Nassau Station

Nassau Station, Neutral Space, somewhere just on the cusp of CASS-controlled space.

Nassau Station was an old research facility that was commandeered in early 2552 by Mikanos V Tyrryn, a rather arrogant, self-centred Martian who decided that it would be better served as a hub of debauchery. Shortly after ‘renovating’ in which he trashed all useful research data and proceeded to enhance the tavern and living quarters for himself, control was stolen from him. This time, the ‘owners’ of Nassau (then still CASS Research Outpost CRC-1701) was a pair of Lurks by the name of Hyde and Malkolm, brothers in all but blood. Seeing the outpost, they decided to expand, and began working on adding to it. After hijacking several large vessels and forcibly fusing them with the station through extremely crude means, they began to attract attention, and welcomed the group. Thus, Nassau Station was born, taking the name of the city Blackbeard the Pirate used to operate out of.
Shortly after Nassau was opened, they began attracting more attention from the CASS and others, and began moving further out of CASS space, eventually ending up just outside of any jurisdiction. The place became a hub of illegal activity. A small military outpost was taken over by several pirates, and offered to the two leaders of the ‘Free Station’ in exchange for more power. The offer was graciously accepted. Nassau grew larger, now the size of a small moon. When Hyde and Malkolm were killed fighting a CASS warship in 2557, the pirates all began to fight for power. No one really took control, and small warring factions began wracking the station. By 2559, a “council” had been formed by the remaining members who had captured the military outpost. Several new criminals appeared and were taken on by the council after proving their worth by stealing valuable information from CASS convoys.
In 2560, one of the “elders” was assassinated by one of the newer members, and in turn was hung from makeshift gallows by one of the other newcomers – a synthetic by the alias of Silver 7 (after his model number S7-A230) – who, along with the other council members, openly announced that there would be another Golden Age of Piracy, and that Nassau would eventually spread, eventually rivalling Grand Central in size and stature.
As it stands, the current council members are:

Captain Silver 7 (S7-A230 Combat Droid)
Blacktail (Lurk, Male)
Captain Convair (Lurk, Androgynous)
Queen Anne (Human, Female)
Lady Ironspike (Martian, Female)

Many high-profile criminals and “pirates” operate out of Nassau. Some of note are:

Belladonna - A female Lurk who captains The Xanthium and is rumoured to have massacred ships for pleasure.
"The Arrow" - A mysterious pirate who operates an impressive ship called the Ouroborous.
Blackshell - A Droid pirate that has a sleek striking vessel, and has been known to make assassinations on high-value targets.
"Long John Silver" - Someone who's a bit too fond of historical Earth, naming their ship the Hispaniola, and being quite a vicious force.
The Royal Dragon - A very seldom seen pirate who champions a ship that has been referred to as a "small space station" in size: the FDR Royal Sovereign. They are by far one of the most feared and wanted people in the galaxy, although no one except a select few is entirely sure what The Dragon looks like.

Many ships that operate out of Nassau Station take on the prefix "FDR" - Free Democratic Republic - and operate as though each ship is it's own nation.

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