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As the broadcast begins, a loud orchestrated fanfare begins: The fanfare continues, even as the opening graphics fade away. The lights come up in the news room, and a blonde woman, known to every single person with a television or ship based connection to the Net. This is Leanna Davis, the PGNN's Reporter-in-Chief. She begins to speak…/

Welcome to the Pan-Galactic News Networks inter-spacial internet home. Here at the PGNN we're dedicated to the reporting of news events from across the Systems, to you…wherever you may be presently; be it aboard and exploration vessel cruising the Outer Rim, near the Red Line or aboard a Hauler on the Naxos run. And, without any out any delay…to the news…

The fanfare begins again as a new ticker appears at the bottom of the screen, and Leanna Davis begins reading off the news.

News for February 27th

  • People of Mars, and followers of the Church of the Cog celebrate the Reflection of Idioms today. This day happens on the 27th of every month, and is one of the more sacred days in the Martian/Cogian faith.
  • Four Earth-3 residents (a Lurk, two humans and a cyborg) were arrested today in what police are calling a "kidnapping gone wrong." The three people and their robot accomplice attempted to kidnap the 16-year-old Princess-Regent of Independent Oceania of Earth-III, but failed when the staircase that the four attackers were using to escape after capturing the teenage monarch suddenly gave way. Formal investigation for the Safety Bureau is expected. The Princess was unharmed.
  • After nearly 78 years on the air, the classic soap opera By the Light of the Asteroid comes to an end tonight. It rumored that this will be the most amazing conclusion to a soap opera yet.
  • BREAKING NEWS A cruise liner has apparently made a crash landing outside of the Lunar City. No reports of injuries or what caused the crash.

News for February 26th

  • Rumors of a missing Roc World Ship in the Tarmis System still circulate, leaving experts and other space travelers wary of the system.
  • A terrorist attack was foiled by the AEC Hospital Ship Faith today when the ship accidentally exited slipstream near the hijacked cruise liner, causing the ship's engines to shut down as per a safety code when a close-proximity alert is sounded.
  • Alistair Savior, the religious leader and founder of the Cult of the Seven Pyramids centered on Mars, has died today. He was 88 years old. Mr. Savior remembered for his famous statement against his own cult after the booted him out, saying: "They've [the members of the Cult that kicked him out] gone too far this time! I didn't found a cult…I founded…a…a…CLUB!"
  • Prime Minister Partridge of the Alliance of Earth-II Territories has withdrawn his bid to serve for a second term, as his involvement with a widely publicized sex scandal continues to haunt him.
  • Finally, to finish up the news, a new record here at the PGNN, for the first time in many months, there are no more mysterious terrorist attacks to report.
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