Hayley Tanner

Name: Hayley Tanner

Species: Lurk

Position: Head Mechanic

Experience Points: 0


  • Electronics: 3
  • Mechanics: 7 (+1)
  • Piloting/Driving: 2
  • Melee Combat: 3
  • Medium Weapons: 3
  • Persuasion: 1 (+1)
  • Agility: 2
  • Stealth: 3(+1 Species Bonus)
  • Defense: 3 (-1 Species Hook)

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Toolbelt
  • PDA
  • Silver Necklace with Star Pendant
  • Chir'Tul Necklace from Ni'Rune
  • Silver Tail-Ring (Engagement gift from Liebe)

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Wrench (Blunt Weapon/Tool)
  • Dragon M55 Combat Shotgun (Semi-Auto) (Combat Scenario only)

Notable Character Traits:

  • Ghost in the Pipes: Hayley works on places all over the ship, sometimes crawling through the maintenance vents from one part of the ship to another. Often she ends up over-hearing conversations or popping up in sudden, unlikely places.
  • Proud of her Work: Loves showing off things she's made or un-made and fixed again, or simply upkept. The Razorwing also falls under this category.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Short-fuse - Running all over the ship fixing things can be stressful work, especially when you're one of the fastest to get to the problem. Hayley tends to be rather snappy if she's being pestered.
  • Hey Cutie~ - Weakness for anything cute. This can range from fuzzy kittens and babies to someone she finds attractive.
  • What Makes This Tick? - When something new and mechanical is brought to her attention, Hayley will have the urge to take it apart to find how it works and then try put it back in working order. Anything she's still tinkering with has a place in her quarters or around her workshop. Sometimes she'll end up locked in her workshop for days at a time tinkering.


Hayley was born into a large family of seven brothers and five sisters. Their colours didn't vary which made it hard for anyone other than their parents to be able to tell them apart. Annoyed by being confused for someone else, she began to paint her charcoal grey spines bright red along her head and tail, which she has continued to do to this day.

Enticed by shiny objects as a young one, she found her way into mechanics and figuring out how things worked. After apprenticing for some years, she became a full-fledged mechanic and urged to find new challenges and trinkets with which to work with. Stumbling across the Razorwing, she found herself enticed to begin working with it and was quickly employed as part of the crew.

She's since lost two brothers to the Wretched when they appeared on the Lurk homeworld and her sister, Sariah, joined the crew after being cured of Wretched-induced insanity.

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