The Kthonian AI

01[18:30] <~Lurker> When we last left off
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01[18:31] <~Lurker> Jillian had just interacted with a terminal, which gave them access to cameras around the facility, as well as a prompt, which Jillian said "No" to.
01[18:32] <~Lurker> Shortly after, Janus was called back to the ship, and Epiphany Trebuchet was given access to return in his place.
[18:32] <%Sequence> Norra is standing by Janus in the room, waiting for the techs to finish with their things.
01[18:32] <~Lurker> They are now in the labs, at the terminal, while Epiphany is escorted to their location by one of Spindel's men.
[18:32] <Scantron> Roger is standing next to Jillian at the terminal.
[18:33] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany merrily trundles along, ready for SCIENCE!
01[18:34] <~Lurker> The 'guard' lets her into the lab where the others were, looking around with wide eyes, before heading back to the other scientists.
[18:34] <Dawny> "Alright…doors are still locked…" Jillian cracks her knuckles.
[18:34] <Scantron> "Ggggood. We sho-should find thoooooose cells, see whwhat's in them."
[18:35] <Pig_catapult> /Has anyone collected samples while I wasn't here?/
01[18:36] <~Lurker> The elevator lets out a ding as it arrives.
[18:36] <@Gwen> Victoria nods and produces a vial of glowing stuff. "Here we are."
01[18:36] <~Lurker> It seems to be pretty slow, or just really far down.
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[18:36] <Dawny> "Let's get on the lift"
[18:36] <Pig_catapult> "Ooooh." Epiphany squirrels it away in one of her pockets.
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[18:36] <Pig_catapult> She trundles onto the lift
[18:37] <%Sequence> Norra shrugs and follows Epiphany onto the lift.
01[18:37] <~Lurker> As Epiphany approaches, the doors slowly slide open, spewing a bit of dust into the air.
[18:37] <Dawny> Jillian heads for the lift."
01[18:37] <~Lurker> The lift looks fairly unused and dusty as well. It's also got a dirt flooring.
[18:37] <Scantron> Roger limps on afterwards.
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06[18:37] * @Kondraki is still waiting for his update
[18:39] <@Kondraki> Shar follows on to the lift.
[18:39] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany starts swabbing surfaces.
[18:40] <@Gwen> Victoria also follows into the lift.
01[18:41] <~Lurker> Ephiphany is able to collect dust and dirt. The metal doesn't seem to be cracked or anything. Once they're on, a holopanel shows up on one of the walls, with two buttons - one of which is blinking, the other is solid.
[18:41] <ScanAFK> Roger looks to Epiphany. "Iiiii don't knowow if anyyyyyyone told old young you, but but the liiights are biolumalumaehnescent."
[18:42] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany looks up at the lights excitedly. "Really?"
[18:42] <%Sequence> Norra runs her hand over her gun absently, glancing around herself.
[18:42] <@Kondraki> Shar glances to the holopanel as it comes up. "So, after all this time, all these biological systems are still operating…"
01[18:42] <~Lurker> The lights - upon closer inspection - seem to be coming from some sort of worm-like thing.
[18:43] <@Kondraki> "…it's remarkable."
[18:43] <ScanAFK> He nods. "I reccccognized it fr-from these." He gestures to some of the glowing lines running along his arm.
01[18:43] <~Lurker> Also, the blinking button is on top, the solid on the bottom.
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[18:44] <%Sequence> "What feeds them?"
[18:44] <Dawny> Jillian toys wither her tools.
[18:45] <Scantron> "Soommmme ren-newable oldable powerhour sourrrrce, I im-mag-magine. Syntheglizes essential centttral nutriiients."
[18:48] <Dawny> "Up or down?"
[18:49] <@Kondraki> Walking over to the console, Shar waited until everyone was on. "I think up."
[18:49] <Dawny> Jillian presses the up button.
01[18:50] <~Lurker> The blinking light flashes, ceases blinking for a moment, then resumes blinking.
[18:53] <@Kondraki> "Guess up isn't working…" He tapped the other button.
01[18:57] <~Lurker> As Shar's hand moved to the second button, a tingle would send itself up his arm as the doors started to shift closed. The blinking top light ceased blinking, and then after a few seconds, there was a lurch as they began moving down.
[18:59] <Dawny> Jillian whistles quietly to herself.
01[18:59] <~Lurker> As the lift slowly descended, the a small blinking light seemed to start travelling from the top 'button' towards the lower button. After a few seconds of movement, however, the panel seemed to flicker, and the lift shook as it ground to a halt.
[18:59] <Scantron> Roger waits for the doors to open.
[18:59] <Pig_catapult> /… Are we stuck?/
[19:00] <%Sequence> Norra frowns.
01[19:00] <~Lurker> There's a whining sound from above them, followed by a brief flitter of noise from where the panel was, before the lift begins shaking to life again, starting to move down once more as the panel re-lights, and continues downwards.
[19:01] <Dawny> "Son of a bitch…"
[19:01] <@Kondraki> "Huh. I guess it was temporary."
[19:01] <Dawny> "I don't like it"
[19:01] <Scantron> "It'dddd be interestering to sssssee if we could would fiiiiix it, but I don't wanton t-t-to mess withhhhh it."
[19:02] <Pig_catapult> /Neither do I. If this thing dies on us, we're kinda screwed./
[19:02] <Dawny> "I want to mess with it"
01[19:02] <~Lurker> The light seems to be halfway between the two buttons now, travelling slightly faster than it was before the 'outage'.
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[19:05] <Dawny> Jillian looks for a place to connect her data pad to see how this thing is working.
01[19:06] <~Lurker> There's no real ports that are immediately apparent. The only thing that seems like she could interact with would be the 'bar' that's giving off the hologram.
[19:07] <Dawny> Jillian does!
01[19:07] <~Lurker> How does she attempt to interact with the bar?
[19:07] <Scantron> Roger switches to infrared vision and takes a look around the elevator. Roll perception to get information?
01[19:08] <~Lurker> Yep.
[19:08] <Scantron> 4df+5 See the burn!
[19:08] <Glacon> Scantron: See the burn!: 2 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 4-, 0)
[19:08] <Dawny> Jillian tries to figure out what symbols could have something to do with the elevator, then presses them.
[19:09] <Scantron> 4df+5 spending an AP to reroll
[19:09] <Glacon> Scantron: spending an AP to reroll: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
01[19:11] <~Lurker> Roger can tell that the major heat sources - again, are the lights, floor, and the bar that's giving off the hologram - as well as everyone in the lift. Oddly, the doors seem a bit warmer, too.
[19:11] <Scantron> "Doooors are a b-bit warmer."
[19:12] <@Kondraki> Shar waits around for people to stop messing around with the lift.
[19:12] <Pig_catapult> 6df+3 Epiphany's looking at all the things
[19:12] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: Epiphany's looking at all the things: 2 (6df+3=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 0, 3+)
[19:13] <Dawny> what's the hologram displaying?
01[19:13] <~Lurker> The hologram is only displaying the two buttons, along with a bit of decoration along the sides that don't seem to be anything but aesthetics.
02[19:14] * @Gwen (~moc.yvvasket.elbac.8CE957CA-CRInys|etniWdroL#moc.yvvasket.elbac.8CE957CA-CRInys|etniWdroL) Quit (Operation timed out)
01[19:14] <~Lurker> Piff gets her first view of the holograms, which seem to be in a flow-y script.
01[19:14] <~Lurker> The lift is now slowing as it approaches the bottom button.
[19:15] <Dawny> "This is odd…"
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[19:15] <Pig_catapult> Wait, where's the script?
[19:15] <Scantron> "Howwww so?"
01[19:15] <~Lurker> On the two buttons.
[19:15] <Pig_catapult> Can she read them?
01[19:15] <~Lurker> Nope.
[19:15] <Dawny> "There should be some…mechanics or something…"
[19:15] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany takes a picture of them with her tablet's camera
01[19:16] <~Lurker> The lift comes to a full stop, and the doors grind as they open again, releasing a bit more dust. The sight they are greeted with is similar to the camera of the 'cell block'.
[19:17] <Scantron> Roger steps to the side to let other people get off first. No way is he going first!
[19:17] <Dawny> Jillian steps out, looking around.
[19:17] <Dawny> 4df+3 what do I seeeeeeee?
[19:17] <Glacon> Dawny: what do I seeeeeeee?: 3 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
01[19:18] <~Lurker> The doors are all locked, some have various artifacts inside, further down, Jillian might see some movement in one of them.
[19:18] <@Kondraki> Shar steps out as well, taking a good look. "This must be what you saw earler."
[19:18] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany trundles out of the lift. ONWARD!
[19:18] <Dawny> "There's something…" Jillian heads toward the movement.
[19:19] <Scantron> Roger nods and steps out as well, now that he's confident nothing will jump out and kill them. He follows Jillian as best he can.
01[19:19] <~Lurker> The cell doors all seem to be barred behind reinforced plastic, or some sort of plastoid.
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03[19:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o GwenDroid
[19:19] <Pig_catapult> 4df+3 Looking at all the things
[19:19] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: Looking at all the things: 0 (4df+3=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
01[19:20] <~Lurker> Piff must be wearing the goggles, as they do nothing.
[19:20] <Dawny> Jillian pears into the room that she believes there was movement in.
[19:20] <%Sequence> Norra steps out and follows everyone, glancing around.
[19:21] <Scantron> 4df+5 Along the way, Roger pauses to take a close look at one of the plastoid doors. What does he see?
[19:21] <Glacon> Scantron: Along the way, Roger pauses to take a close look at one of the plastoid doors. What does he see?: 3 (4df+5=0, 0, 4-, 4-)
[19:22] <Dawny> 4df+3 What's in this room?
[19:22] <Glacon> Dawny: What's in this room?: 4 (4df+3=3+, 0, 0, 0)
01[19:22] <~Lurker> It is most definitely a protective, plastic-like material. Unlike most of the other things here, it DOESN'T seem to be 'alive'.
01[19:23] <~Lurker> As Dawny approaches, something inside moves, and then a large claw bangs on the bars as a grotesque chimaera-like creature with a long beak lets out a muffled screech from behind it's 'cage'.
01[19:23] <~Lurker> -Dawny +Jillian
[19:24] <Scantron> Roger jumps as the screeching and clawing starts. "AaAAUGH what is thattt?"
[19:24] <Dawny> "Fuck!" Jillian grabs onto Roger.
[19:24] <@Kondraki> Walking ahead, Shar walked up to the bars, looking at the chimaera. "…and what exactly are you?"
[19:24] <%Sequence> Norra follows him, staring into the cage.
01[19:25] <~Lurker> The creature seems to be covered in a thick fur, with a beak, no visible eyes, and large claws that are much like a sloth's. However, on it's back are leaf-like things that almost resemble wings. It screeches again and slams against the plastic.
[19:25] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany trundles up to a door and, with a metal pin, tries to scratch it in the hopes of getting some bits of it into a small vial.
01[19:25] <~Lurker> The sound is very much subdued by the 'plastic'.
01[19:25] <~Lurker> Epiphany has received: Vial of scratched "plastic"?
01[19:26] <~Lurker> Epiphany now has "Vial of glow-worm" and "Vial of scratched 'plastic'"
[19:26] <Dawny> "He looks mad…maybe we should let him out…"
[19:26] <Scantron> Roger is clung to! He switches to infrared once more and looks at the creatrue and door.
[19:26] <Scantron> 4df+5 Heat vision!
[19:26] <Glacon> Scantron: Heat vision!: 2 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
[19:26] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany hums contentedly to herself, and trundles over to the door the critter's behind, because it looks interesting!
01[19:27] <~Lurker> Roger can tell that it's body temperature is pretty damn high.
[19:28] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany starts taking pictures of the critter.
[19:28] <Dawny> Jillian lets go and pats Roger's arm. "Sorry…"
[19:29] <Scantron> "It's ffffine."
01[19:29] <~Lurker> The creature slams on the screen near Shar's head.
01[19:29] <~Lurker> It apparently doesn't like being studied by the Ilth.
01[19:29] <~Lurker> And again and again.
[19:29] <Scantron> He gestures at the creature. "Mussssst have a highigh metabololism, its temp is daaaamn high."
[19:30] <%Sequence> Norra just peers closer, now that it's focusing on Shar.
01[19:30] <~Lurker> Luckily, the screen seems to be holding very well.
[19:30] <Pig_catapult> How can it tell with no eyes?
01[19:30] <~Lurker> It turns it's attention and slams it's clawed hand into the screen near /Norra's/ head.
[19:30] <%Sequence> She just leans a bit closer.
[19:31] <Pig_catapult> 4df+3 Lookin for door controls.
[19:31] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: Lookin for door controls.: 2 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 4-, 0)
[19:31] <Dawny> "He can't have a high metabolism…who knows the last time it ate."
[19:31] <@Kondraki> Shar doesn't seem to be reacting, just studying it as it thrashed at them. "Who knows how long it's been trapped in here."
01[19:32] <~Lurker> There don't seem to be any controls that Epiphany can find. Not at the door, anyway.
[19:33] <Dawny> "This is probably what the panel upstairs was talking about."
[19:33] <Scantron> "It mususust havvvve some sourrrrce of food." Roger looks around the creature's cell.
[19:33] <Scantron> 4df+5 Looking into its cell!
[19:33] <Glacon> Scantron: Looking into its cell!: 6 (4df+5=3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
01[19:37] <~Lurker> Inside the cell, there isn't much that's plainly visible. But there does seem to be something at the back, some sort of contraption that has some markings around it that seem as though the creature was trying to get it off the wall. Roger can tell that it appears to be some sort of dispenser unit - likely for food.
01[19:37] <~Lurker> Along the ground near said dispenser seem to be oddly shaped bones.
[19:38] <Dawny> "I bet he's just hungry…"
[19:39] <Scantron> Roger points at the dispenser unit. "Ahahaha! There rare, in the bbbbback. Lookooks like it dispenses compensenses prey." He leans in a bit. "It trrrrried to get it off at soooome point."
[19:40] <Dawny> "Probably to get more food…"
02[19:40] * Janus_ (~ten.ralugnicym.3619FE14-CRInys|tahCdnA#ten.ralugnicym.3619FE14-CRInys|tahCdnA) Quit (Client exited)
01[19:40] <~Lurker> The creature seems to get bored of trying to smash near the Ilth's heads, and turns to the back to claw at the dispenser some more. After a few moments, it flickers to life and seems to dispense some sort of meat.
[19:41] <@Kondraki> "Its lucky it didn't break it, otherwise it'd have starved…but what in the world has kept it maintained and supplied this long?"
[19:42] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany takes more pictures.
[19:43] <Dawny> Jillian tries to figure out where the food would be coming from, percep?
[19:43] <Scantron> "There /hhhaaaasssss/ to bebe a source course of mat-t-t-terials materials and ennnnnnergy. I'd guuuuuuuess solar. Mayaybe the roof roof rough?"
03[19:43] * Scantron is now known as Scandinner
01[19:45] <~Lurker> Jillian cannot determine where it is coming from, there don't seem to be any pipes or anything, just the dispenser.
01[19:45] <~Lurker> The rest of the cells seem completely empty, but they all have the dispenser in the back.
[19:46] <%Sequence> Norra steps back from the cell, looking around some more.
[19:46] <Dawny> are the other cells open?
01[19:46] <~Lurker> Nope, all the cells are locked down.
[19:48] <Dawny> mechanics to pick the lock?
03[19:48] * Daedalize (||tibbiM) has joined #razorwing-rp
01[19:49] <~Lurker> The locking mechanism seems to be the steel bars that make up the 'cage', and are behind the screen.
01[19:49] <~Lurker> The creature doesn't seem to be eating with it's beak, but rather /under/ it's beak.
[19:51] <Dawny> Jillian takes a pair of clippers and tries to cut the screen of an empty cage to get to the bars.
[19:52] <Pig_catapult> Paparazzi Mode: Activated.
01[19:53] <~Lurker> The clippers don't seem to do very much to the plastic screen.
01[19:53] <~Lurker> Epiphany gets many pictures of the creature.
01[19:53] <~Lurker> The cell block isn't very long - there seems to be an office and another elevator door at the other end.
01[19:53] <~Lurker> security office*
[19:54] <Dawny> "This is odd…plastic defeats metal?" Jillian sighs and heads for the office.
01[19:55] <~Lurker> Is Shar still infront of the cell?
[19:55] <@Kondraki> Shar walked around, taking a look as well. Not much for him to do while the science types poked at the chimaera.
01[19:55] <~Lurker> Ah, nevermind then. How about Piff?
[19:56] <%Sequence> Norra hovers after Shar, feeling useless.
[19:56] <Pig_catapult> Once she's satisfied with the pictures she's gotten, she heads towards the office, too. She wants to get that cell open so she can study the critter
01[19:57] <~Lurker> The office door slides open as they approach, and a series of holo-panels pop up, various symbols and buttons all over the place.
[19:57] <@Kondraki> Stopping for a moment to examine one of the doors, Shar looked to Norra. "As bored as I am?"
01[19:58] <~Lurker> One near the door seems to have an arrow pointing up.
01[19:58] <~Lurker> Everyone in the office roll perception.
[19:58] <Pig_catapult> 4df+3
[19:58] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: 2 (4df+3=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[19:58] <%Sequence> She snorts, yellow striping over her for a moment. "Probably."
[19:58] <Dawny> 6df+3 I've figured you out before, I'll do it again damn it.
[19:58] <Glacon> Dawny: I've figured you out before, I'll do it again damn it.: 1 (6df+3=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
01[19:58] <~Lurker> that's a 6, Dawny :P
[19:58] <Dawny> 4df+3 FUCK
[19:58] <Glacon> Dawny: FUCK: 2 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[19:59] <@Kondraki> 4df+2
[19:59] <Glacon> Kondraki: 3 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
01[20:00] <~Lurker> Shar is the only one who seems to notice that the symbols look a little bit more recognizable now… almost like Human letters. Not quite, though.
[20:00] <@Kondraki> He grinned, his own skin striping with yellow. "Don't worry, things have a tendency to get…exciting quickly."
[20:01] <@Kondraki> Noticing this, he stopped looking at Norra. "…that's odd."
[20:01] <Dawny> "What is?"
[20:01] <Pig_catapult> "Hm?"
[20:01] <@Kondraki> "These signs and panels all have vaguely human alphabets."
[20:02] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany takes more pics.
[20:02] <%Sequence> Norra turns and looks at the signs, frowning.
[20:02] <Dawny> "Really?" Jillian tries to see the relation.
[20:02] <%Sequence> Can/should she roll?
01[20:02] <~Lurker> Now that Shar has brought it to their attentions, they can see - yeah, the symbols seem a bit more easy to read.
01[20:02] <~Lurker> MDef everyone looking at the symbols! :D
[20:03] <Dawny> 4df+3 Really should have added more points to this…
[20:03] <Glacon> Dawny: Really should have added more points to this…: 3 (4df+3=3+, 0, 4-, 0)
[20:03] <%Sequence> 4df+4 :O
[20:03] <Glacon> Sequence: :O: 5 (4df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[20:04] <@Kondraki> 4df+2
[20:04] <Glacon> Kondraki: 5 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
03[20:05] * Royce (~ten.ralugnicym.3619FE14-CRInys|tahCdnA#ten.ralugnicym.3619FE14-CRInys|tahCdnA) has joined #razorwing-rp
03[20:05] * Royce is now known as Janus_
03[20:06] * Scandinner is now known as Scantron
[20:06] <Scantron> 4df+4 oh god why
[20:06] <Glacon> Scantron: oh god why: 4 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[20:06] <Scantron> *make that a 3.
02[20:07] * @GwenDroid (~ac.dniw.gne.94946F8-CRInys|tahCdnA#ac.dniw.gne.94946F8-CRInys|tahCdnA) Quit (Quit: Bye)
03[20:11] * Janus_ is now known as JanusTheSchool
03[20:17] * Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
03[20:23] * ScanAFK is now known as Scantron
[20:26] <Pig_catapult> 4df+5 BRAIIINNNNNSSS
[20:26] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: BRAIIINNNNNSSS: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 0)
01[20:34] <~Lurker> Everyone feels a little bit jarred, but sure enough, the panels all seem to be a little bit more understandable. If it's not explicitly stated, people's minds seem to make logical connections. There are various containment procedures, and readings from inside the cells, and options for lighting and such, as well as security alarms. The panel near the doorway is the "call lift" button.
[20:35] <%Sequence> Norra tilts her head to the side, examining the containment procedures closely.
[20:35] <@Kondraki> "…that was…strange."
[20:35] <Dawny> Jillian checks the readings from the empty cells.
01[20:36] <~Lurker> Norra can tell most of them are for locking down the cells and preventing escape, or preventing breaking into the cells.
[20:36] <%Sequence> "It… makes sense."
01[20:36] <~Lurker> Jillian receives not a lot of readings. Attempts to bring up records seem to be met with a "FAULT" screen
[20:37] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany checks the readings for the cell with the critter in it
01[20:38] <~Lurker> Roll medical, Piffy.
[20:38] <Pig_catapult> 4df+2
[20:38] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: 3 (4df+2=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[20:38] <@Kondraki> "Must be some kind of memetic transfer."
[20:39] <%Sequence> "I don't like it."
[20:39] <Dawny> Jillian tries to open an empty cell.
01[20:40] <~Lurker> Piff is able to tell that the critter's vitals are a bit low, but sustained.
01[20:40] <~Lurker> Jillian is unable to open cells from the office.
01[20:40] <~Lurker> The option seems to be damaged, currently.
[20:41] <Dawny> Electronics to fix it?
01[20:41] <~Lurker> You can try.
[20:41] <Pig_catapult> Is there any info on which vitals in particular?
01[20:41] <~Lurker> Nope, just the overall health
01[20:42] <~Lurker> It seems to have something vaguely resembling a heart - but not working quite the same way.
[20:43] <Pig_catapult> could you elaborate?
01[20:45] <~Lurker> Something seems to be pumping fluids through it's body, but it seems to be more like a filter than anything, ensuring that the fluids aren't contaminated.
[20:47] <Scantron> Roger checks the readings from the empty cells. "Mmmmaybebe I could fixxx that that."
[20:47] <%Sequence> Norra sighs and leans against a wall.
[20:50] <Dawny> Jillian stands off to the side.
01[20:51] <~Lurker> Roger has access to the panel now!
[20:52] <Scantron> 4df+7 tagging Rocket Man to try and fix the panel to bring up the records. (electronics)
[20:52] <Glacon> Scantron: tagging Rocket Man to try and fix the panel to bring up the records. (electronics): 7 (4df+7=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
01[20:52] <~Lurker> Well slap my ass and call me a newborn.
01[20:53] <~Lurker> Roger manages to restore the function of most of the cells. However, the one with the creature in it is designated "klatskt fivie or hyrigh".
01[20:53] <~Lurker> It is still unable to be released.
01[20:53] <~Lurker> They can, however, open all of the other cells.
[20:54] <Scantron> He grins. "Bingo."
[20:54] <%Sequence> She breathes, deeply, settling into her patient space.
[20:57] <Dawny> "Now what?"
[20:58] <Scantron> "Not sssssure."
[21:02] <Dawny> "Well…anyone have any ideas?"
[21:03] <Scantron> "Hm…" Roger roots around in the camera system, looking for something corresponding to the roof.
01[21:04] <~Lurker> Roger is able to bring up a few different cameras in the room they're in, but apparently whoever was security down here didn't need to know what was going on outside of their little section of the place.
[21:05] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany stares at "klatskt fivie or hyrigh" intently, mouthing the words to herself over and over.
[21:06] <Pig_catapult> Then, suddenly, "Fass hive or clyer."
[21:06] <%Sequence> Norra looks blank.
[21:06] <@Kondraki> Standing with Norra, Shar continued to watch the others as they figured out what was going on around them.
[21:06] <Scantron> Roger shakes his head. "Nnno cameras cam-mels on the roof roof." He notices Epiphany speaking. "My thhhhoughts ex-zactly."
[21:06] <Pig_catapult> /We need a security pass./
[21:07] <Scantron> "Mayyyybe it could could be hackacked?"
[21:07] <Dawny> Jillian shrugs. "We can try…"
[21:08] <Scantron> 4df+3 Roger tries to hack the system for a security pass that would give them Class Five or higher clearance.
[21:08] <Glacon> Scantron: Roger tries to hack the system for a security pass that would give them Class Five or higher clearance.: 2 (4df+3=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
01[21:09] <~Lurker> Roger giveth. Roger taketh away.
01[21:09] <~Lurker> The system doesn't seem pleased with the attempt, and removes the ability to unlock the cells, requesting that they contact the control centre for further instructions.
01[21:09] <~Lurker> … Wow, that was startlingly easy to understand.
[21:09] <Dawny> "MAy I?" Jillian steps foreword.
[21:09] <Scantron> "Go ah-head, sorrrrry." He steps aside.
01[21:10] <~Lurker> Jillian is met with the error message. Touching it doesn't seem to make it go away.
[21:10] <Dawny> So…imposable to hack?
01[21:12] <~Lurker> From that console, it would seem so.
[21:13] <Dawny> anyway to back door it?
01[21:13] <~Lurker> Roll for it.
[21:14] <Dawny> 4df+3 Come on now…
[21:14] <Glacon> Dawny: Come on now…: 5 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
01[21:15] <~Lurker> Jillian is unable to remove the error message.
[21:15] <Pig_catapult> Are there desks and/or drawers to rifle through?
01[21:15] <~Lurker> Nope. The security office is very plain.
[21:16] <Dawny> "There's…nothing I can do"
[21:18] <Scantron> Roger shakes his head and thinks. "Annnny oth-her ideas?"
[21:18] <%Sequence> Norra lurks in the background.
[21:19] <Dawny> "I guess…move on? Let them know about this thing?"
[21:19] <Scantron> Roger nods. "Soundssss good t-to me." He limps back out of the room.
[21:19] <Dawny> Jillian follows him.
[21:20] <@Kondraki> As the others exit the security office, Shar follows along.
[21:21] <Scantron> Roger's a bit slower than before; keeping up with others in spite of his limp has taken a bit out of him. He moves to the side to let others pass.
01[21:21] <~Lurker> The lift they came down from is still open, while the one they're standing infront of is still shut.
[21:22] <%Sequence> Norra lurks along solemnly.
[21:22] <Dawny> Jillian ducks back in and presses the lift button in the office. "You feeling alright Roger?"
[21:23] <Scantron> "Jusssst a bit ti-tired. I'm nnnnnot used to to to keepeeping up wiiiith people."
01[21:23] <~Lurker> It lights up immediately, and the doors start to open. This lift is much smaller, and the room around it seems to be built for defending.
[21:23] <Dawny> "Anything I can do to help?"
[21:23] <Scantron> He shakes his head. "I'llllll be fine."
02[21:24] * @Gwen (~moc.yvvasket.elbac.8CE957CA-CRInys|etniWdroL#moc.yvvasket.elbac.8CE957CA-CRInys|etniWdroL) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:24] <Dawny> "Alright then…" Jillian keeps pace with Roger.
[21:25] <Scantron> He smiles. "Thananks." He enters the lift.
[21:25] <Dawny> Jillian steps in as well.
03[21:26] * Gwen (moc.yvvasket.elbac.8CE957CA-CRInys|newG#moc.yvvasket.elbac.8CE957CA-CRInys|newG) has joined #razorwing-rp
[21:26] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany trundles into the lift
01[21:27] <~Lurker> There seems to be just enough room for everyone to fit onto the lift and have some breathing room.
01[21:27] <~Lurker> For extra room, Epiphany could sit on someone's shoulders.
01[21:27] <~Lurker> The lift is also circular, and seems to go through a clear tube!
[21:27] <Pig_catapult> What about Epiphany's scissor lift?
[21:28] <%Sequence> Norra presses herself against the wall.
[21:28] <Dawny> Jillian presses against a wall as well.
01[21:28] <~Lurker> Oh, she brought the scissorlift with her?
01[21:28] <~Lurker> Then it might be a slightly tighter squeeze.
[21:28] <Scantron> As does Roger.
[21:30] <Pig_catapult> If she hadn't brough the scissorlift, she'd be shuffling, not trundling
01[21:31] <~Lurker> Are Victoria and Shar hopping on the lift too, or are they waiting for the next one?
[21:33] <@Kondraki> Shar is following along, so yes.
[21:33] <@Kondraki> But if there's a lack of room, waiting for the next one is fine for him.
03[21:35] * Tom90deg (||ged09moT) has joined #razorwing-rp
01[21:43] <~Lurker> There's plenty of room. Once they're on, the lift's doors close, and it starts moving up. The tube takes them through a brief shaft that has various engravings on it - much like the initial door, and comes to a stop in a large, circular room that has many terminals, three large booths, a 'screen', and a large disc-like object in the middle of the room that seems to be glowing
01[21:43] <~Lurker> faintly.
[21:44] <Scantron> Roger switches to infrared and sees what all's giving off heat.
[21:44] <Scantron> 4df+5 I love this option.
[21:44] <Glacon> Scantron: I love this option.: 7 (4df+5=3+, 0, 0, 3+)
01[21:44] <~Lurker> The terminals are all set up so that the person using them can be facing the screen and the disc, while the two smaller booths are on either side of the screen, facing towards the disc, and the largest booth is facing towards the screen and the disc. The tube has deposited them nearby the largest booth.
[21:44] <Dawny> "Wow…" Jillian's eyes light up.
01[21:44] <~Lurker> Roger: Everything
01[21:45] <~Lurker> it looks like a lightshow in here. Most definitely the liveliest room heat-wise. All the terminals seem fairly functional, but there's one at the disc that is also lit up and has a panel active.
[21:45] <Dawny> Jillian steps up to the panel.
[21:46] <Scantron> Roger quickly switches to normal vision. "Everrrrrrrything's giviviving off so much much much much heat."
[21:46] <%Sequence> Norra skulks in the background.
[21:47] <@Kondraki> "This looks like some kind of command center…or something."
[21:47] <Dawny> Jillian tries to understand the panel.
01[21:47] <~Lurker> Jillian can understand that it's asking for a passcode.
[21:48] <Pig_catapult> 4df+3 look at all the things
[21:48] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: look at all the things: 2 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
01[21:48] <~Lurker> Piff has likely never been surrounded by such interesting tech before. It's captivating.
01[21:48] <~Lurker> The way the soil seems to merge up into the terminals, how the terminals seem to almost have a feeling of being alive. Even the booths seem as though they're not entirely synthetic.
[21:49] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany starts taking samples of everything she can get her hands on
01[21:49] <~Lurker> Epiphany wants to get "Sample of terminal soil"
01[21:49] <~Lurker> But Epiphany already has 4 vials!
01[21:49] <~Lurker> Delete an older vial to make froom for "Sample of terminal soil"?
01[21:49] <~Lurker> [[ Kidding, of course ]]
[21:50] <Pig_catapult> XD
[21:50] <Pig_catapult> [[<3]]
[21:50] <Pig_catapult> [[You had me worried there for a moment.]]
[21:51] <Scantron> 4df+5 Roger walks up to the disk-like object in the center of the room and examines it more closely.
[21:51] <Glacon> Scantron: Roger walks up to the disk-like object in the center of the room and examines it more closely.: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 0)
[21:51] <Dawny> Percep to check out the panel?
01[21:51] <~Lurker> The disc seems to be directly linked to the terminal infront of it, and has various ports and locked sections around it. It also seems to link itself up to the giant screen.
[21:51] <%Sequence> Norra skulks, a silent shadow.
01[21:52] <~Lurker> I already said, it wants a passcode, Dawny. :>
[21:53] <@Kondraki> Shar decides to skulk with Norra for a bit.
[21:53] <Dawny> hacking, or electronics?
01[21:53] <~Lurker> Hacking is best bet.
01[21:54] <~Lurker> Ilth skulkers are just chillin'
[21:55] <Scantron> "Hm… I'd g-g-guess this dddddisc is a proproprecessssor of some sort sort."
[21:55] <Dawny> "Let me try and get it"
[21:56] <Dawny> 4df+5 tagging 'don't touch it' Jillian tries to get into the system before Roger can fuck it up again :P
[21:56] <Glacon> Dawny: tagging 'don't touch it' Jillian tries to get into the system before Roger can fuck it up again :P: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 0)
01[21:57] <~Lurker> Jillian seems to do something to it, as it's no longer asking for a passcode. It takes a few long seconds, before there's a hum and the panel changes to four options. "Load" "Unlock" "Delete" and "Exit"
[21:57] <Dawny> "Um…guys?" Jillian glances at the options.
[22:01] <Scantron> Roger takes a look. "…I'd sssssay load, if anyth-thing."
[22:02] <Dawny> "You think?" Jillian shrugs, chewing her lip.
[22:02] <Scantron> He shrugs. "Juuuust a guess."
[22:03] <Dawny> Jillian sighs and presses load.
02[22:03] * Tom90deg (||ged09moT) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
01[22:04] <~Lurker> The room seems to darken a bit as the disc lights up more, then a messy hologram shows up on the middle of the disc - obviously corrupted somehow. It's got a vaguely human shape, but it's all proportionless and distorted. After a second, there's speech that sounds like a combination of hisses and clicks.
01[22:04] <~Lurker> MDef all in the room.
[22:05] <Dawny> 4df+3 here comes the critt fail.
[22:05] <Glacon> Dawny: here comes the critt fail.: 6 (4df+3=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[22:05] <Scantron> 4df+3 SUCH AN ACCURATE PREDICTION. Also 3 get.
[22:05] <Glacon> Scantron: SUCH AN ACCURATE PREDICTION. Also 3 get.: 4 (4df+3=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[22:09] <@Kondraki> 4df+2
[22:09] <Glacon> Kondraki: 3 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
[22:09] <%Sequence> 4df+4 wut
[22:09] <Glacon> Sequence: wut: 5 (4df+4=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[22:11] <Pig_catapult> 4df+5
[22:11] <Glacon> Pig_catapult: 7 (4df+5=3+, 0, 0, 3+)
01[22:13] <~Lurker> Everyone in the room starts to hear the 'speech' slowly turn into Basic. Shar gets a little bit of a pain in his head, but it fades quickly. "Adaptation complete. Power levels at 16%. Greetings, travellers."
[22:14] <%Sequence> Norra stares.
01[22:14] <~Lurker> The voice is very wispy and calm - almost monotone, but with very subtle inflection.
[22:14] <Dawny> "ello"
[22:14] <Dawny> "Hello"*
[22:15] <Scantron> Roger nods. He doubts its ability to understand his garbled speech, so he says nothing
01[22:15] <~Lurker> There's a pause, before it speaks again. "Humans… Ilth… Curious how you come in a grou-" The figure turns and Epi gets the feeling it's staring right at her. "Is one of your party members… dead?"
[22:17] <Dawny> "Leave Dr. Trebuchet alone"
[22:17] <%Sequence> Norra gets ready to shoot some things.
01[22:18] <~Lurker> "I have no intention of harming or experimenting on Doctor Trebuchet - even if I did, I am currently unable to with power levels at such a low level, and direct intervention would be necessary with a physical form." The figure turns to look at Shar and Norra now.
[22:19] <@Kondraki> Shar doesn't seem very phased, although the small headache irked him, showing slightly in some faint red shading.
[22:19] <%Sequence> Norra pulls her rifle into a ready position, staring hard at the figure.
[22:19] <Scantron> Roger looks to the Ilths, then back at the figure.
[22:20] <Dawny> "Should I just shut this thing down?"
[22:20] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany has gone very quiet.
[22:21] <@Kondraki> "…can I help you?"
[22:22] <@Kondraki> His color switched to a gray.
01[22:22] <~Lurker> "There is no need. I am no longer a threat - infact, my reactivation by your species means that our fears were confirmed, and that I am likely the last 'survivor' of my species."
[22:22] <Scantron> Roger shakes his head at Jillian.
01[22:22] <~Lurker> "Help is a strange word, Ilth. There is no real way for you to help me. I am simply an Artificial Intelligence."
[22:23] <%Sequence> Norra is still a pale blue, but thin lines of gray are skittering their way over her skin, giving her a wavering look.
[22:24] <Dawny> "What do you want?"
[22:25] <@Kondraki> "I ask if you have some particular interest in the two of us, as you seem to be devoting your attention towards Norra and I."
01[22:27] <~Lurker> "I am simply stunned by how greatly you have evolved… much like the humans, but… we could have never expected something like this." The figure takes it's attention off of Norra and Shar, beginning to pace back and forth on the disc. "I wish to… educate, I suppose is the word I am looking for. My species' downfall was not by normal means."
[22:27] <Pig_catapult> /What's the creature down in the cells?/ Epiphany asks.
[22:28] <Scantron> "Howwwwww did youou die?"
01[22:29] <~Lurker> "Subject 1-7-7-8-1-19-B. We referred to it as the Klaiax. In Human, I believe you would call it a 'Chimaera'. It was an odd species we discovered shortly before our downfall." There was a pause. "Our downfall was created by the Shakast. We have no relative definition in any known language."
[22:30] <Scantron> "How abouabout an immmage?"
01[22:30] <~Lurker> "We were attempting to study the Klaiax to discover it's origin, perhaps discover it's origins and form an alliance. They were formidable fighters." At Roger's question, it seems to pause, glitching, before stating a soft "Data corrupt, unable to access files on Shakast."
[22:31] <Dawny> "Description?"
01[22:33] <~Lurker> There's another pause. "Data corrupt, vague pieces of information available, but nothing useful. Darkness. Living Death. Destruction."
[22:34] <%Sequence> Norra lowers her gun a little, watching the figure.
[22:35] <Scantron> "Is itititit still here? Orrrr how do we finnnnnd it?"
01[22:36] <~Lurker> "No traces of the Shakast remain in this facility." The figure speaks. "Diverting light power to attempt to recreate damaged image. Power now stabilized at 12%."
01[22:38] <~Lurker> After a few seconds, the distortion seems to fade away, and left standing in the middle of the disc is an odd plant-creature that has a very, very vague humanoid shape (in the sense that it is bipedal and has various limbs attached to it's "torso").
[22:39] <Scantron> Roger makes sure to record this.
01[22:39] <~Lurker> It's "head" is a bud-shaped appendage that has several glowing 'dots' along each side. When it speaks, the dots seem to light up further.
[22:41] <Dawny> Jillian searches for any similar life forms in the known universe.
01[22:43] <~Lurker> There don't seem to be any records of anything like this in Jillian's database.
01[22:43] <~Lurker> The creature approaches and tilts it's head. "Might I ask what you're doing, miss?"
[22:44] <Dawny> Jillian's head pops up. "Oh…um….searching for a similar life form…"
01[22:45] <~Lurker> "Similar?" It seems to be thinking. "We are unknowledgable if any previous species survived. The Shakast was vicious in our eradication - we have no way of knowing if it was only us. Would you like me to bring up available information on my species?"
[22:46] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany is taking notes.
[22:46] <Dawny> "Yes please"
01[22:48] <~Lurker> The figure turns to walk back into the centre of the disc. "Translation complete. Greetings, I am of the species Kthonian. Our homeworld is Kthon in the - searching - Andromeda Galaxy. We peacefully co-existed with other species, such as DATA CORRUPT, DATA CORRUPT, and DATA CORRUPT. Our technological advancements brought many thriving civilizations to space, and with DATA CORRUPT
[22:50] <Scantron> "Ccccould we get inffformatation on your teccchnology?"
[22:50] <Dawny> Jillian searches for the Kthonian's.
01[22:50] <~Lurker> were able to DATA CORRUPT. Our government was referred to as the Grand Leadership. We operated in unity, completing DATA CORRUPT while there was one large figurehead that represented our species as a whole. When DATA CORRUPT the Shakast attacked our homeworld and colonies simultaneously. We estimate casualities within the first hour to be in the hundreds of millions."
01[22:51] <~Lurker> Jillian is unable to find anything, but there is a brief mention of the planet named Kthon - apparently recovered from an old, old Chir‘Tul search team.
01[22:52] <~Lurker> "Our technology was a simple combination of organic matter that we thrived on, creatures that were non-sentient and plentiful, and technology as traded amongst species. We were the first among known races to develop a drive-core in our ships that regenerated the matter it burned so that there was no need to deplete valuable mineral stockpiles."
[22:53] <Dawny> Jillian frowns. "I’m not finding you guys in any data base…at all."
[22:53] <Scantron> "How how how longggg ago wwwwwas this?"
01[22:54] <~Lurker> There's a long pause. "This base went online in 3158 KSY. By calculations on operation, it is currently 48716 KSY."
01[22:54] <~Lurker> "Provisions for this facility are estimated to deplete within the next 16 Kthon Standard Years."
01[22:55] <~Lurker> "Power levels at current output are estimated to last for another three."
[22:55] <Scantron> "Looksooks like we're jussssst in time then."
03[22:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gwen
[22:55] <Dawny> "What can we do?"
01[23:00] <~Lurker> "Due to power issues, I am unable to access or attempt to restore data. However, there are several intact data cores that - if translated - would prove beneficial to the understanding of our species." There's a pause. "There was also rumoured to be an artifact that would ensure the survival of the Kthonians, at any cost. Many believed it to be a farce, however. Power at 9%. Shutdown will
01[23:00] <~Lurker> commence to preserve data at 5% power."
02[23:00] * Daedalize (||tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:01] <Dawny> "Alright…can I just download this onto my data pad?"
03[23:01] * Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
[23:02] <%Sequence> Norra sulks and skulks in the corners for the rest of the mission like she has for the entire mission so far.
01[23:02] <~Lurker> The figure appears confused, tilting it's body to the side. "You use synthetic materials to transfer data. Strange. Possible, but it would require too much power." There's a pause. "Alternative option presented. Datacores will be preserved, and data will be able to be transferred physically with enough power if this AI self-terminates."
[23:03] <Dawny> "Transferred physically?"
01[23:04] <~Lurker> "Taken and studied - I assume your species has laboratories to research old technology?"
01[23:04] <~Lurker> Oh wow, did that plant just sass Jillian?
[23:05] <Dawny> "Excuse me?" Jillian tilts her head a bit. If she were Ilth, she would be red striped right now…but alas, she just human.
02[23:06] * %Sequence (~moc.ishcm.tneilc.BBE2F009-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.ishcm.tneilc.BBE2F009-CRInys|alliztahc) Quit (Ping timeout)
02[23:06] * ScanAFK (~ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.6EEFF072-CRInys|naD#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.6EEFF072-CRInys|naD) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
01[23:07] <~Lurker> "You… are able to decipher your own species past, are you not? That is one of the first things the Kthonians did, we - critical power warning, 7% power remaining - found ancient artifacts and studied them to better our own technology and understanding of the universe."
[23:07] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany perks up. /I've always wanted to tinker with a biological computer./
03[23:08] * Feierbird (ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.6EEFF072-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.6EEFF072-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #razorwing-rp
[23:08] <Dawny> "We can…my question was how you will physically transfer it, ma'am." Sass me, I'll sass you back.
01[23:10] <~Lurker> "Take the data cores, have your species study them. They are able to be carried without damaging the data. Hopefully there will be something that will be of benefit to your kind."
[23:10] <Feierbird> Roger nods. "Thanananks."
[23:10] <Dawny> "Yeah, what he said."
01[23:11] <~Lurker> "The data on the Klaiax is only partially stored - critical power warning, 6% power remaining - and will be of little use, but may still be helpful if there are any others remaining."
[23:14] <Dawny> "We'll take it and study it"
01[23:16] <~Lurker> "Thank you, that is all I ask. I will unlock the data-cores and enable access to any remaining facilities. If you're lucky, you'll be able to find more on the Shakast. I can only pray to the stars that something remains that would aid you." There's a moment where the figure looks down, before speaking calmly.
01[23:17] <~Lurker> "Power at 5%. Initiating emergency shutdown protocols to preserve emergency power levels at facility. Thank you."
[23:17] <Dawny> "Bye…"
[23:17] <Feierbird> Roger waves.
01[23:18] <~Lurker> The figure disappears, and the panel on the front of the terminal burns out. Shortly after, several of the ports around the disc slide open, revealing soft blue metallic cubes.
[23:18] <Feierbird> Roger reaches out and cautiously touches one.
01[23:19] <~Lurker> There's a warming sensation that travels up Roger's arm.
[23:19] <Dawny> Jillian pulls out a baggie. "Put them in here for now I guess…"
[23:19] <Feierbird> He switches to Infrared and looks at the cubes. Perception?
01[23:20] <~Lurker> Perception works.
[23:20] <Feierbird> 4df+5 Is this the real warming sensation, or's this just fantasy?
[23:20] <Glacon> Feierbird: Is this the real warming sensation, or's this just fantasy?: 4 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 3+, 0)
01[23:20] <~Lurker> The cubes are about the size of Jillian's palm, for reference. about 6x6x6 inches
[23:21] <Dawny> Jillian tries to pick one up.
01[23:21] <~Lurker> Roger: It's actually warming. The cube contains quite a bit of power from the looks of it.
01[23:21] <~Lurker> Jillian is able to pick one up, and experiences the same warming sensation.
[23:22] <Feierbird> He turns off his IR vision. Roger picks one up as well, holding it in both hands.
[23:25] <Dawny> "These are awesome…and kinda familiar."
[23:25] <Feierbird> "Howwww so?"
[23:26] <Dawny> "Time people…similar tech"
[23:26] <Feierbird> Roger looks confusedly at Jillian.
03[23:27] * Tom90deg (||ged09moT) has joined #razorwing-rp
[23:27] <Dawny> "I'll show you later…the coding was awesome"
[23:27] <Feierbird> He nods. "I bet your-" He turns his voice off.
[23:28] <Dawny> Jillian puts the cubes carefully in her bag. "We ready?"
[23:28] <Feierbird> Another nod.
[23:30] <Dawny> "Let's go then…guys?"
01[23:30] <~Lurker> When the cubes are safely tucked away, the lift lets out a ding, and projects a down arrow above it.
[23:31] <Feierbird> Roger enters the lift.
[23:31] <Dawny> Jillian steps in after him.
01[23:32] <~Lurker> If there are no objections, the lift returns the group to the cell block.
01[23:32] <~Lurker> We'll wait to see if Pig wants to explore, or take more samples.
[23:33] <@Kondraki> Shar follows the others onto the lift, yawning a bit.
01[23:50] <~Lurker> The lift takes them back down to the cell blocks, where everything seems a bit dimmer.
01[23:50] <~Lurker> The security office seems to have shut itself down again.
[23:52] <Pig_catapult> Is there anything else notable that doesn't look like it would be worth taking samples from?
[23:52] <Pig_catapult> *that does
01[23:52] <~Lurker> Nope, nothing really easily.
01[23:52] <~Lurker> The disc was made of metal, and looked pretty tough to try and get a sample
[23:53] <Pig_catapult> And not easy to remove?
01[23:53] <~Lurker> Nope. It was a big ass disc.
01[23:54] <~Lurker> platform thing
01[23:54] <~Lurker> whatev
[23:54] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany swabs it for residue, just in case.
01[23:55] <~Lurker> Epiphany gets a swab and is now in the cell-block with the others.
01[23:55] <~Lurker> Do they head back up to find Spindel and the other researchers, or dig around a bit more near the Klaiax?
[23:56] <Pig_catapult> /So, can we wrangle this thing and bring it back to the ship?/ Epiphany asks.
[23:56] <Feierbird> "That soundsss sounds googood."
01[23:57] <~Lurker> That would certainly be a feat and a half.
[23:58] <Pig_catapult> /We'll need some rope. And maybe a box. A big box./
[23:58] <Feierbird> "I meeeean, if we could could could would should."
[23:58] <Dawny> "I don't see that being possible…"
[23:59] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany stomps her foot. /If we leave it here, it's gonna die. And I want to study it first./
[23:59] <Pig_catapult> /… and maybe name it Fluffy./
Session Time: Thu Apr 26 00:00:00 2012
[00:00] <Dawny> "It will eat you"
[00:00] <Feierbird> Roger makes a noise that's /probably/ a distorted laugh. He smiles. "That woooould be nice ice thrice, but we donut have the equiiiipment."
[00:00] <@Kondraki> "I see no reason we should leave it here, when it may be quite valuable for research."
[00:00] <@Kondraki> "Even if all we get to do is an autopsy."
[00:01] <Dawny> "I can try to hack into the system and unlock it."
[00:01] <Feierbird> "I'd oooonly suggest regress thatatat if it werennnn't moving."
[00:02] <Pig_catapult> /Can't we send up a requisition for one of those sticks with a loop on it?/
03[00:03] * Paris (~ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.5E145FFB-CRInys|eissaC#ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.5E145FFB-CRInys|eissaC) has joined #razorwing-rp
[00:04] <Pig_catapult> /Or even just a really big bag?/
[00:05] <Feierbird> "Prrrrobaably. Let's head head shoulders knees and toes head up to talk wiiiith Spindel."
[00:09] <Dawny> "I agree"
[00:10] <Pig_catapult> /You guys go. I wanna stay here with it./

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