Rogue genemodded pilot

Brief Physical Description:

Miri is slim and gangly, standing at 5'6" though her regular slouch can make her seem shorter. Her limbs are unusually long in proportion to her body, and her hands and feet are notably larger than those of a standard human. She has olive skin which is missing its pigmentation in many pale streaks and striations across her body, especially focused along her shoulders, arms, legs, and back. She also has some unusual muscular developments, also focused in those areas, though these are far less noticeable. She was created with function in mind, not form. Miri has shoulder length dark brown hair and large brick red eyes. She is 22 years old.


Physical 5 Mental 4 Social 3
Strength 2 Intelligence 3 Presence 1
Dexterity 4 Wits 2 Manipulation 2
Stamina 2 Resolve 2 Composure 3


Physical Skills 11 Mental Skills 7 Social Skills 4
Athletics 4 Academics 0 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 1 Astronavigation 3 Empathy 0
Firearm 3 Computers 0 Expression 0
Larceny 1 Crafts 3 Intimidation 2
Pilot 4 Engineering 4 Leadership 1
Stealth 1 Investigation 0 Persuasion 0
Survival 1 Medicine 0 Streetwise 1
Weaponry 1 Science 0 Subterfuge 1


  • Gecko Project: Miri is the result of a wartime genetic modification project intended to create human-based beings with enhanced reflexes and flexibility. She is very agile, and has very fast reaction times. She has an exceptionally strong grip, and is naturally suited to climbing around and through difficult terrain, whether this means the side of a building or the shaking hull of a starship under fire.
  • Frequent Flyer: Miri has spent much of her life flying, first in military simulations, and then for real when she finally escaped the Gecko Project. She knows how to pilot most any standard ship, and can quickly learn how to operate new ones even with very little to go on. She is also intimately familiar with ship repairs, and, should it become necessary, knows how to cannibalize a ship for parts.
  • In an Unfriendly Universe: Miri didn't exactly have the most normal of upbringings. She has learned her whole life to always be ready to fight or to run, and she does both of them readily. She always has knives hidden away on her person, and has learned just where to shoot or stab a person to keep them from ever hurting her or hers.


  • Veteran Pilot - Rank 3/3 (1 free Pilot check pass per scene) - This merit is a representation of your skill behind the helm of a ship. You may have flown Star-Freighters all your life, or you might be a natural flying Ace. Once per scene you may opt to automatically PASS any one Pilot test, because you’re just that good.
  • Risky Flying - Rank 4/4 (+3 Pilot) - This merit represents the length you’re willing to push the spaceship that you pilot to; be it crazy stunt flying or dangerous combat maneuvers. You’ve got the guts to fly through space like no-one else. The 2 rank version of this merit gives you a +1 on Pilot checks, and the 4 rank version of this merit confers a +3 bonus.
  • Fleet of Foot -Rank 2/3 (+2 Athletics) - Your character, should you choose to take this merit, has powerful muscular legs that have been trained regularly, meaning he or she moves much faster than those around him. Mechanically, this merit grants +1/rank to Athletics based rolls and initiative rolls.
  • Resources - Rank 2/5 (5000 credit disposable income)


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  • Trust Issues: Miri finds it difficult to trust others, and tends to see ulterior motives in everything. Gaining her trust is a long, slow, and easily disturbed process.


  • Bertrand Industries E111: A low level laser pistol that is used for both personal defense as well as making a useful mechanic's aide for welding.
  • Throwing knives
  • Compact blowtorch
  • Multitool

Personal History

Miri was created during the last years of the war as part of one of many clandestine AEC military research programs into genetic modification. Rather than a direct splice, her base genetic code was modified with an assortment of traits selected to give her increased combat performance - increased reaction times and hand/eye coordination, greater physical flexibility, and a grab bag of alterations to her nervous and muscular systems. She was grown in a test tube and was born in 2539, just two years before the war ended.

However, the end of the war did not signal the end of the program. For seven years in total, Miri was trained and further modified by her creators. She was one of the most successful prototypes in the Gecko Project, surviving her modifications with only minor health difficulties. She was rarely treated like anything more than a test subject, and the harsh nature of her upbringing made her more than willing to escape when the chance presented itself.

This chance came in the form of Mordecai, a mercenary and former AEC soldier. One of his old superior officers called him to the Eridani 5 research base to join their attempt at insurrection. Mordecai followed the message, and stayed long enough to learn the purpose of the base, and of its genemodded creations. He rescued the young Miri, and together they just barely escaped. As a parting shot, they left an anonymous tip with the OCGA about Eridani 5 - one which would lead to the base's capture along with the imprisonment of those living in it.

Miri grew up on the run with Mordecai, learning how to live the outlaw's life from experience. She is wanted by the OCGA for questioning in regards to the project that created her, along with suspicion of extant connections to surviving AEC cells. And she isn't the only one. Several of her test tube siblings who also escaped remain on the run as well, though Miri long ago lost contact with them.

Miri quickly took to piloting smaller star ships, her long reach and enhanced reflexes giving her a notable edge. Over the fifteen years since her escape, she has become not just a skilled pilot but also a dangerous person in her own right, the combination of military creation and an outlaw's life giving her an attitude that can come across as cold, even ruthless, when she feels someone is not to be trusted.

Eridani 5 and The Gecko Project:

The Eridani research program was intended to create a variety of genetically modified humans for different combat situations - Miri was created as part of the Gecko Project, the objective of which was to create humans better suited to navigating difficult terrain and fighting in light skirmishes or guerrilla warfare. Other genotype development projects at the base included the Tardigrade Project, meant to optimize humans for survivability in extreme conditions, and the Rhino Project, meant to optimize humans for the operation of heavy military machinery - both as workers and as combatants. The program was centered in the Eridani 5 Research Base, sheltered in one of the great asteroid belts of the Epsilon Eridani system. The base was built under the guise of a rare earths mining operation, and made almost completely self sufficient.

When the AEC collapsed, the research base at which the experiments took place remained active, using its original cover to remain active but unnoticed in the chaos of the formation of the OCGA. Multiple high ranking former AEC military personnel, wanted by the new government for questioning in regards their part in the war, took refuge at the base. Over the five years following the fall of the AEC, the Eridani 5 research base became an active military cell populated by people who firmly believed that the AEC could, and should, be returned to power. After they made several attacks of opportunity against passing OCGA transport ships, Eridani 5 came under scrutiny. The attention it received was what resulted in Miri's escape.


Twilight Galaxy - Metric
The Universe Is Going to Catch You - The Antlers
Life/Universe - Detektivbyrån
Two Planets - Bat for Lashes

XP Earned

XP earned from character creation and RPing.

Date Amount Source
9/03/13 30 Creation
9/07/13 10 Bonus: History, Image, and Soundtrack
9/14/13 1 Intro run
9/17/13 4 Soft RP XP
9/20/13 3 Soft RP XP
9/21/13 2 Soft RP XP

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
9/04/13 12 +4 Athletics
9/04/13 9 +3 Astronavigation
9/07/13 12 Merits: 2 ranks of Veteran Pilot, 4 ranks of Risky Flying
9/07/13 7 +2 ranks Fleet of Foot merit, +1 Brawl Skill

Current XP:


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