Hydina Culture and Way of Life

General Overview

Hydinas have been a part of the galactic community for just under half a century. They don't often leave their planet and even less leaving their system.

Their planet has extreme environments all around, the Hydina hardy, adaptable species who can thrive in very harsh climates. Their homes are built into the surrounding nature, rather than building around or knocking down trees, etc, to do so. It is highly frowned upon to damage anything of their planet without at least replanting three times of what you have destroyed.

The only 'city' visible to visitors of the planet is the trade hub built on the border of the desert and jungle regions of the planet. Visitors are rarely allowed to explore more of the planet than this area, especially after the Resource War of 2551. It's a very large city with plenty of markets, history, theaters and attractions to see, becoming quite a tourist attraction to those able to afford the hotel prices.

The Hydina

There are four 'Pure' castes of Hydina: The Pnawaa(Air), the Sumdah(Fire), the Yxiy(Water) and the Knuiht(Earth). Hydina rarely grow taller than 3 feet (not including horns sometimes). Their markings can differ, their colouring sometimes changes depending on climate they grow up in but tends to stay in the same colour range.

Pnawaa: Light range Blues/purples. Males are more reptillian than the females, dragon-like. Females are much more bird-like in wings especially. Tend to prefer wide open spaces and high views. Very feathery. Personalities tend to be very flighty and fun-loving, if timid on first encounter. Males highly value the females and protect them fiercely. Wings are very powerful on both.

Sumdah: Red/Gold/Fire colours. Wings become less needed for flight as they grow older, Sumdah can manipulate the heat around them to float effortlessly. Can handle any extreme temperatures. Silky, sleek feathered coat. Feathers are highly sought items as they remain warm for a long time even after removal from the owner. They are very personal gifts to those close to Sumdah. Lesser numbers since the heavy poaching done from before the war. Tend to be very well-spoken. Control of temperature exceptional. Equality in both male and female.

Yxiy: White/dark blues, black starry-like eyes. Fins on the back instead of wings, very sleek waterproof coat of very fine down. Project their thoughts and feelings to others, do NOT read minds but can sense emotions. Tend to live underwater but can 'swim' in any pressure. Cannot take dry enviroments very well without a decent source of water. Very chatty, very affectionate, very curious creatures. Uneasy around robots or those they cannot project thoughts to/sense emotions from. Controls own gravity. Equality in both male and female.

Knuiht: Brown/yellow earthy tones. Spines tend to be a mineral composition varying on environment, mostly scaled with a soft downy underbelly. Females have blade-like tails. Males have mace-like. Very gruff, very stubborn species but tend to be mostly peaceful and very hard to anger easily. These are the heavy labourers, the soldiers, the heavy lifters of the species. They tend to be silent unless spoken to, believing in action over words. The family group tends to be ruled by the females, simply for the fact that they are the only ones capable to standing up to the strength of the males.

Hydina Marraige

The Hydina believe strongly in only taking one lifemate in their lifetime. They do not take mating casually but can court many possible mates in their life. This has eased somewhat since their introduction to the galactic community and the discovery of herbal contraceptives. However, they will only pledge themselves to one other.

Hydina will give a gift to their potential lifemate, often in the form of tail rings, chokers or pendants or even a cloth to be tied around the waist, shoulders or head. A union ceremony is a very important affair, often a huge celebration for all who know the couple. This celebration can last anywhere from two days to a week depending on the size of the family and well-wishers or how well known the newlyweds are.

Hydina Births

Hydina are an egg-laying species who feed their young by nursing like mammals. Females lay an egg three months after conception. The egg requires another six months of incubation before hatching. Mortality rate can be high, though in current years egg-care has been greatly improving. Females cannot conceive again until after the hatchling has finished nursing. Generally this is about six months after hatching. Hatchlings are born without horns, teeth or claws and are entirely helpless without their parents.

Hydina Aging

Hydina young age at about the same rate as human children, reaching maturity in their twenties where they will be considered young adults. They can live up to the age of 200 Earth years, however. Most will spend up to at least their late fifties before even thinking of settling down with a family.

Hydina Deaths

When a Hydina passes, there will be a wake at their home or the home of their family to say goodbye and celebrate their life. The body is wrapped in the colours of the caste with the colour white. They will then be returned to their element by the family in a sacred area.

  • Pnawaa are cremated wrapped in sky blue or purple and white, their ashes tossed to the wind.
  • Sumdah are wrapped in red or yellow and white and placed in the heart of a sacred volcano.
  • Knuiht are wrapped in brown or green and white and buried deep in the earth in a sacred jungle or plain.
  • Yxiy are wrapped in dark blue or black and white and brought with other Yxiy into the ocean. Their burials are…not much spoken of. It's unknown how exactly this caste buries their dead.
  • Hybrids are wrapped in their dual caste colours and white and will be treated upon their death as seen fit by their loved ones or as left in their will.

The Hybrid Castes

On occasion, though highly frowned upon in Hydina society, one caste will fall in love with another caste. These relationships are difficult and often the couple are exiled by their families. Any children they should have are considered immediate outcasts, called 'unpure' and 'unclean', and will find it hard to get by in life. Many are bullied or attacked and often end up dead by extremists or by their own hands before their adult years. These Hydina are stripped from the records and their burials unwelcome in any sacred traditions.

Hybrid castes bear marks of both elements of the parents. They can be unusual mixes and often are considered weak and useless.
After the work of a Hybrid caste named Suuh, who located the poached Sumdah while working as a yeoman on the Razorwing, and the crew of the Razorwing in saving the kidnapped Hydina, the society has been changing the way they look at Hybrids. It is a slow process but the minds of the people are starting to change.

The Hydina Council

The Hydina council consists of four leaders, one of each Caste. These four oversee the affairs of the people and the well-being of the planet. All major decisions are passed through these four.

Each leader is chosen by their Caste and put forward should the current council leader step down or the people feel they are not voicing the opinion of the Caste they represent. The longest any leader can sit on Council, is twenty years in which case they can choose their own replacement, on the grounds that is it not a blood relative and the choice is accepted by the people. After the Civil War, it was declared that the Hybrids would have their own Councillor to speak on their behalf.

The current Council are:

  • Sytecuh, Knuiht Caste Council Leader. Female. Newly reinstated after the death of the previous Councillor.
  • Femmeys, Sumdah Caste Council Leader. Male. Newly reinstated after the death of the previous Councillor.
  • Ihteha, Yxiy Caste Council Leader. Female. On Council two years. Only survivor of the previous Council.
  • Vaydran, Pnawaa Caste Council Leader. Male. Newly reinstated after the death of the previous Councillor.
  • Nyjeha, Hybrid Caste Council Leader. Male, Yxiy-Sumdah Mix. First Hybrid Caste Councillor.

Hydina Beliefs/Religions

The most prominent beliefs of the Hydina center around five key Deities. Hydina worship them in everyday tasks they do and the care they take of their home and their loved ones.

The central Deity is a pure white figure with green eyes, believed to be goddess of the Sun and Mother of All That Is. Her name is completely unpronounceable but she is the most wise and called upon for blessings in times of great need. The other four Deitys are her children.

The eldest is Dnia Vmysa, the Fire Deity and patron god of the Sumdah, into whom he breathed the flame of guidance. He is called upon for wisdom and guidance in hard times in the hopes his light will shine in darkness. Particular red candles are lit to honour him. He is a pure gold Hydina with red eyes and wings of flame.

His sister Bina Fydan, is the Water Deity and the patron goddess of the Yxiy. The first Yxiy formed from bubbles she blew in deep waters and is called upon for healing and for blessing on a healthy laying and hatching. She's also considered the Protector in the Dark, or moon goddess. Yxiy sing to her on nights of the full moon to honor her work. She is silver with black eyes, depicted with a black starry veil over her.

The youngest Deitys are twins and complete opposites.

Bnuit Cduns is the Air Deity and the patron god of the Pnawaa. His wing beats carved the Pnawaa from storm clouds and large thunder storms are said to be challenges to his twin sister on the ground, wanting to test his speed versus her strength, and a joyous time for Pnawaa, who will dance in the rain to honour him. Rain is his blessing, he is called upon when asking for a safe journey or a good rain for harvest. He is a grey and black Hydina with huge wings and white eyes. His wings spark with lightning.

Micr Meva is the Earth Deity and patron goddess of the Knuiht. She is gentle and kind and quiet, but she is powerful. The Knuiht were created by her own hands, raising them from the earth. She is prayed to for a healthy harvest, however she is also the fierce protector of the planet. To anger her is the most awful thing anyone can do and they will know her wrath. She is honoured by hand-made carvings. She is a green and brown Hydina with blue eyes, often depicted with a large colourful flower tucked against her horns or carrying a basket of fruit.

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