Politics in the Milky Way


Twenty years prior to the start of Razorwing, there existed a One 'Verse Government known as the AEC, that was the controlling power in the Milky Way. When the AEC fell at the end of the [insert war here], the 'Verse was fractured. The Milky Way was divided into three sectors, each with their own governing authority. The three 'governments' are outlined below. For information on the planets in each territory, please see the Worlds and Places page.

Orion–Cygnus Governing Authority

Seal of the OCGA
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The OCGA was the first of the governing bodies to appear out of the ashes of the collapsed AEC. The OCGA, named for the arm of the Milky Way that Earth-I is in, is based on the principals of democracy and is the least mangled of the budding galactic governments. That said, the first elections that were held in the OCGA are not without immense amounts of controversy. The first OCGA Prime Minister is being accused of rigging the election. The Prime Minister is also a suspected AEC war criminal who is in disguise. Despite the suspected corruption, the OCGA is the most peaceful governing body in the Milky Way.

Tertiary Sector Provisional Government

Seal of the TSPG
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By far the most stable of the three smaller governments in the Milky Way, the Tertiary Sector Provisional Government is made run a military body. This body is the remains of the Tertiary Lawbringer Battlefleet. Despite it being a strict military dictatorship, the TSPG seems to keep it's citizens happy. They are, however, exceptionally cruel to freelance vessels. Most freelancers know that TSPG operatives will confiscate and destroy freelance vessels. This sector is patrolled by a large number of still operational Lawbringer battleships, including two Venerable-class vessels; the SSV War and the SSV Peace, the two ships with the highest number of 'kills' in the Lawbringer navy.

Confederacy of Allied Star Systems

Seal of the CASS
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The Confederacy of Allied Star Systems is a large, brand new political entity. It formed after the merger of two small, post-war provisional governments. It's larger than the other two political bodies, however is a complete mess. The CASS is run by the Council of Star Systems who spend most of their time arguing over mundane topics. There is wide-spread poverty, crime, and famine in this sector of space. It has gotten so bad, that humanitarian missions from both the OCGA and the TSPA are sent in the CASS on a regular basis. This sector of space was the hardest hit by the war, and is scarred with debris fields that stretch for millions of kilometres.

The Political Climate

The war is still fresh in everyone's mind. Millions upon millions upon millions were killed. Whole star systems were annihilated. Planets were left uninhabitable. They say that everyone over the age of 20 in the Milky Way personally knows at least a dozen people killed by the senseless violence after the fall of the AEC. All this death and all this suffering has made the Milky Way an exceptionally bitter place, resulting in very tense times politically.

The three largest governing bodies discussed above are regularly poised on the bring of war as a result of claims on resources and claims on territory across the galaxy. Every week, there are reports of rogue agents from all sectors of the galaxy taking matters into their own hands and attacking their enemies. As well, small political bodies are swallowed up by the OCGA, the TSPG, and the CASS on a regular basis, confusing the spacial territory borders even more.

Currently the Orion-Cygnus Governing Authority and the Tertiary Sector Provisional Government are in a state of uneasy alliance, the two politic giants brought together out of a mutual concern for the citizens of the CASS. That said, the OCGA and the TSPG are NOT friends. They refuse to share anything, save for the routes they're taking into the Confederacy's space.

The CASS is still scrambling to try and consolidate power inside its territory, and is the area most ripe with small skirmishes between all manners of people.

Neutral Space

No one political body controls the outer rim of the galaxy. Out here, in the cold black void, is where freelancers and criminals thrive. All the way around the galaxy, there are number of neutral planets or space stations owned by various criminal organizations. Out here, there are no laws and nothing is sacred or safe. Physical, named locations in neutral space are most commonly found in the Outer and New Outer arms of the Milky Way galaxy.

Fall of the AEC

The following is a brief outline1 of important events surrounding the fall of the AEC and the war that took place during the fall. Prior to the official beginning of the war, the AEC began a rather sudden scramble to build up a naval fleet stronger than anything that had existed previously. The fleet was officially completed in the early months of 2529 and numbered some 12,000 vessels. The flagship of the fleet was called the SSV Ramses (Venerable-class) and served as Pendell's personal battleship and home right until the end of the war.

2529: The War Beginnings

2530-2540: The War Rages

2541: The War Ends

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