Sammuel Renecks

Name: Sammuel R.

Species: Human

Position: Security Officer

Saved Experience: 0


  • Defence- 4+2
  • Melee- 5+2
  • Light Weapons- 5+2
  • Medium Weapons- 7
  • Heavy Weapons- 5+2
  • Explosives- 1d6
  • Perception- 1d6+1

Inventory of Possessions:

Security Uniform
Security Chit
Military Grade Cybernetic Implant (Essentially a HUD in his vision)
Info Docket on Flayed Ones
Info Docket on Fear

Inventory of Equipment:

Custom Mankov 10mm Pistol
Custom .45 Officer's Revolver
CPCS-14 (7.62mm) (Multiple attachments)
Tactical Combat Armor
Dragon M55 Combat Shotgun (Semi-Auto)
Sikorsky Model 900 (20mm Anti-materiel Rifle) (add 2d6+2 to HW roll)

Notable Character Traits:

Jack of All trades: Sam was trained to be a master soldier, and can preform almost any specialist job in the field.
Protector: Sam tries as hard as he can to protect the people he leads.

Notable Character Flaws:

Wall of Silence: Sam has seen so many close friends die, he tends to keep to himself.

History (Optional):

Sammuel was born on the planet Nashtar, in a system were each planet has an economy based almost entirely around mercenary work. He received extensive training through ages 8-18, and then he went on to work in various operations through several systems. After the war of Beralus he signed on as a security officer on the Razorwing for a few stress free months.



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