Known worlds inhabited: Earth I, Earth II, Earth III, Earth IV, Earth V
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Known technology:
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  • Known members: Captain Hawke, Michael Magnus, Gwenevere Scott, Sammuel Renecks, Loki Valkarian, Codename Enceladus, "Codey", Zerk Electric, Doc Burns, Liebe
Natural Abilities
  • This race is the jack of all trades, they gain no skill/ability bonuses but also doesn't have any hooks


Although they are genetically humans, Martians tend to see themselves as independent from Terrans in every way aside from origin. Ever since Mars secession from their homeworld they have learned that life is often cruel but with enough strength and will they can overcome any hardship. Their ideals has caused them to focus in industrialization above all else. Factories across their newly terraformed home soon turn rank with pollution cutting their livespans by half. Their colonies tend to follow the same pattern of rampant industrialization, where terraforming was used to just get their construction teams and workers on the ground before tapping all the resources and covering the surface with toxic waste. Their unified government is known as The Contingency which consists of a tribunal of Military and Industrial leaders. Despite the outrage caused by environmentalists against the Sovereignty of Mars they are close to the top of the raw materials, manufactured goods and weapons market.

Differentiating Features: Sharper facial features including a larger forehead, paler "unhealthy" complexion
Known worlds inhabited: Mars, Cerberus, Hades, Gehenna, Styx
  • They tend to be fairly xenophobic, preventing them from intermingling too much with alien cultures
  • Believe that raw strength and will is the path to success
  • Does not understand environmentalism
  • Criminals tend to be sent to "Kill Zones" walled off cities where they fight for their freedom and is highly televised across the Martian colonies
  • The state religion is the Church of the Cog
  • Rejects any "impure" augmentations whether they are genetic or cybernetic
Known Technology:
  • Similar to Terran designs but are more rugged and less efficient
  • Known Members: Morgan Farling
Natural Abilities
  • The Martian sub-species can never exceed 1 in Foreign Languages but gain +1 defense and wilderness survival bonus and a -2 stealth hook.


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