Name: Roy

Species: Low-Grade Robot

Position: Passenger


  • Agility: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Sense Motive: 3
  • Stealth: 3
  • Urban Exploration: 3
  • Wilderness Survival: 2
  • Defense: 3
  • Melee Combat: 1

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Long-sleeved Black shirt
  • Jeans
  • Torn Sneakers
  • Large black coat w/ hood
  • Pendant

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Shield bracelet (3 charges, instant save, can be used while with another character, must "recharge" when depleted)

Notable Character Traits:

  • Friendliest Guy You'll Meet - Roy has a habit of being extremely trusting and friendly to people, almost an unhealthy habit. He tries to defend those who are kind to him, even if it would mean damage to himself.
  • Creepy But Awesome - Roy seems to be immune to biological viruses, as well as computer viruses and EMPs. It's not exactly sure how he runs.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Leaving You Speechless - Roy cannot speak. It's unknown if there's a defective voice module, or if he was just not built with the ability to speak. As such, he has difficulty expressing himself.
  • Hiding From Your Fears - Roy is more likely to hide in the shadows than stand and fight. He's not exactly equipped to do battle.

History (Optional):

Roy is an enigma, a brass and copper robot that seems to be human, but does not contain any cybernetic or organic parts inside of him. He's shy and curious, preferring to try and observe things rather than approach them directly. He's also incapable of speech, and it is not known why. As such he tends to convey his feelings through body language, drawings, and writing.


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