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Known worlds inhabited: 'Dnia Rusa' as it is known to the inhabitants
  • Known members on the Razorwing: Crie, Munamae, Suuh, Raydel
Natural Abilities
  • This race's abilities vary per Caste, making each Hydina adaptable to different situation
  • Initially shy with first contact, they have opened trading ports with other species and planets.
  • Exploring other worlds is becoming less uncommon, though seeing a Hydina off their homeworld is sometimes a little surprising.
  • Strongly tuned to a planet's environment as the castes rather elementally divided.
  • Unspoken vow of all Hydina is that they will only mate with their one lifemate.
  • Society for centuries dictated that choosing a mate outside your own caste was 'impure' and 'wrong'. With the influx of new species and ideas, that is slowly being changed. However, hybrid caste children are still not very welcomed among their own people.
Known Technology:
  • Dependent on elemental power for energy, which isn't an issue with how powerful it can be in areas
  • Designs are always environmentally friendly, and produce very little waste, if any
  • Designs are being integrated with newer ideas, almost on par with Terran technology.
The Castes:
  • Pnaawa - The Air Caste. Messengers, Mechanics, Technology Developers. Male and Female
  • Sumdah - The Fire Caste. Officials, TV Personalities, Merchants. Female and Male
  • Yxiy - The Water Caste. Healers, Therapists, Lifeguards, Communicators, Translators. Female and Male
  • Knuiht - The Earth Caste. Guardians, Warriors, Builders, Farmers. Female and Male
Known Caste Hybrids

(The images shown here are the designs the species are simply based on, they are not my own artwork. The culture, homeworld and names of the Hydina species are my own)

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