Razorwing Simulation Battles
Razorwing Training Simulations Score chart:

Civilian (x1)
Draft Soldier (x2)
Police (x4)
Recruit (x6)
Sergeant (x8)
Officer (x10)
Veteran (x12)
Special Forces (x14)
Assassin (x16)
Veteran Assassin (x18)

Scores (On Civilian)
Kill: 500pts
Combo: x1 (per kill - 3 kills = x3)
Flawless kill (no hits from opponent): +1500pts
Brutal kill (stylistic or extra violent kill): +1000 pts
Melee Only Bonus: +500 pts

Civilian Hit: -100
Draft Soldier Hit: -250
Police Hit: -500
Recruit Hit: -750
Sergeant Hit: -1000
Officer Hit: -2500
Veteran Hit: -5000
Special Forces Hit: -7500
Assassin Hit: -10000
Veteran Assassin Hit: -20000

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