Gideon Bulwar

Name: Gideon Bulwar

Species: Human

Position: Quartermaster/Supply Officer

Experience Points: 3


  • Agility-3
  • Barter- 6
  • Perception-3
  • Persuasion-3
  • Sense Motive-2
  • Thievery-2
  • Urban Exploration-2
  • Defense: 2
  • Light Weapons-2

Inventory of Possessions:

Old trophies; gang and clan symbols.
Various objects hes picked up over the years.
Books on Intergalactic Trade Laws, signed by his old charge.
Pin off of a space nazi, his ID, and a keycard
A half full AR Magazine off another Space Nazi

Inventory of Equipment:

Zephyr Suppressor Unit (Taser)

Notable Character Traits:

Some Kinda Genius: Gideon has a working knowledge of many, many things, with a particular focus on trade and transport.

Notable Character Flaws:

Kleptomaniac- Prone to steal objects. Not anything big, but he'll occasionally swipe nick-knacks.
Haunted by the past- Literally, or figuratively, the ghosts of Gideons past will come to haunt him from time to time.

History (Optional):

Gideon doesn't like to talk certain parts of his past, too much. He'll admit that me made many, many bad choices early in his life. He spent a short amount of time in a prison for theft, although he won't say how long, or even where. His initial attempts to go clean afterward ended, unfortunately, in failure.
He fell in with gangs, becoming something of a lieutenant for one of the leaders. He stole, he fought, and he did… Well, he did things that he won't talk about, out of shame. He refuses to talk about what happened with the gang, only going so far as to say that he parted ways less than amicably with the new leader.
Gideon managed to find work with a trading clan, succeeding at staying on the straight path. He loved his job, that of a bodyguard. He defended the people that had taken him in, sheltered him, fed him, and gave him a purpose. He did the best he could for them, guarding the owner during the Trade Wars, shielding the man from harm. His retainer, in return, enhanced his nervous system, and taught him about the business. Gideon was intelligent and learned quickly, both savory and unsavory practices were taught to him.
All things must come to an end, though. The business went under. Bought out by a rival Corporation, broken apart, and sold. Gideon wanted to stick by his charges side, but was not permitted. He was told to go and find his own life, to do something, make a new life off-world. The man wouldn't take no for an answer, refusing to allow Gideon to waste his life and let it fade away protecting an old man…
Gideon left. He left and did as he was told. He found work in the military, of all places. A former ganger turned soldier. A dramatic improvement in his life. He'll proudly tell his tale to those who ask, but he won't brag, he won't gloat, and he won't lie. His old habits are still with him. He still protects those he serves with and those he respects. He has great skill in finding things, from supplies, to exotics, to anything the crew can think of. He might not get it, but he'll sure try.

Turns out Gideon's a bit of a liar. Made up the whole story when asked why he was joining the Razorwing.


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