Name: Idenn Conquvist

Species: Mamkute Augment (Female)


Little is known about her, other than relation to Varedis. She was among those kidnapped during the Derem civil war when she was around six years old, and recently turned up, based on a medical exam she appears to only be at age 24, which is still considered a child among Mamkute.

In terms of appearance she is two inches taller than Varedis, featuring pale white-silver scales and faint white-blue irises. She has long silver hair, small curved gray horns as well as a thin elongated tail, she's rather light weight for a mamkute which is visually apparent, her soft and quiet voice reflects on how young she is.


  • Very quiet and shy.
  • Doesn't like her appearance and blocks majority of her features confusing many about race, weight, and age.
  • Unlike than most Mamkute, she usually goes with a gun for combat.
  • Converse to a majority of Mamkute, she holds science as an interest rather than combat ability or nature.
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