• Original Race

Home world

The Hundred home world has a name unpronounceable by most species, like the name for the Hundred species itself, and it is usually referred to by the name given to it by the Earth 1 United Military during its destruction efforts, Xi. Xi was large, cold, and inhabited by over twenty billion Hundreds when it was successfully destroyed. Several hundred Hundreds, had, however, prior to the destruction, escaped on an abandoned starcraft, and make up the current hundred population.
Xi is, today, barren and uninhabitable by any species.

  • Culture
    • It is mostly unknown what Hundred culture was like prior to the destruction of Xi, although they seemed to be far more technologically advanced then they are today. We know, however, that they did and still do live in extended cave networks (today bored out using natural acid secretions, although they may have used technology prior to this) known as Factories, which often have unusual or advanced architecture like theaters, shelves, or very deep pits.
    • Hundreds often raise large families and are very protective of their young, although they do not hesitate to punish bad behavior. A Hundred Factory is always ruled by a massive, possibly sterile, female Matriarch, with three rows of arms instead of two.
  • Known technology
    • Apart from architectural feats, none of note.
  • Physiology
    • Appearance
      • Hundreds are ten-fifteen feet long, gray, and shiny. Their skin resembles spiked metal plating, and although it does get quite tough with age, it is usually pretty soft (except for the spikes). Hundreds have two large, clawed legs that bend opposite of a human's, and four short, weak arms, mostly adapted for carrying things. Each plate contains a gland that secretes a very potent natural acid, which can bore through nearly anything.
      • Females have a larger secondary crest, and have a different smell then males.
  • Life Cycle
    • Hundreds are born as small, translucent green pods, which are stored on a shelf in the Factory for one month until they burst open, revealing a one foot long, shiny, leech-like Hundred. The shape changes very little as they grow, although they become duller-colored and larger. The new Matriarch can be identified by her third row of arms and her massive growth rate.
  • Abilities
    • Hundreds can use their acid secretions as a heavy weapon, firing it from their mouthes. They can do this once per hour, and if done this way, it is harmful to other Hundreds as well. It bores through most everything. This is a potent talent when an entire Factory is attacking.
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