Loria B Dartmouth

Name: Loria B. Dartmouth

Species: Mamkute

Position: Councilor/support


Agility 3
Foreign Languages 2 (Mamkute, Human, Lurk)
Sense Motive 5 +1
Persuasion 5 +2
Perception 4
Stealth 2 +1
Melee combat 2 (+1 Racial Bonus)
Light weapons 2
Defense 2

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Makeup
  • Several outfits of clothing in various styles
  • A necklace made of multiple colored gems in the rough
  • Personal computer assistant

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Rapier
  • Model R-500 .50 Magnum (TEMP)

Notable Character Traits:

  • "Fastest path to the heart": Loria is skilled at several types of cooking, and enjoys cooking for and with others
  • "Restless dreamer, let me sooth your dreams": Loria may or may not be mildly psychic. She defiantly has the ability to get a dreaming person to include their image of her within their dream, but this is possible to do without psycic powers.
  • "I'm a fast study": Loria can learn languages remarkably quickly, however she forgets them with equal speed. Given enough time with a native speaker of a language she can quick-learn it. However she can only know one quick-learned language at a time, and must forget the language to quicklearn a new one. She forgets any known quicklearn launguages whenever and RP session ends.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • "But it's the only one of it's kind!": Loria is very protective of anything she sees as unique, or individual to the point that she's willing to put up with being attacked by unique things and still beg others not to damage it, or to at least be careful
  • "Hrm… person running with large brown bag… Sir! I'd like to report a couple eating icecream!": Loria isn't exactly the world's best judge of what's abnormal, and so asking her to 'report anything unusual' usually leads to radio-silence on her part, with the occasional report of people eating cake, attending weddings, or doing other innocent things.
  • "Let us contemplate our chakrums, and re-align the zen of the room": When Loria is presented with a person who is not responding to her psychiatric work, she becomes increasingly new-age/erratic. Those who know her well will realize that this is a sign of her being depressed. Those who do not will probably take it as a sign that they should not put any confidence in her at all.

History (Optional):

Loria doesn't talk about her history much. She conciders it boring, and prefers to hear about other people's histories. If pressed though, she will talk about it. She was born on a barely habitable planet in the middle of nowhere with an extreme 45 degree axil tilt that forced her tribe to be migrant wanderers, living in the most comfortable of the planet's weather by moving north and south as needed. She has revealed that she felt out of place in her tribe, and though she loved them she felt her destiny laid elsewhere, so she left and defaced her tribal tattoos.

She met the crew of the Razorwing in a bar, and parlayed her way onto the ship as the ship's councilor. Despite the ostentatiously non-combative role of a ship's councilor, she has been known to put her life at risk 'on a whim'.


Loria is helping Gwen with her men issues, and is Gwen's freind. She also has started a new tribe with Varedis


Loria is a bit tall for a Mamkute, though not by much. She tends to lean forward a bit, counterbalancing herself with her long, luxurious tail.
Her scales are brightly colored, with a deep, rich purple along her belly, and patches of bright green, red, blue, and yellow (In that order of commonality) on her scales. Her eyes are surrounded by deep blue markings. Most of the pattern is not constant, and it changes when she sheds her scales.
Under her scales, and showing through them no matter the pattern, are dark black line-tattoos which form intricate interwoven patterns. They're a unique pattern, and deciphering which tribe they come from is impossible.
She is abnormally good at shape shifting for a Mamkute.

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