22:14] * Stunner_ braces for impact
[22:14] * abe starts rummaging through the back of the clearance rack, in the 90% off bin
[22:14] <abe> "I knew they'd have it!"
[22:14] <Pig_catapult> Acerbus goes and gets changed into his ridiculous outfit. It's not like he had any self-respect anyway.
[22:14] <Janus_> "ohboyohboy."
[22:14] * abe pulls out this!
[22:15] <Cass> Perfect for you, Abe."
[22:15] <Janus_> "Don your coat, oh President of Presidents."
[22:16] * abe puts on the technicolor dream coat
[22:16] <Loki_Valkarian> "Holy shit my eyes."
[22:16] <abe> "are overwhelmed with flavor!"
[22:17] <Stunner_> "Its like its made of Fruit Stripe gum…"
[22:17] <Janus_> "I can see forever."
[22:17] <Cass> "Now. Lets leave. We must find a bar full of bikers, truckers, and rednecks. And then beat them to a pulp. While looking like queers."
[22:18] <Loki_Valkarian> "I still think this is an insane idea.."
[22:19] <abe> "You mean the most insanely best idea EVER!"
[22:19] <Janus_> "Come. I shall lead the way."
[22:19] * Janus_ exeunt.
[22:19] <Cass> "If you're afraid, you can always return to the ship."
[22:19] * Cass follows Janus. "Of courst, that would make you a coward."
[22:20] * Janus_ shouts as he exits the store. "COWARDS DIE IN SHAME!"
[22:20] * abe follows janus too"
[22:20] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki sighs and follows everyone.
[22:21] * Janus_ leads the way as the group forms into a wedge behind him. The crowds part, pause, then turn and stare.
[22:22] <Janus_> THIS STARTS PLAYING.
[22:23] <Pig_catapult> ((We also got the rest of Acerbus's Trilby outfit, right?))
[22:23] * abe sighs sadly "If only hats mchallhand was hear right now. He'd really fit in… :("
[22:23] <Cass> [[all the non-horrid outfits and our old clothes are being delivered to the ship]]
[22:23] <Pig_catapult> [[k]]
[22:28] * Cass grabs a guy in boots with a massive belt buckle using the boa
[22:28] <Cass> "Where can I get a glass of jack around here?!"
[22:31] <Pig_catapult> "What the FUCK do you think you're doing, faggot?"
[22:32] <Cass> "I want a damn good drink, and I don't know this town. I'm asking nicely where to find one."
[22:32] * Cass stares the redneck down
[22:33] <Pig_catapult> One of the big guy's friends is all "Hey, is that guy checking you out?" One of the others is all "I think he totally is, bro."
[22:34] <Pig_catapult> Straight male ego now horribly bruised, Biker #1 decides to commit some hate crimes against Cass's face
[22:34] * Cass reaches down and starts crushing the guy's balls. "I asked you a question. Where's your favorite bar. Please answer me."
[22:34] * Janus_ stands with his hands on his hip at Cass' side, SASSY.
[22:34] <Pig_catapult> ((redact that last line))
[22:35] * abe mirrors janus on the other side of cassy
[22:35] * Janus_ BLUE STEEL
[22:35] <Janus_>
[22:35] <Pig_catapult> Several octaves higher than before. "That way."
[22:35] * Stunner_ contemplates the difficulty of hiding anywhere in sequins…
[22:35] <Pig_catapult> Dude points down the street
[22:36] * Cass kisses his cheek "Thanks for being so helpful."
[22:36] * abe winks at the biker as we walk away
[22:36] * Janus_ curtsies and stomps off. "Ever so helpful."
[22:36] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki just casually walks off with his hands in his pockets.
[22:37] <Pig_catapult> Acerbus tries not to be noticed as he sticks close to Janus
[22:38] <Pig_catapult> 5d6-9001 stealth
[22:38] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, stealth: -8977 [5d6=4,5,5,5,5]
[22:38] * Stunner_ hides behind abes giant frame
[22:38] * Janus_ struts with a callous disregard for human sanity.
[22:38] <Pig_catapult> Um, they get to a bar called… The Rusty Blood
[22:39] * Janus_ boots the door in.
[22:39] * Janus_ enters, the entire group forming a wedge behind him as the door shuts.
[22:40] <Janus_> "Hello, boys…."
[22:40] * Janus_ BLUE STEEL
[22:40] <abe> *LE TIGRE*
[22:41] * Cass Ferrari
[22:41] * Loki_Valkarian >.>
[22:41] <Pig_catapult> Acerbus <.<
[22:41] <Pig_catapult> A few drunk guys swagger over. "We dun like yer kind round these pars."
[22:41] * Stunner_ MAGNUM
[22:42] <Pig_catapult> says, er, Drunk Redneck Biker #1
[22:42] <Cass> "If this bar serves real alcohol, then I don't care what you think. If it doesn't, then I still don't care, but I also have to look at your face, so I'm angrier."
[22:43] * abe in his most effeminate voice possible "Why what kind of people are you talking about!?"
[22:43] * Janus_ whirls around fabulously, splaying his cloak across DRB#1. "STUNNER! MAGNUM IS NOT YET READY!"
[22:43] * Stunner_ freezes in horror!
[22:44] <Pig_catapult> DRB#1 growls, and unleashes his Drunken Homophobic Rage!
[22:44] * Stunner_ strikes a john travolta "Saturday Night Fever" disco pose after a twirl
[22:46] <Pig_catapult> 4d6 Hate Crime Plz?
[22:46] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, Hate Crime Plz?: 14 [4d6=3,4,4,3]
[22:46] <Pig_catapult> (On Janus)
[22:47] * Janus_ 4d6 fabulous defense
[22:47] <Janus_> 4d6 fabulous defense
[22:47] <Magic_8-Ball> Janus_, fabulous defense: 13 [4d6=3,1,5,4]
[22:47] <Pig_catapult> His punch glances off you cheek.
[22:47] <Pig_catapult> *your
[22:48] <Pig_catapult> DRB#2 and DRB#3 charge Abe and Loki respectively
[22:48] * Janus_ staggers backwards, wailing, falling into Abes arms.
[22:48] <Loki_Valkarian> 4d6 BLOCKAN
[22:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Loki_Valkarian, BLOCKAN: 14 [4d6=5,5,1,3]
[22:48] <Pig_catapult> 2#4d6
[22:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, 2#4d6: 17 [4d6=5,6,2,4], 18 [4d6=1,5,6,6]
[22:49] <abe> 6d6 DE FANCE!
[22:49] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, DE FANCE!: 16 [6d6=6,2,2,1,4,1]
[22:49] <Pig_catapult> They both get in good shots
[22:49] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki staggers and charges at DRB 3.
[22:49] <Loki_Valkarian> 4d6+1 KAMINA PUNCH
[22:49] <Magic_8-Ball> Loki_Valkarian, KAMINA PUNCH: 15 [4d6=3,5,1,5]
[22:49] * abe staggers back a bit stunned anyone managed to hit him
[22:50] <Pig_catapult> 3d6 OUCH
[22:50] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, OUCH: 6 [3d6=1,1,4]
[22:50] * Janus_ misses Abe and collapses on the ground
[22:50] <Pig_catapult> DRB 3 takes a Kamina punch right in the kisser
[22:51] <abe> 6d6 BACK TO THE MAN WHO DARED HIT ME
[22:51] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, BACK TO THE MAN WHO DARED HIT ME: 23 [6d6=3,5,5,6,1,3]
[22:51] <Loki_Valkarian> [[ Whoa. 6d6 def AND fucking melee? ]]
[22:51] <Pig_catapult> 3d6 Am I gonna have a face after this?
[22:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, Am I gonna have a face after this?: 8 [3d6=5,1,2]
[22:51] <Cass> [[HE IS ABRAHAM LINCOLN]]
[22:51] <Pig_catapult> The answer is no
[22:52] * Janus_ stands, fabulously.
[22:52] * Janus_ gets a running start and delivers a fullpower open handed slap to someone.
[22:52] <Janus_> 3d6 SLAP
[22:52] <Magic_8-Ball> Janus_, SLAP: 4 [3d6=1,2,1]
[22:52] <Pig_catapult> … DRB 1 laughs in your face.
[22:53] <Pig_catapult> 4d6 Then punches you
[22:53] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, Then punches you: 11 [4d6=5,1,4,1]
[22:53] * Janus_ repeats his earlier collapse, sliding off a wall, wailing piteously.
[22:53] * Cass double-teams DRB 1
[22:54] <Cass> 1d4 old man kick
[22:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Cass, old man kick: 4 [1d4=4]
[22:54] <Pig_catapult> Acerbus joins in with Averna's knife, because that's what averna would do
[22:54] * Stunner_ starts trying to form some form of catapult out of a collapsed table
[22:54] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 never stabbed anyone before
[22:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, never stabbed anyone before: 4 [1d4=4]
[22:55] <Pig_catapult> … well, DRB 1 now has a bruised shin and a knife sticking out of his shoulder
[22:56] <Pig_catapult> 4d6 DRB 3 both still has a face and attacks Cass
[22:56] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, DRB 3 both still has a face and attacks Cass: 11 [4d6=4,1,4,2]
[22:56] <Cass> 5d6 unnaturally agile dodge
[22:56] <Magic_8-Ball> Cass, unnaturally agile dodge: 16 [5d6=1,3,4,6,2]
[22:57] <Pig_catapult> And… ends up stumbling, leaving himself wide open for someone else to take a shot
[22:57] * Janus_ rises in time to fabulously catch Cass, pirouette him, and deposit him on his feet.
[22:57] <abe> 6d6 takes the opening on drb 3
[22:57] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, takes the opening on drb 3: 21 [6d6=4,2,4,3,4,4]
[22:58] <Pig_catapult> 3d6 RIGHT IN THE HEAD
[22:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, RIGHT IN THE HEAD: 9 [3d6=1,3,5]
[22:58] <Pig_catapult> DRB 3 is down and OUT
[22:59] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki goes for DRB 1
[22:59] <Pig_catapult> DRB 1 realises that both his friends just got wiped, and starts backing away…
[22:59] <Loki_Valkarian> 4d6 KAMINA PUNCH
[22:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Loki_Valkarian, KAMINA PUNCH: 16 [4d6=4,4,5,3]
[22:59] <Pig_catapult> 3d6 DRUNKEN BACKPEDALLING
[22:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, DRUNKEN BACKPEDALLING: 13 [3d6=6,5,2]
[22:59] <Pig_catapult> DRB 1 gets hit in the chest and falls on his ass.
[23:00] <Pig_catapult> "Where do you think you're going with my knife, bitch?" Averna growls, and pounces
[23:00] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki CURBS STOMPS THAT BITCH
[23:00] <Loki_Valkarian> 4d6 STOMP HIM IN THE NUTS
[23:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Loki_Valkarian, STOMP HIM IN THE NUTS: 14 [4d6=2,4,6,2]
[23:00] <Cass> 1d4 curbstomp
[23:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Cass, curbstomp: 2 [1d4=2]
[23:00] <Pig_catapult> 5d6 BURNING CURBSTOMP
[23:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, BURNING CURBSTOMP: 17 [5d6=5,3,2,3,4]
[23:00] <Janus_> 3d6 DOUBLE CURBSTOMP
[23:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Janus_, DOUBLE CURBSTOMP: 10 [3d6=3,4,3]
[23:01] <abe> 6d6 JOININ IN ON THE CURB STOMP
[23:01] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, JOININ IN ON THE CURB STOMP: 23 [6d6=2,2,6,6,2,5]
[23:01] <Pig_catapult> … I think DRB 1 needs a trip to the ER. His everything is caved in
[23:02] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki laughs. "EAT IT BITCH!"
[23:02] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 Acerbus kinda kicks the guy JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE
[23:02] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, Acerbus kinda kicks the guy JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE: 4 [1d4=4]
[23:02] <Janus_> "STUNNER! NOW!"
[23:02] * Janus_ BLUE STEEL
[23:02] * Cass FERRARI
[23:02] * Stunner_ blue steel
[23:03] <abe> *le tigre!*
[23:03] * Stunner_ MAGNUM
[23:03] <Janus_> 1000D6 BLUE STEEL
[23:03] <Stunner_> 999d6 MAGNUM
[23:03] <Magic_8-Ball> Stunner_, I don't have enough dice to roll that!
[23:04] * Janus_ strolls up to the bar, stomping across the DRB1s nuts, and smiles fabulously. "Sex on the beach."
[23:05] * abe orders a appleteni
[23:05] * Cass walks to the bar. "Cheap Vodka!"
[23:05] <Pig_catapult> The bartender, whose face is frozen in D: takes a moment to realise you're talking to HIM, then nod hastily and starts making your girly drinks
[23:05] <Stunner_> "that deserves an Arbor mist!"
[23:05] <Loki_Valkarian> "Kalua in milk, shaken."
[23:06] <Loki_Valkarian> REDACT
[23:06] <Loki_Valkarian> INSTEAD IT'S A BLOODY MARY
[23:06] <Loki_Valkarian> VERY SPICY
[23:06] <Pig_catapult> "Um… what's a good drink?" Acerbus asks quietly
[23:06] * Janus_ leans over. "My /friiii~end will have a Strawberry Colada. Virgin."
[23:08] <Janus_> "Only the manliest for you, Acerbus. Make sure you take it alllL~…. <3"
[23:08] * Janus_ manages to pronounce the heart, somehow.
[23:09] <Pig_catapult> "O-okay."
[23:10] * abe whispers to acerbus "virgin means there is more alcohol in it, you know, so you get used to it…"
[23:12] * Janus_ glances at the bartender and bats his eyelashes. "Tell me I'm pretty."
[23:12] <Pig_catapult> "Y-you're pretty," the bartender says with a terrified gulp
[23:13] * Janus_ smiles dreamily. "Awwww."
[23:15] * abe writes down his phone number and hands it to the bartender "Call me if you ever get… lonely" and winks at him
[23:15] * Stunner_ attempts to join the crowd by slapping abe on the ass
[23:15] <Stunner_> "GOOD GAME"
[23:16] <Pig_catapult> The bartender's face becomes even more horrified, if that was possible
[23:16] * Janus_ slaps himself on the ass. "You go, girl!"
[23:17] <Pig_catapult> Y'all get yer girly drinks
[23:17] * abe drinks his down in one gulp with his pinky out
[23:17] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki just drinks his, been a while since he had a spicy drink.
[23:18] * Stunner_ carefully sips his wine cooler
[23:18] * Cass chugs his vodka
[23:18] <Pig_catapult> Acerbus stares at his drink like it might bite him
[23:18] <Pig_catapult> … then he picks it up and takes a long gulp anyway.
[23:18] * Janus_ shakes his head. "Where's my umbrella?"
[23:19] <Pig_catapult> The bartender hastily supplies one
[23:19] <Pig_catapult> [no, wait, redact]
[23:19] <Pig_catapult> "I… I don't think we have any…"
[23:19] * Janus_ stares.
[23:19] <Pig_catapult> The bartender frantically starts looking for some
[23:19] * abe stops aghast
[23:19] * Janus_ stares in shock.
[23:19] * Stunner_ stealths behind the bar to look for some
[23:19] * Janus_ slides off his stool.
[23:20] * Cass stands
[23:20] * Janus_ gestures for the others to join him.
[23:20] <Pig_catapult> The bartender begins to cower
[23:20] * Janus_ grabs the bar.
[23:20] * Janus_ lifts.
[23:20] * abe stands and grabs the bar
[23:20] * Cass grabs the bar
[23:20] * Cass lifts
[23:20] * abe lifts
[23:20] * Stunner_ panics as the bar moves
[23:20] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki walks up and grabs the bar.
[23:20] * Stunner_ grabs the bartender
[23:21] <Pig_catapult> The top of the bar counter comes clean off and flips over
[23:21] <Pig_catapult> spilling everything everywhere
[23:21] * Janus_ storms out in a huff, stomping on DRB1s nuts as he goes.
[23:21] <Stunner_> "FIX THIS! WHY IS IT DOING THIS!?"
[23:21] * abe hurls the bar counter at the drinks behind the bar!"
[23:21] * abe then calm walks out
[23:21] <Pig_catapult> The bartender faints away
[23:21] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki walks out with everyone.
[23:21] * Cass picks up the one unbroken bottle and walks out
[23:22] <Janus_> Cass gets a bottle of strawberry syrup.
[23:22] <Pig_catapult> Averna hops out of Janus to grab Acerbus and walk him out, since he seems to have forgotten how his legs work
[23:22] * Stunner_ straggles away from behind the bar with a bottle of bourbon
[23:23] <Cass> "So, Acerbus, how do you like your night out so far?"
[23:23] <Stunner_> "DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!?"
[23:23] <Pig_catapult> The entire bar watches them leave, frozen in horror
[23:23] <Stunner_> "THE BAR JUST GOT UP ALL ON ITS OWN!"
[23:23] * abe says "toddles! as we walked out."
[23:26] * Janus_ strolls, hands in his pockets, leading the wedge.
[23:27] <Pig_catapult> "I think he's stunned," Averna tells Cass
[23:27] <Janus_> "Tethtothterone overload."
[23:28] <Cass> "Well, let's do something fun while we wait for him to recover. Is there another bar around here?"
[23:30] <Pig_catapult> "Are… are we going to flip that one over, too?" Acerbus asks meekly.
[23:30] <Janus_> "Only if it deserveth it."
[23:30] <Cass> "Only if they don't have whiskey."
[23:30] <abe> "maybe… depends on if they have those umbrellas."
[23:30] <Janus_> "That'th what I thaid."
[23:30] <Janus_> "If they detherve it."
[23:31] <Pig_catapult> "… Guys, are the lisps really necessary?" Averna asks. =|
[23:32] <Janus_> "What lithpth?"
[23:32] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki really quickly hacks his suit to make the lights flash and blink at insane speeds.
[23:33] <Loki_Valkarian> 5d6+2 HACK
[23:33] <Magic_8-Ball> Loki_Valkarian, HACK: 17 [5d6=3,3,2,6,1]
[23:33] * Janus_ slaps Loki. "WAIT!"
[23:33] <Loki_Valkarian> "WHAT?"
[23:33] * Janus_ disappears into a nearby store.
[23:33] <Loki_Valkarian> "What is he doing?"
[23:33] <abe> "something awesome!"
[23:34] * Janus_ steps out, seconds later. Something is in his hands.
[23:34] <Janus_>
[23:34] <Janus_> WAIT
[23:34] <Janus_>
[23:34] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki /grins/ "Let's do this."
[23:34] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki takes the boombox.
[23:34] * Janus_ plays this:
[23:35] * Janus_ starts dancing in the middle of the street.
[23:35] * Janus_ breaks it down.
[23:40] <Cass> "No, let's just find a GAY BAR."
[23:41] * Janus_ stops, midway through his breakdance, and stares. "GAYBARGAYBAR GAY BAR!"
[23:46] <Cass> "Yes. I'm in the mood for something fruity."
[23:46] * Janus_ glances at Abe. "Zebra Gum?"
[23:48] <| Loki_Valkarian has left #razorwing-rp
[23:48] —>| Loki_Valkarian (~PI.C5686D6D.33EB4B47.706DA46C|divrotciv#PI.C5686D6D.33EB4B47.706DA46C|divrotciv) has joined #razorwing-rp
[23:49] * abe leads everyone to the rusty donut
[23:50] * Janus_ follows fabulously.
[23:50] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki follows, looking VERY uncomfortable but just follows along with boombox in hand.
[23:52] * Janus_ boots the door in, sending it flying off its rusty, flimsy hinges, scattering a group of men. "WE ARE TURBO SEXOPHONIC! PREPARE YOUR ANUS!"
[23:53] * Cass looks around "Aww, hell, this bar is full of faggots."
[23:53] <Pig_catapult> "… Duh?" Averna asks
[23:54] * Janus_ strolls in and fiats a cane into his hand. "Now it is!"
[23:54] * Janus_ hurls the cane across the room.
[23:55] <Janus_> 5d6 CANED
[23:55] <Magic_8-Ball> Janus_, CANED: 14 [5d6=1,5,2,5,1]
[23:55] <Pig_catapult> Good job. You hit a bear
[23:55] <Janus_> "Oh christ."
[23:56] <Janus_> "I'm sorry, Abe."
[23:56] <abe> "It's cool brah"
[23:56] * Stunner_ 'Thriller's into the bar
[23:57] * abe moonwalks into the bar
[23:58] * Cass does the robot into the bar
[00:01] —>| Cassimiro (~ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.57EC8F55-CRInys|ad29a4da#ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.57EC8F55-CRInys|ad29a4da) has joined #razorwing-rp
[00:01] |<
Cass has left (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[00:01] <Pig_catapult> Averna sashays in
[00:02] <Pig_catapult> A group of guys dressed JUST as bizarrely as y'all walks over
[00:02] <Pig_catapult> They're making eyes at y'all
[00:02] * Janus_ leans back.
[00:02] * Janus_ leans WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BACK
[00:02] <Cassimiro> "They. Took. Our. Look."
[00:02] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki just has >.>
[00:02] * Janus_ leans at a 90 degree angle.
[00:03] * Janus_ is looking down on them.
[00:03] <Janus_> "Sons of whores."
[00:03] * abe takes off his glasses
[00:03] <abe> "The. fuck. Is. this."
[00:04] * Cassimiro removes his glasses
[00:04] <Pig_catapult> Their leader lowers his own fantabulous glasses, and utters seven words: "We challenge you to a dance-off."
[00:04] * Janus_ discards his. "TEAM SEXOPHONIC! ATTHEMBLE!"
[00:05] * Janus_ flexes sassily. "MASTA SEXOPHONIC!"
[00:05] * abe assembles in the proper position
[00:05] * Cassimiro BLUE STEEL
[00:05] <abe> *LE TIGRE*
[00:05] * Janus_ MAGNUM
[00:05] * Stunner_ staggers
[00:06] * Janus_ is somehow holding the cane in his hand again.
[00:06] * Janus_ commences spinning said cane.
[00:07] <Magic_8-Ball> Janus_, SASSY SEXY PIMP CANE LOVE-LOVE DANCE OF JUSTICE: 29 [7d6=6,1,3,1,6,6,6]
[00:07] <Stunner_> "I'LL FORM…"
[00:07] <Stunner_> "THE HEAD"
[00:08] <abe> "I WILL FORM…. THE BODY!"
[00:08] * abe picks up stunner
[00:08] <Janus_> "I WILL FORM THE LEFT LEG!"
[00:08] * Janus_ lifts Abe!
[00:09] * Janus_ compresses a vertebrae!
[00:09] * Janus_ maintains SASSY COMPOSURE!
[00:09] <Cassimiro> I WILL FORM THE RIGHT LEG
[00:09] * Cassimiro grabs Abe's other leg
[00:09] <Pig_catapult> Averna winks. "I WILL FORM THE LEFT ARM"
[00:10] <Pig_catapult> Averna teleports up and grabs Abe's arm
[00:11] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki just goes and tries to make a right arm.
[00:11] <Loki_Valkarian> "RIGHT ARM OF JUSTICE!"
[00:12] * abe preforms the ultimate dance move, volition robot!
[00:12] <abe> voltron*
[00:13] <abe> 6D6 VOLTRON ROBOT
[00:13] <abe> 6d6 VOLTRON ROBOT
[00:13] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, VOLTRON ROBOT: 23 [6d6=6,2,2,6,4,3]
[00:13] <Pig_catapult> THEY FORM THEIR OWN ROBOT
[00:13] <Pig_catapult> AND TURN INTO POWER RANGERS
[00:13] * Stunner_ pees on abes neck in fear a little
[00:14] * abe takes the pee like a man
[00:14] <Pig_catapult> 6d6 MEGADANCEZORD
[00:14] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, MEGADANCEZORD: 20 [6d6=5,2,2,2,5,4]
[00:15] <Janus_> 20d6 YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!
[00:15] <Magic_8-Ball> Janus_, YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!: 66 [20d6=4,6,1,3,3,3,4,1,1,4,5,2,4,5,5,1,1,3,6,4]
[00:15] <abe> 6d6 FLAMING PUNCH
[00:15] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, FLAMING PUNCH: 22 [6d6=3,5,4,2,5,3]
[00:16] * Stunner_ wobbles a bit from the force
[00:16] <Pig_catapult> 6d6 RAINBOW SHIELD
[00:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, RAINBOW SHIELD: 17 [6d6=1,3,1,5,5,2]
[00:16] <Pig_catapult> … Averna bursts through the rainbow shield and sets their clothes on fire
[00:16] <Pig_catapult> [redacted]
[00:17] * Janus_ watches as Averna spirals, screaming like a banshee, through the shield. The rainbow splits Acerbus into SEVEN COLORFUL VERSIONS OF HIMSELF!
[00:18] * Janus_ is goddamn fabulous!
[00:18] * abe watches as the bar lights up as one of the gay robots falls on it
[00:18] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki then activates super blink mode on his outfit, a vortex of flashing lights surrounding him.
[00:18] <Cassimiro> The bar is stunned into silence, broken only by the thumping base
[00:19] * Janus_ and the entire team, is gone by the time the patrons clear their eyes.
[00:19] * Janus_ glances around at the others from the back alley.
[00:19] * Stunner_ is dazed by his sequins and requires assistance
[00:19] <Janus_> "Where the fuck's my boombox?"
[00:19] <Pig_catapult> "What the fuck just HAPPENED?"
[00:19] <abe> "I think it exploded in the pure awesome of MAGNUM:
[00:19] <Cassimiro> All that remains of their presence is a single orange feather
[00:20] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki tosses the boombox over to Janus
[00:20] * Stunner_ stumbles around
[00:20] <Stunner_> "HHAALLLPP"
[00:20] * Janus_ turns. "MAI FURIENDSU!"
[00:20] <Cassimiro> "Averna, I think Stunner needs help relearning how to walk."
[00:21] <Pig_catapult> Averna nods, hops over to Stunner
[00:21] <Pig_catapult> Acerbus is all o__o
[00:22] <Janus_> "We're missing…. ONE MORE MAN."
[00:22] <abe> "what do we have left janus… what have do we have left"
[00:22] <Janus_> "WE HAVEN'T FOUGHT TEN MEN."
[00:22] <Janus_> "WE'VE ONLY FOUGHT NINE."
[00:22] <Cassimiro> 1d4 punches janus
[00:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Cassimiro, punches janus: 2 [1d4=2]
[00:22] * abe pulls a random guy off the street and head butts him
[00:22] <abe> 6d6 HEADBUTT
[00:22] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, HEADBUTT: 17 [6d6=2,1,5,5,3,1]
[00:22] <Pig_catapult> 1d6 OH GOD WAT
[00:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, OH GOD WAT: 6 [1d6=6]
[00:23] * Janus_ shrugs. "Good enough for me. Lets go home!"
[00:23] <Pig_catapult> He doesn't die
[00:23] * abe tosses him into a trash can
[00:23] <abe> 6d6 trash can
[00:23] <Magic_8-Ball> abe, trash can: 22 [6d6=3,4,5,4,5,1]
[00:23] <Pig_catapult> 6d6 WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?
[00:23] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?: 20 [6d6=3,2,1,6,3,5]
[00:23] <Pig_catapult> *1d6
[00:24] <Pig_catapult> 1d6 WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOUUUUUUU?
[00:24] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOUUUUUUU?: 5 [1d6=5]
[00:24] <Pig_catapult> He hits his head on the edge and passes out
[00:25] * Stunner_ stumbles in the direction of 'NOT THE BAR'
[00:26] <Pig_catapult> He's walking steadier than before
[00:26] * Janus_ stumbles towards the ship.
[00:27] * Cassimiro opens his bottle on a passing woman's gaudy jewelry
[00:27] * Cassimiro takes a drink
[00:28] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki heads in his room, pulling off the horrible clothes and putting on his normal attire, he's keeping the Kamina shades though.
[00:29] * Cassimiro is drinking worstechire sauce
[00:29] * Stunner_ attempts to fall asleep in the sparkly sequins and riot helmet
[00:30] * Janus_ falls asleep in the lounge, sprawled fabulously over a couch.
[00:31] * Cassimiro falls asleep in a bar stool
[00:31] * abe falls asleep on top of the tv
[00:31] <Loki_Valkarian> Loki then pings Penny. "Hey babe, sorry about that… Apparently the crazy people decided to do something even crazier. Anyway, want to try on those dresses?
[00:31] <Pig_catapult> Averna jumps back to acerbus, and then goes back to their room to hide the evidence

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A FABULOUTH NIGHT OUT log by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 24 Dec 2010 08:38

abe is also wearing glasses that look like this

Re: A Fashion Travesty by hydrowolfyhydrowolfy, 24 Dec 2010 08:28

ABE: Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat
CASS: Baby blue suit, bright orange feather boa, fedora with an orange band on it. ALSO BLUE ELTON JOHN GLASSES
JANUS: Seafoam green suit, with a silver shimmering vest, and an animated kalediscope tie. Also a hot pink cape. ALSO A GEORDI LA FORGE VISOR
ACERBUS: Bright orange-and-red suit, regular trilby hat. ALSO
STUNNER: Stunner just has a sequined lab coat, matching pants, and nothing else. ALSO A RIOT HELMET.

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A Fashion Travesty by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 24 Dec 2010 06:27

I'll start with a poem, which I've simply titled "Epiphany":

The folly of a child condemns
A woman waits for time to end
For even if she's rent in twain
She's proved the dead cannot be slain
Experiments reveal the trend
She's grown insensitive to pain

Anomaly; a crack in time
Inquisitive; her only crime
It was shiny
She was six
She'll never cross the river Styx

Corpses far as the eye can see
A dead child sobbing: "Dad! Mommy!"
It slowly dawns that it's her fault
SHE brought these lives their grinding halt
She runs, her back facing the sea
Today can't bear the scent of salt

Secrecy; till her end to keep
Insomnia; the living sleep
Conscious still
Sanity kept by simple will

She studies to distract her mind
From everything she's left behind
And she has so much time for it
Three doct'rates before thirty hit
Bio, chemistry, and physics
Someday no field she shall omit

Futility; she can't be saved
Recklessness; she isn't brave
Just knows her fate
No need to fear
When Death's cold breath you'll never hear

And through the void she'll float alone
The only thing of flesh and bone
Bare of even space debris
Homogeneous, save for a stream
Through a universe long dead
Of mournful, lonely, maddened screams

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Poetry and Prose by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 01 Nov 2010 11:13

[23:07] * Royce is rolling around the halls, bored as hell.
[23:09] <Pig_catapult> Piff's slowly chasing some sort of big, flapping Deremian bug around the halls with a jar and a flyswatter
[23:11] * Royce rounds a corner and frowns as the bug lands on his head. "Wha…"
[23:11] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 flailing
[23:11] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, flailing: 3 [1d4=3]
[23:11] <Pig_catapult> Piff whacks Royce in the head with the flyswatter, but the bug gets away
[23:11] <Pig_catapult> "Dammit!"
[23:12] * Royce >:C "Mother fucker."
[23:12] <Pig_catapult> Piff ignores Royce, in favour of jumping up trying to smack the bug on its new location too high up for her to reach
[23:13] <Pig_catapult> "Bastard… "
[23:13] <Pig_catapult> (er, the bug is up on the wall now
[23:13] <Pig_catapult> )
[23:13] * Royce glares and looks up at the bug. "Are you fucking serious? Where the fuck did that come from?"
[23:13] <Royce> [I got it]
[23:14] <Pig_catapult> "Snusta muck ontho te shuttle."
[23:14] <Pig_catapult> Jump, thwack, miss.
[23:15] * Royce pulls out a pistol, smiles, and aims at it. "Please, allow me."
[23:15] <Pig_catapult> Piff stands back
[23:16] <Royce> 2d6 pow
[23:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, pow: 5 [2d6=2,3]
[23:18] <Pig_catapult> The bug's missing a leg now, but it got away.
[23:19] * Royce growls and rolls after it. "Wish I had a shotgun…"
[23:19] <Pig_catapult> The wall has a bullet in it
[23:20] <Pig_catapult> Piff follows, swatter at the ready
[23:20] * Royce smiles as he notices the bullet hole. "Loser buys drinks on Derem?"
[23:20] <Pig_catapult> Piff grins. "Sure."
[23:22] <Pig_catapult> The fly lands on a doorknob this time
[23:22] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 smacking!
[23:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, smacking!: 2 [1d4=2]
[23:23] <Pig_catapult> "Fucker…"
[23:23] * Royce snorts as it flies off. "Hey. Get it to land on your face."
[23:23] * Royce aims and fires as it flutters through the air.
[23:23] <Royce> 2d6
[23:23] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, 2d6: 9 [2d6=6,3]
[23:23] <Pig_catapult> "Bow ahout… Not?"
[23:23] <Royce> "Mumbler…"
[23:24] <Pig_catapult> There's a bullet in the ceiling, and the bug's unscathed
[23:24] <Royce> The bullet missed, but forced it downwards. It's flapping along at shin height.
[23:24] <Pig_catapult> (or that)
[23:25] <Pig_catapult> (that works better)
[23:25] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 SWING
[23:25] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, SWING: 4 [1d4=4]
[23:26] <Pig_catapult> Piff smacked it, sending it a ways down the hall. It lands on the floor, dazed
[23:26] * Royce sends a round after it, trying to hit it on the floor.
[23:27] <Royce> 2d6 pchew
[23:27] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, pchew: 9 [2d6=6,3]
[23:27] <Pig_catapult> Well, it's missing another leg
[23:28] * Royce grins. "Gotta warn ya, I drink a lot…"
[23:28] <Pig_catapult> Piff does a power-shuffling lunge
[23:28] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 REACH
[23:28] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, REACH: 3 [1d4=3]
[23:29] <Pig_catapult> Piff'
[23:29] <Pig_catapult> s swatter falls JUST short, and it's flying again
[23:29] <Royce> 2d6 stop flying
[23:29] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, stop flying: 10 [2d6=6,4]
[23:30] * Royce laughs as it drops further downward, losing another leg. "Come on, kiddo! Try a little harder!"
[23:30] <Pig_catapult> Piff picks herself and takes a backhanded swing, trying to smack it into the wall
[23:30] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 smacking?
[23:30] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, smacking?: 3 [1d4=3]
[23:30] <Pig_catapult> JUST missed
[23:31] * Royce sighs. "Oh, man, this is too easy."
[23:31] <Pig_catapult> Piff sticks her tongue out at him
[23:31] * Royce raises his free hand and covers his eye. "No depth perception, maybe?"
[23:31] <Royce> 1d6 shootan
[23:31] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, shootan: 3 [1d6=3]
[23:31] <Pig_catapult> Another hole in the wall
[23:31] <Pig_catapult> COMPLETELY missed
[23:32] <Pig_catapult> Piff snickers a little
[23:32] <Pig_catapult> The bug lands on a door again. Piff closes in…
[23:32] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 SUH-WING
[23:32] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, SUH-WING: 3 [1d4=3]
[23:33] <Pig_catapult> "Fuuuuuuuuuuck… ."
[23:33] * Royce laughs as the door opens, letting the bug out into the Hangar. "The coward's trying to go home!"
[23:34] <Royce> 1d6 pow
[23:34] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, pow: 2 [1d6=2]
[23:34] <Pig_catapult> Piff giggles this time. "It might, thith wat aim."
[23:35] <Pig_catapult> Wellll, that shelf's seen better days
[23:36] * Royce shrugs as it settles on a tool bench.
[23:36] <Pig_catapult> Piff slowwwwly sidles up to it… and…
[23:37] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 Silly necrololi, you are not a ninja
[23:37] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, Silly necrololi, you are not a ninja: 1 [1d4=1]
[23:37] <Pig_catapult> Piff is, in fact, not a ninja, and knocked over a tool box, to boot
[23:38] * Royce watches the toolbox drop to the ground, laughs, and lines up a shot.
[23:38] <Royce> 1d6
[23:38] <Magic_8-Ball> Royce, 1d6: 6 [1d6=6]
[23:38] <Pig_catapult> and BAM, that sucker falls out of the air
[23:40] <Pig_catapult> Annnnnd there goes a small O2 tank, spinning across the hanger
[23:40] <Pig_catapult> Piff laughs
[23:40] <Pig_catapult> "I dress ginks are on me."
[23:41] <Pig_catapult> *hangar
[23:41] <Pig_catapult> *spinning across the hangar floor
[23:41] * Royce dives out of his chair, not a second too soon, as the O2 tank slams into the wheels.
[23:41] <Royce> "Oops."
[23:44] <Pig_catapult> Well, once he gets that chair back upright, that wheel is gonna have quite a wobble
[23:44] <Pig_catapult> "Oops."
[23:45] <Pig_catapult> Piff kneels down and scrapes what's left of the bug into the jar
[23:46] * Royce groans and moves over to the chair. The wheel's badly bent. "Hey! Grab me a… A… A big… I dunno. Some big tool to walk on."
[23:47] <Pig_catapult> Piff looks around
[23:48] <Pig_catapult> "Ummm…" 1d4 looking for thangs
[23:48] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 looking for thangs
[23:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, looking for thangs: 2 [1d4=2]
[23:48] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 looking for thangs
[23:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, looking for thangs: 1 [1d4=1]
[23:48] <Pig_catapult> 1d4 looking for thangs
[23:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Pig_catapult, looking for thangs: 2 [1d4=2]
[23:48] <Pig_catapult> "Uhhh…"
[23:49] <Pig_catapult> Well, that tool box is pretty long, and already halfway spilled, so Piff dumps the rest of it on the tool bench and carries it over
[23:50] <Pig_catapult> "Thow's hiss?"
[23:50] * Royce frowns at the box. "Really?", he gestures to a long handled sledge sitting abandoned in the corner.
[23:50] <Pig_catapult> … That also works.
[23:50] <Pig_catapult> Piff drops the box and goes and drags the sledge over
[23:51] * Royce grabs the handle and hefts himself to his foot, snagging his sword from the ruined wheelchair. "I like tequila. Lots of it."
[23:51] <Pig_catapult> "Noted."
[23:58] * Royce tries to pull the wheelchair, growls, and smacks it aside with the hammer. "Pieceashit."
[23:59] <Pig_catapult> Piff smiles a little.
[00:00] * Royce hobbles out of the hangar, hammer in hand. "This is your fault."
[00:00] <Pig_catapult> Piff follows. "/You/ tot the shank."
[00:01] <Pig_catapult> */You/ tot ge oxythen shank
[00:01] <Pig_catapult> She's grinning, though
[00:02] * Royce glares. "And you got my foot hacked off."
[00:02] <Pig_catapult> She shrugs, but doesn't deny it
[00:03] * Royce smiles as he heads for the Lounge. "Mind you… I got some bitchin' shoulders outta the deal. I can open beers with my triceps now."
[00:04] <Pig_catapult> Piff snickers at the mental image. "Thow /nats/ thomesing I tave hoo see."
[00:05] <Royce> "What?"

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Meet the new fishes!

Common Name: Goldfish

Description: … Goldfish

Diet: Just about anything

We have: 5

  • Finny: Orange with white spots. Is a breed with fins much larger in proportion to their body than most.
  • William Fredrick von Fishyheart VIII: Gold with black flecks. Very plump.

Common Name: Twelve-eyed cacode

Description: A slow-moving, armored bottom-feeder shaped like an oblong dome. The "head" is just its mouth and a dozen eye stalks coming out of the front; the brain is hidden safely in the middle of its body. When scared, in retracts its eyes into itself, causing its sides to bulge out, increasing its apparent size, and a single tough, transparent "eyelid" to come down over its front. Has ten crustacean-like legs

Diet: Sucks up gravel with gunk into first stomach, filters gunk into second stomach, then spits out the gravel. They tend to leave their droppings near the bases of plants.

We have: 3

  • Yvonne: Has gold eyes and a bit of a shiny red cast to her otherwise light brown carapace
  • Tim: Has eleven gold eyes, and one iridescent one that changes colours depending on what angle you look at it from. Has a mottled grey carapace

Common Name: Freshwater rope eel

Description: A very long, thin eel with bushy, multi-brached whiskers resembling the end of a frayed rope. Generally tan to yellow with brown markings. Averages three and a half feet long and only comfortable in very large tanks. Name comes from both its whiskers and its tendency to loop itself like a length of rope (or a cobra ready to strike) when at rest, or wrap itself around things. Incredibly docile. Shouldn't be put in tanks with rough rocks.

Diet: Mostly algae, supplemented with worms or brine shrimp for protein

We have: 2

  • Bev: Speckled
  • Steve: Mottled, with a little cross shape on the left gill cover

Common Name: Royal crested angels

Description: Resemble Earth I angelfish, but have ridges over their eyes with four short, stubby, but slightly prehensile tentacles used in communication. Have bright, shiny gold scales over dark blue flesh, which shows through primarily on its face, fins, and belly. Very active and social. Males have longer tentacle-stubs than the females.

Diet: Standard fish flakes

We have: 8

  • Royce: Female. A little smaller than the others.
  • Eggman: Male. Has a little egg-shaped spot on his face where his skin is white instead of blue. Has a tendency to move pieces of gravel around by picking them up one at a time and dropping them elsewhere.
  • Ares: Female. Noticeable variations of hue and tone between individual scales makes for a fiery effect as light flashes off of them. Has a pushy personality to go with it, making her impossible to ignore.
  • Tesla: Male. Has very pale yellow scales that flash almost white when shined upon, a sharp contrast to his skin. Very shy despite being eye-catching.

Common Name: Undecided

Description: Undecided

Diet: Undecided

We have: ?

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Re: Setting Trivia by Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 10 Oct 2010 08:50
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