Name: Eric Keith Marcus

Species: Human (Male)

Position: AEC Soldier (Private)

Clearence: 2


  • Piloting: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Defense: 3 (+1)
  • Melee combat: 3
  • Medium weapons: 6 (+1)
  • Sense Motive: 3
  • Theivery: 4
  • Total Points: 28

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Vengeance - Switchblade Knife (Decorative) "Disturbing memento of youth."
  • Sunglasses - It's dark, but you feel your cool depends on them being on.
  • Hat - A fedora, reminiscent of those once worn by gangsters.
  • AEC uniform - Reminds you that you sold yourself into the slavery of military life.

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Caster - A custom pistol, it packs more punch but only gets five shots (Medium Weapons)
  • Machete - Almost considered an exotic weapon.

Notable Character Traits:

  • Ladies Man - Easily found surrounded by women, of all races and species.
  • My friend Keith - Can survive horrific injuries that would kill a regular person
  • Royal Straight Flush - Gets one re-roll daily (real life time, cannot be used for attacks)
  • Social - Talks to anyone when he can, makes a goal of being a friend to everyone.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Xenophilia - Doesn't find humans attractive.
  • Snake-Eater - Cannot wear armor of any kind, other than a HEV, Cleansuit or Spacesuit.
  • About that Beer I owe ya - Alcoholic, often passed out in the lounge or with hangover; his source of alcohol isn't the lounge, so it's unknown how it's obtained.
  • Eccentric - Fears are irrational if not ridiculous and could be viewed as comic relief.
  • Guardian - Remains on the ship during combat-scenarios as defense

History (Optional):

Eric grew up on the streets of one of the unnamed and remote human space stations near Saturn, living in a very quiet section of space he was always fascinated by the Xenos that visited it. At some point his parents died due to an asteroid colliding with part of the station and his sister acted as guardian to him. One night his sister was murdered and after witnessing it fought his way through the ones responsible using the same knife that struck her down.

He spent a long time drinking and gambling before racking up a large debt and started doing mercenary jobs for the AEC in order to pay them off. After a while he signed on as a regular soldier earning the rank of private. His usual cheery personality shatters most people's belief on his combat skills, and he really only throws a punch (or fires a shot) when attacked physically.


- Keeps his hair dyed blood red and combed down, British accent, Likes to dress in suits.
- Doesn't have facial hair, hair is medium length, white, shiny blue eyes
- Bit of a wuss with pain, and can't take nearly as much as he dishes out.
- Doesn't mention being gay to the men on the ship..
- Gay, but is often seen surrounded by women; Cross dresses for ladies or when alone.
- While Women are often attracted to him and his girlish good looks, he never makes exceptions and sticks with men.
- Often found watching TV, or unconscious from booze.
- Smart alec, uses sarcasm and insults to win fights, due to disliking fighting
- Afraid of spiders, Varedis, Crie, kittens, stairs, and Gideon.
- Has the ability to sing despite being a chain-smoker, he smokes while singing..
- Likes being in the city, especially when it's crowed.
- Is convinced that Varedis has faint gray scales, long gray hair, white tattoos and pale red eyes but can't prove it to others. (Burns/Cassie would agree to this statement in private, but disagree when in a group or near Varedis)
- Nicknamed Sparkles; most people think it's because of his sexuality but it's actually because of his eyes being unusually shiny. He actually takes pride in this nickname; though initially embarrassed by it.
- When Doc Varentain is in the room, Eric is completely mute and staring at his ass.
- Slightly a pedo due to having a large interest in shotacon.


Opening Line: *salutes* "Private Eric Marcus, ready to be commanded!"
About Varedis: "The guy is like seven feet tall, gray scales, creepy and pale, white tattoos and he's got eyes with more red than my hair!"
To Women: "You think a straight guy can look this good?"
To Burns: "Doc, why can't I stop looking at the captain's ass?"
About Doc Varentain, Varedis, and Crie (respectively) to Crie. "The medic is a zombie, the pyro is a monster, and you just terrify me, I can't really explain why."

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