Loki Valkarian

Name: Loki Valkarian

Species: Human

Position: Passenger

Character Level: 3

  • Experience Points: 0


  • Defense: 4
  • Electronics: 6
  • Light Weapons: 4 (+1)
  • Mechanics: 4 (+1)
  • Medium Weapons: 1 (+2)
  • Melee Combat: 4 (+1)
  • Urban Exploration: 4 (+1)

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Celtic Ring - Traditional Irish ring, reminds him of his heritage.
  • Cross - A silver cross, on a silver chain.
  • Keys - Some keys from his former life, they hold sentimental value to him.
  • Silver Watch - A sliver pocket watch, rather expensive and has a golden shamrock on the exterior
  • TeleScouter - A simple computer designed to go over one of the wearer's eye, has a semi-opaque screen to allow regular eyesight.
  • Wallet - If you don't know what a wallet is, you have something wrong with you.

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Basic Combat Knife
  • Dragon M55 Combat Shotgun (Semi-Auto) (TEMP)

Notable Character Traits:

  • Decryption: Good at hacking electronic devices and mechanical devices.
  • Living Stereotype: Skilled fighter with melee combat, particularly hand to hand and knives.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Engineer's Oath: Not properly trained in Heavy or Explosive weapons
  • City Boy: Living in the suburbs of Earth I, Loki is easily out of place and not at his best in less developed areas.
  • Paranoia: Doesn't trust most people at first until he knows them better, a bad first meeting might mean a long term dislike.

History (Optional):

Currently 25 years old Loki was born in Ireland on Earth-I. His parents were enemies of the Irish Mafia due to both of them being officers there, who had bagged over 100 different criminals in the local area alone. When Loki was 18 they sent him off to America for his safety, however when he arrived, the mob was waiting for him. They first approached him, gave him a note saying they killed his parents, tied him up, and threw him in the most dangerous town they could find: Devil's Snare. When he awoke he was in the house of an old couple, the Smith's, who had discovered him in an alley near the local grocery store. For about 7 whole years he lived with the Smith's, taking care of them while also protecting himself from the world around him, which was filled with murder, drugs, and crime all around. This is how he both learned to fight very well in hand to hand and melee, to using small weapons like pistols and such, and even learning how to hack electronics and do some mechanic work on vehicles, not to mention his talent of Urban Exploration is one of his best traits. When he turned 25 he moved out of the Smith's to try and find a better home somewhere out of the hellhole that was Devil's Snare, taking a basic combat knife he had pulled from a thug's slimy hands after a skirmish with the local gang. Unfortunately luck was not on Loki's side when he was knocked out after leaving his apartment further north of Devil's Snare. The Mob took him to a ship, the Razorwing, and threw him in the cargo bay. He awoke, wondering where he was, but he was also badly injured and decided to rest inside an open crate that had been turned over. What happens to him then is a mystery that will soon unfold.


*He seems to have an attraction for cute women, goes with not really being with someone for a while.

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