• Original Race: Unknown
  • Homeworld: Sarr Prime, Neios System (Destroyed 2729)
    • Sarr Prime, the homeworld, and centre of the Sarr Collective, was destroyed over two and a half centuries ago, by the AEC at the pinnacle of the Neios War, effectively destroying the Sarr seat of government, and ending the conflict. Documentation from the era show that the planet was strictly segregated into heavily industrialized areas, ancient cultural areas, and various bioformed habitats.
    • Known worlds inhabited: Unknown
  • Culture:

"Enhance yourself. Decimate others."
Sarr proverb.

Sarr are, as a whole, highly competitive, enamored with the concept of superiority, and by extension, expansion and progress as a race. They are constantly attempting to improve themselves, and prove their superiority over other races, by either conquering, enslaving or destroying them. Sarr despise weakness in themselves, and laud it other races. Things such as cowardice, prolonged laziness, procrastination, inability and clumsiness are viewed the epitome of weakness, and the only reward for such things is to be shot in the back.

Because of the fierce competition that surrounds almost all Sarr from birth, they are naturally very paranoid. In some individuals, this can lead to even superstition and several OCD styled complexes. These irregularities are almost always overlooked by the rest of Sarr society, though if it interferes with the individuals work, they are often killed, citing "weakness".

Individual Sarr are fiercely protective of their identity and individuality, so much so that fights can break out over similar sounding names. Sarr dislike shape shifters and telepaths for this very reason, seeing the first as theft of physical identity and the second as theft of mental identity. The worst insult possible to a Sarr is to mimic him. While either abilities are not tolerated in any Sarr society, they will occasionally make use of non-Sarr individuals with these abilities.

Sarr society is divided into three different factions. The Military, in charge of all martial matters, the Science Division, in charge of research and development, and the High Command, in charge of progressing the species as a whole. Sarr are born in to either of the first two, then may progress through promotion in to the High Command.

  • Known technology:

All of Sarr technology is jealously hoarded, and rarely, if ever sold. It features many failsafes to this effect, including explosive self destruction in the attempt of reverse engineering, and an interface system that is limited to those with the correct interface implants, i.e. the Sarr themselves.

Mainly, Sarr technology specializes in augmentation, which is to be expected, as it is one of the foundations for their current way of life. Their aptitude for both biological and mechanical augmentation is astonishing.

Beyond that, Sarr technology can be hazardous. If an object's usefulness outweighs its risks, it will most likely be used, sometimes commonly.

  • Physiology:

Sarr are born in artificial broods of about three hundred. Their physiology depends on which faction they are born to, the Military, or the Science Division, to what environments they will be spending the majority of their time in, and for what general task they are to be performing, as their genetic code will have been altered to a certain extent before birth to ready them for active duty.

As they get older, they will acquire further augmentations, both biological and mechanical, depending on the fields they show aptitude. Those that progress through the ranks, or show special promise are augmented beyond the norm, and can radially altered depending on how they specialize and how powerful they become.

Generally, the only common characteristics that any Sarr share is that the majority are bipedal vertebrates. And even then… not all the time.

  • Stat Bonuses/Hooks

+2 defense, -2 agility (or) -1 Agility -1 Stealth

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