Michael Magnus

Name: Michael Magnus

Species: Human

Position: Ship's Historian


  • Agility 4
  • Defense 5
  • Melee Combat 5+3
  • Light Weapons 2
  • Foreign Languages 2 (English, Martian, Lurk)
  • Persuasion 4

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Library PDA
  • Old Earth reading glasses

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Glitch
  • Single Edged Cane Sword from Earth-I
  • 10mm Mankov Pistol

Notable Character Traits:

  • Michael Magnus will always avoid discussing his age, no matter who with. Sheriff Syx is the only one who knows what it is, and he likes it that way.
  • Magnus is an endless fount of historical information
  • Magnus is able to communicate with the H-space projector Glitch, which no one else seems to be able to understand.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Magnus tends to go into historical speeches at odd times, when he's reminded of events from the past.
  • Magnus tends to act like a surly old man, despite appearances. He's just surrounded by damn kids, outside of Sheriff Syx.

History (Optional):

Michael Magnus is a mysterious figure. He's a found of historical information, ranging from the histories of Earth-I to Mars since its colonization. to the various colony worlds. He's also the owner of the H-space technology, which was deemed to dangerous to use, many decades ago, yet he has one of the devices on his wrist, named Glitch. He's a laid back guy, who loves to laugh, teach, but when its necessary, he can be a vicious fighter, and has no hesitations defending those he cares about.

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