Morgan Farling

Name: Morgan Farling

Species: Human - Martian Subspecies

Position: Passenger - Gun for Hire


  • Agility 5(+1)
  • Defense 5 (+1 Racial Bonus)(+2)
  • Melee Combat 5(+2)
  • Light Weapons 5(+2)
  • Medium Weapons 0(+2)
  • Mechanics 1
  • Sealth 0 (-2 Racial Hook)
  • Wilderness Survival 0 (+1 Racial Bonus)
  • Foreign Languages 1 (Common, Martian)

Inventory of Possessions:

  • A Flask of Brandy

Inventory of Equipment:

  • 10mm Mankov Pistol (Sweetness)
  • Laser Tempered Sword
  • Communion Z1 Pulse Rifle (TEMP)

Notable Character Traits:

  • Why won't you die?! Morgan is able to ignore most major injuries during the heat of battle but will definitely feel them once the adrenaline rush wears off.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Boozehound Morgan is only able to function fully at a certain level of inebriation. If he becomes sober or completely wasted he will be unable to do certain tasks and may either pass out or fall into a paralyzing reverie.
  • Screw the Rules Morgan rarely listens to any higher authority which can lead him into a lot of hot water later down the road.

History (Optional):

Born, raised and later orphaned on Mars, Morgan has been making his living doing various odd jobs for the various corporations and criminal organizations that inhabit his homeworld. He has later found that using a gun and a blade can get you far, unfortunately for him he was attempting to join an already over bloated mercenary market. The slow times at his office newly renovated office has forced him to destitution and later to hard liquor. After some time he decided to search out for greener pastures which must exist for him among the stars.

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