Roc Collective

The Roc Collective, or the Roc, are a species of hive-minded (see Roc Hivemind in the technology section) avian bipedals standing anywhere from 5'10 to around 6'10. They are slender and physically weak, but they are highly intelligent and cunning. They're covered from head to toe with dark purple feathers. Under the feathers, they have scalely lizard-like skin that matches their feathers. The Roc live aboard MASSIVE world ships that house about 2 million Roc each, as well as the bio-computer that connects the vessel to the central Hive Ship. The Roc live in an area of space on the edge of the Lantry System, mainly in nebula NG-54761, a dense space cloud. It is hypothesized that the Hive Ship is somewhere near the center of this nebula. Roc are not xenophobes, they just don't have relations with the other space-faring species because they feel as though they don't need to.


According to the Roc Collective's historical data, the Collective began appoximately 47,000 years ago on a very small, lush world somewhere near the present day Lantry or Tarmis systems. The Collective was one of the first races to discover both interstellar travel as well as nuclear weapons. According their databanks, the race became nuclear around 20,000 years ago, and entered space about 2,000 years later. Appoximately 10,00 years ago, the Roc homeworld (called Ios) was destroyed in something the Roc know as the Cataclysm. It is speculated that the Cataclysm is either a nuclear disaster or a terraforming/natural disater. The planet itself was not destroyed (though the location is not known), but left in ruin forcing the Roc to take flight in their now famous World Ships (see below)

The Hivemind Origins:

(see also: Technology -> Roc Hivemind)

The Roc's hivemind technology developed post-Cataclysm, although the exact reasons for implementing the technology are NOT known at this time. The Hivemind (or Collective) is a bio-computer system that was built into all the World Ships. It is controlled by a central ship, referred to as the Hive Ship. The Hive Ship is a stationary version of a world ship, however it is easily double the size of a standard world ship which is located in the nebula mentioned above. All members of the Collective are 'part' of the Hivemind, excepting the Grand Council (a group of 6 independent thinking Roc)

Roc World Ship

This ship (officially designated a Phoenix-class vessel by the A.E.C.) is a slipstream capable vessel inhabited by a colony of about 2 million Roc. The ship is primarily constructed of a biological compound similar to the reactive steel in most ships that has the ability to repair minor damage. The most evident and different feature of the Roc World Ship is the exo-steel dome that houses the city that most of the Roc population (called the Habitation doom, see below). The dome rests aboard a ship, manned by around 1,000 crew members. The ships specifications are as follows:


  • Hull: 4ft thick bio-steel
  • Armaments:
    • 18 x Starboard Side Close Range Gun Batteries (4 cannons per battery, firing explosive salvo rounds)
    • 18 x Port Side Close Range Gun Batteries (4 cannons per battery, firing explosive salvo rounds)
    • 36 x 50 megatonne ship-to-ship/ship-to-ground nuclear warheads
  • Fighters: 124 Harpoon fighters
    • Divided into four squads of 30 (2 squards per side)
    • Extra four ships fly side by side with the world ship as C.A.P (combat air patrol)
    • Harpoons armed with single, rapid fire gun battery, firing explosive salvo rounds + 2 nukes (15mt)
  • Sheild Systems: Rapid-activation Photon Sheilds
  • Engines:
    • Sub-Light: Plasma-cored Propulsion systems (66,757 m/s in open space)
    • Slipstream: S.J.S. (Slipstream Jump System), a variant on standard slipstream engines.

Hive Ship Variant:

This ship is a variation on the standard world ship used by the Roc. It is, rather a space station incapable of sub-light travel. The station is also built of the same bio-steel, however it is a strong variant, giving the Hive Ship the ability to rebuild itself even after a nuclear strike (so long as the Central BioHub is still intact). The Central BioHub is the central (and first) computer in the Roc Hivemind, and it syncs up with the 6 World ships, allow the computers aboard the World ships to function. This is also the seat of political power in the Roc Collective. Rather than a single Habitation Dome (see below) the Hive Ship as two, one at either end of the station.


  • Hull: 8ft thick bio-steel
  • Armaments:
    • 80 x Close Range Gun Batteries (4 cannons per battery, firing explosive salvo rounds)
  • Fighters: 510 Harpoon fighters
    • Divided into 10 squads of 50
    • Extra 10 ships fly side around in pairs of two as C.A.P (combat air patrol)
    • Harpoons armed with single, rapid fire gun battery, firing explosive salvo rounds + 2 nukes (15mt)
  • Sheild Systems: Constantly Active Photon Sheilds
  • Engines:
    • Sub-Light: N/A
    • Slipstream: S.J.S. (Slipstream Jump System), a variant on standard slipstream engines.

Habitation Domes:

Inside the Habitation Dome, there is a single island, surrounded by a lake. On the island, and expansive spire extends to the top of the dome. This is where the Roc live. The spire is essentially a city, it has markets, doctor's offices, a rapid transit system as well as housing. The land surrounding the city is an exotic rainforest, filled with exotic flora and fauna. The water is pure fresh water (H2O, as we know), but there is no wildlife in the lake.



  • Bio-Technology: Considered to be the pioneering race when it comes to the fusion of biological organisms and circuitry. They're ships, they're Hivemind, they're everyday personal computers are all bio-technological, as well as hooked into the Hivemind.
  • Slipstream Jump Technology: While the Roc Collective did not invent slipstream technology, they augmented it to suit they're needs, changing it from a speed increase, to more a instantaneous jump. The jump technology works like slipstream, in that it removes the ship from the current dimension, but it does not actually move the ship through the slipstream dimension. By way of a metaphysical spike the World Ship punctures a hole into the slipstream, then propels this 'spike' through the slipstream to their destination. It punctures a second hole, then the ship enters slipstream, and is immediately deposited at it destination.
  • Roc Hivemind: The Hivemind that is present in every single Roc in existence is not a conventional Hivemind. The Hivemind present in the Roc species is a Sub-Mind, meaning that it operates below the individual Roc mind (which is the source of personality, emotion, etc.). The Hivemind grants them a connection with the Roc Central computer giving them access to information that normally would be forgotten or over-looked, as well it gives the Roc Hive-Ship the exact location and vital signs of every Roc in space.

Current Information:

Roc Popluation: 12 million Roc spread out around 6 World Ships, plus another 4 million on the Hive Ship.

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