Milky Way Lifestyle

Despite the war having maimed the galaxy, the life of the average citizen has more or less continued on course. This page outlines portions of the lifestyle of the average person living in the Milky Way.


Every species, sub-species, and planetary population has their own form of entertainment. These are by no means the only forms of entertainment and players are encouraged to create their sources of entertainment and add them to this list. There is no 'TV' in the Razorwing Universe. The idea of television is considered rather archaic in this time period, and very few people know of it (unless you character has a certain fetish for pre-interstellar Earth-I). Instead, something called the Sub-Spectrum Network (or SubNet) was developed. SubNet has its own article, but in essence is intergalactic internet and TV all rolled into one unique spectrum of data, hiding away so that it doesn't interfere in the operation of vessels. All entertainment is broadcast on the SubNet and it can be access by most personal devices (tablets, terminals, etc.). For more information see the SubNet article linked above.

Movies & Shows

Sports & Games

Music & Concerts

Internet - Razorwing Style

Travel and Tourism

In the 26th century, the travel and tourism business are absolutely booming because there is just so much to see in the the galaxy. This section is split in two sections, the first discussion commercial travel (think modern day air travel) and the second covering proper tourism and vacationing in the RW'verse. The prices of travel in the RW'verse are exceptionally low and it's very easy to get from system to system, even after the war. Travel between governing authorities, while more difficult, poses little to no safety risk. The tourism industry is dominated, much like terraforming, a single super-massive corporation called Astral Oasis Luxury Lines, which offers vacations in all sorts of price ranges.

Commercial Space Travel

Tourism and Vacations


An odd fact about the Milky Way in the 26th century is the heavy class division among various work environments. Many humans (especially bitter members of the lower class) refer to it as a return to the Dark Ages of Earth-I. There are three different levels or classes of employment in the 'Verse. Low class jobs are usually dangerous forms of manual labour (such as terraforming or starship manufacturing). Since the end of the war, military jobs are considered the lowest of the low. Upper class employment is what one might refer to as the 'cushy' type of employment. These are people work in the offices of the big employers in the 'Verse or have government jobs. The middle class dominates the 'Verse and covers everything in between, from teacher to cabin crew on board a inter-system flight. Outlined below are a few of the big names in each class of employment.

Lower Class Employment

Middle Class Employment

Upper Class Employment

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