RP Days

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In light of the recent difficulties getting any number of players above three or four present for plot, the GMs have decided to reopen the discussion regarding the days of the week plot will be held on. This is both out of fairness to all players (who want to see plot) and to the GMs (who work to bring you plot).

Currently, plot is run at around 8pm EST on Wednesdays and Fridays. The average player attendance has been around four. Below is a chart that does not need much explanation. Please add your name the cell besides the days on which you are NOT free for plot. GMs names are to be in BOLD. FAILURE TO FILL IN THIS SHEET WILL RESULT IN THE INABILITY TO GAIN ANY XP UNTIL SUCH TIME AS YOUR NAME APPEARS BELOW.

Day of Week Players NOT Free on this Day
Monday none
Tuesday Tox (before ~10pm EST)
Wednesday none
Thursday none
Friday Lurker, Mr_Wilt (usually), Tox (before ~10pm EST)
Saturday Gwen (Third Saturday ONLY), Mr_Wilt, Tox (before ~10pm EST)
Sunday Gwen (First, Second, Fourth Sundays ONLY), Lurker, Mr_Wilt, Tox (before ~7pm EST) Piggy (in the ~7-9 PST timeslot)



Dawny has a random work schedule and will be able to update free times one week at a time.

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