"You know what is reuptation? Is people talking, is gossip. I also have reputation; not so pleasant, I think you know…"
~ Niska, Firefly (The Train Job)


How do we know that the Crime Lord is biological weapons dealer, or that the Bishop is a Genetic Purist? Asking these folks might get you killed, but you don't have to…because they have Reputation (Oooh, Aaah, etc.). Reputation is a new stat that all characters in the Razorwing Universe possess that represents just how well known they are (good or bad). It also provides other characters a base for they might react to another character they've just met or seen.

The Ladder

The Reputation scale is a 5-point scale that is awarded by GMs, not purchased with XP like a normal ranked skill would be. Gaining and losing reputation is discussed later on in this page. Below is a the Reputation scale and a brief description of each ranking:

Rank Number Reach Brief Description
1 City PC is known in a city (up to three cities) for his/her exploits in the given field
2 Planet PC is known on an entire planet for his/her exploits in the given field
3 System PC is known throughout a single system for his/her exploits in the given field
4 Galaxy PC is known throughout a single Galaxy for his/her exploits in the given field
5 Local Group PC is known throughout all three Galaxies and the space in between them for his/her exploits in the given field

NOTE: Reputation zero (0) is possible, but not for player characters or most NPCs. Reputation 0 usually refers to the average citizen of a planet who lives an ordinary life.

How Reputation Works

Reputation has very little mechanical effect on the game (it doesn't make you shoot better), however it does have an impact in character. It's OOC and IC 'mechanics' are explained below.

The OOC Perspective

From an out of character point of view, Reputation functions similar to a skill, meaning the higher the rank, the more effect it has on game play. Reputation ranks are awarded, but much like skills they have areas. See the example listed below, a section of a fake character sheet, for more information.

  • Reputation (Medical) 2
  • Reputation (Crime) 4

So, if this were actually someone's sheet they would be known for something medical on a planet, and would be known across one Galaxy as a criminal of some sort. Each area of Reputation should have an in character story behind it. As well, keep in mind that have a 5 Reputation is not really a good thing…everywhere you go people will recognize you as either a saint or a monster.

The IC Perspective

Reputation is in place so that other PCs and NPCs can be recognized for actions in play and in their backstory. As well, it makes for smoother introductory RP for PCs and NPCs. If a GM tells the players that an NPC is Rep. 5 in something, they know to react accordingly.

Using Reputation

At a GM's request, a player can add their reputation rank in a certain area to a die roll. This may NOT be done at the request of a player, it is up to the GMs to decided weither or not it is appropriate. Chances are, if you ask for it, you will not be allowed to do it.

Reputation at Character Creation

At character creation, players get two (2) ranks of reputation for a specific area pertaining to the events of their backstory. They may ask for a third rank, given the justification. This third rank requires the approval of all three GMs.

Gaining and Losing Reputation

Reputation is, as mentioned above, not purchased with XP like a normal ranked skill, it is instead awarded by the GMs a result of actions during plot. Players can also let the GMs know of a Reputation-worthy deed/action preformed by another player that they feel the GMs should acknowledge. You may NOT bring your own PCs action to the attention of GMs.

While rare, loss of reputation does occur. It occurs when a PCs actions go against a field that he has reputation in. For example if the crime boss Jimmy the Nose has Reputation 5 (Crime) and he takes up helping old ladies cross the street as a hobby, he will be docked Reputation because frankly, that's conduct unbecoming of a Local Group renowned crime lord.

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