Riley Tabatha Harkin

Name: Riley Tabatha Harkin

Species: Human

Position: Passenger

Skills: [She's passenger…she can't do much…moneyed girl like herself]

  • Defense: 2
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Sense Motive: 5
  • Perception: 5

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Make-up bag
  • Papers of Nobility
  • PDA-like device
  • Brown leather-bound journal
  • Fountain Pen
  • Suitcase

Inventory of Equipment:


Notable Character Traits:

  • Respectable: Ms. Harkin is very regal and often commands the attention and gains the respect of others easily
  • People are like books: Is often able to "pick-up" on certain…things about people that others might not know or notice

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Eek! Blood!: Hates the sight of blood, often faints or becomes ill
  • "Episodes": Something isn't quiet right with Harkin, and she sometimes has…mental breakdowns over small things.

History (Optional):

Riley is the youngest and only daughter of the Harkin family, a very respected family in the 'verse. She is wildly considered one of the smartest females in all of the civilized universe. She is aboard the Razorwing because of her father's (Ambassador Thomas Harkin) fear for her life, after several attempts were made of the Ambassador's life.


  • Riley is always followed by two…oddly dressed bodyguards (Stats below). They protect her at ANY cost.


Weapons: Riddler .50 Magnum w/ Hollow-point rounds (rolling 4d6)
Defence: (rolling 4d6)
Pocessions and Equipment:

  • Riddler .50 Magnum
  • Black Business Suit
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Black Tie
  • Blue surgical gloves (on at all times)
  • Sunglasses (on at all times)
  • PDA Type thing
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