Roger Green




Pilot, explorer, weird-ass cyborg.

Brief Physical Description:

Roger is about 6'1", medium build, tan skin. His skin is covered with glowing, squiggly lines. He walks with a limp, due to a mangled left foot.


Physical 4 Mental 5 Social 3
Strength 3 Intelligence 3 Presence 51
Dexterity 1 Wits 5 Manipulation 1
Stamina 3 Resolve 2 Composure 1


Physical Skills 7 Mental Skills 11 Social Skills 4
Athletics 0 Academics 3 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 4 Astronavigation 4 Empathy 2
Firearm 0 Computers 2 Expression 0
Larceny 0 Crafts 0 Intimidation 2
Pilot 4 Engineering 2 Leadership 0
Stealth 0 Investigation 0 Persuasion 0
Survival 0 Medicine 0 Streetwise 0
Weaponry 0 Science 0 Subterfuge 0


  • I'm Your Guy: Roger enjoys helping! He puts elbow grease into it when he's doing something for someone.
  • Starman: Roger knows a lot about various star systems and the planets that orbit them.
  • Reservoir Traits: Roger doesn't let stuff get him down too much. All the awful stuff he's done for other people's benefit, and all the shit people have done to him? Nope. He's just an irreparably cheerful guy. At least on the surface.


Veteran Pilot: This merit is a representation of your skill behind the helm of a ship. You may have flown Star-Freighters all your life, or you might be a natural flying Ace. Once per scene you may opt to automatically PASS any one Pilot test, because you’re just that good.


  • Lvl 1 BioLum Line Tattoos: Functionally, these are brightly glowing, swirly technicolor lines that zigzag across Roger's body. The arrangement of colors shifts slowly, noticeable over the course of an hour or so. They provide +1 Presence. These function as temperature-controlled, miniaturized environments for a variety of bioluminescent bacteria. Different colors of bacteria thrive at slightly different temperatures. A semi-random algorithm changes the temperature across various parts of the network.
  • Lvl 2 False Eyes: Functionally, black disks about the size of [imageurl these lenses] that give Roger superior vision, both in the visible spectrum and infrared/low light. They can also produce a HUD effect, which currently runs facial recognition against newcomers to check if he's seen them before and highlight fast-moving items the human eye might not catch.2 They provide +2 Wits. These are simply computers with state-of-the-art photoreceptors that replace Roger's eyes completely, streaming video to his brain. Note that, due to the limited processing power of the human brain itself, the "state-of-the-art" isn't in recording super high video quality, it's in making the stuff functional while being highly resistant to damage and staining.
  • Lvl 1 Heavy Hands: The bones in Roger's hands have been replaced with high-strength, dense metal. They make his hands heavier and more resistant to damage. They grant +1 Brawl. Incidentally, they are indirectly responsible for at least one other point in brawl — lifting and manipulating his hands has given Roger unusually strong arms.


  • Yes Man: Roger is very, very reluctant to say no to people — even if what they're asking for is morally questionable or very inconvenient for him.
  • Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Attacks: The function of augmentations are disrupted when exposed to a sudden burst of electro-magnetic energy. Augments shut down for 1d4-1 (with the lowest result being 1) minutes as a result of EM interference.


  • Equipment: Some lvl1 armor.
  • Annotated star charts
  • Standard subnet-accessing-computer-doing-device-tablet-thing.
  • Toolbox for general repairs
  • Maintenance kit for implants

Personal History

Currently thirty years old. Born on a smuggling ship, sort of adopted by the whole crew. After that, he sort of just left to do odd jobs, mostly oriented towards navigating and piloting. Hooked up with an augment designer on Tychon for a while, then left. Found the Razorwing, offered to do work for room and board.


This is Roger.

Rocket Man - Elton John
DVNO - Justice
Heartless - Kanye West
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
The Other Side - Pendulum

XP Earned

XP earned from character creation and RPing.

Date Amount Source
MM/DD/YY 30 Creation
MM/DD/YY 3 Soundtrack

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
MM/DD/YY 5 Lvl1 BioLum Line Tattoos
MM/DD/YY 10 Lvl2 False Eyes
MM/DD/YY 5 Lvl1 Heavy Hands

Current XP:


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